[Top 25] MTG Arena Best Common White Cards

Top 25 MTG Arena Best Common White Cards
The angel creature type is rarely made as a common.

Don’t assume these cards are weak because they’re common.

In Magic: The Gathering, common cards show the core abilities of that particular color. For white, its commons are often made up of small creatures, auras, protection spells, and life gain. In this list, we’re going to look at 25 of the best white commons out of the entire card pool available in MTG Arena.

25. Silverbeak Griffin

What is great about Silverbeak Griffin:

  • It has good stats to mana cost ratio for a flying creature.
  • Mono-white aggro can use it as a cheap flier with no drawback.
  • Your devotion to white increases by two for cards like Heliod.


24. Ardenvale Tactician

What is great about Ardenvale Tactician:

  • It has Adventure which gives you more flexibility compared to a regular creature.
  • White aggro decks in Arena Pauper want both its tap down effect and Flying.
  • It’s a great pick for an aggressive deck in Throne of Eldraine Draft.


23. Battalion Foot Soldier

What is great about Battalion Foot Soldier:

  • It’s excellent in Draft because you can exceed four copies in a deck if you happen to get more.
  • Midrange decks in Arena Pauper can use this as a source of card advantage.
  • You can use the extra copies as discard fuel for cards like Seasoned Hallowblade.


22. Anointer Priest

What is great about Anointer Priest:

  • It’s a constant source of life gain for token-based decks.
  • If it dies, you can bring it back as a token through Embalm.
  • The life gain triggers stack if you have several copies on the battlefield.


21. Law-Rune Enforcer

What is great about Law-Rune Enforcer:

  • It’s a great one-drop with a useful ability for white aggro decks.
  • The Enforcer's tap down ability is cheap and can stop your opponent's biggest threat.
  • Having two toughness deters your opponent from attacking with 1/1 creatures.


20. Forsake the Worldly

What is great about Forsake the Worldly:

  • Exile is useful against indestructible enchantments like the gods from Theros Beyond.
  • It’s fine to play in the main deck as a hedge against artifacts or enchantments.
  • Cycling lets you draw a replacement card if you don't have a target for it.


19. True Love's Kiss

What is great about True Love's Kiss:

  • It’s a great main deck card if decks in the metagame play many artifacts or enchantments.
  • Exile is perfect for indestructible enchantments like the gods from Theros Beyond.
  • You get card advantage because it removes a permanent while replacing itself with a card.


18. Feat of Resistance

What is great about Feat of Resistance:

  • It’s a great pick for any Draft deck that wants a combat trick.
  • You can use it on offense or defense depending on how you leverage the protection effect.
  • The extra +1/+1 counter it leaves behind gives you better value than similar spells.


17. Momentary Blink

What is great about Momentary Blink:

  • You can use it to save your creature in response to removal spells.
  • It synergizes with creatures that have good enter the battlefield (ETB) abilities.
  • It's a two for one because Flashback lets you cast it again from the graveyard.


16. Revitalize

What is great about Revitalize:

  • It's a good enabler for cards that rely on life gain triggers like Griffin Aerie.
  • Control decks can use this as a way to buy more time to stabilize by increasing their life total.
  • It's a card neutral life gain spell because it replaces itself with a card.


15. Angelic Gift

What is great about Angelic Gift:

  • This is a cheap and permanent way to add evasion to one of your creatures.
  • It increases your enchantment count for cards that care about it like All That Glitters.
  • It's an aura that’s card neutral even if the target dies later because you already drew a card.


14. Cartouche of Solidarity

What is great about Cartouche of Solidarity:

  • The 1/1 creature it creates grants some cover to your main creature from sacrifice effects.
  • Having +1/+1 and First Strike makes your enchanted creature hard to block.
  • It’s a cheap spell that triggers abilities on cards like Tenth District Legionnaire.


13. Defiant Strike

What is great about Defiant Strike:

  • This can give enough power to trade up with your opponent's creature by surprise.
  • It’s almost a free +1/+0 effect since it only costs one mana and you get a replacement card.
  • You can use this as a cheap way to trigger abilities on cards like Feather.


12. Sacred Cat

What is great about Sacred Cat:

  • It is a cheap one-mana Lifelink creature that’s a good target for stat-boosting auras.
  • Using Embalm, you can bring it back from the dead as a white zombie cat.
  • It has a creature type that makes it relevant as a one-drop for Cat tribal decks.


11. Sentinel's Eyes

What is great about Sentinel's Eyes:

  • Having Vigilance lets your enchanted creature attack and defend at the same time.
  • The cheap Escape cost lets you recast it from the graveyard many times.
  • It’s perfect for aura-based decks or creatures with abilities that trigger on target.


10. Swift Response

What is great about Swift Response:

  • It can destroy any creature that has attacked or tapped to use an activated ability.
  • You can use it any time, unlike most white removal spells which are sorceries or enchantments.
  • It’s a cheap spell that destroys a creature which is not common for White.


9. Pacifism

What is great about Pacifism:

  • It has been an all-star in any Draft format ever since it was first printed.
  • This answers creatures that can keep coming back from the dead like Uro.
  • You don't need to craft it since it's in Arena’s beginner set which is always usable in Best of One.


8. Impassioned Orator

What is great about Impassioned Orator:

  • It has good stats to mana cost ratio and has a relevant ability.
  • Having several on the battlefield is great because each copy’s life gain trigger can stack.
  • Decks based around life gain triggers want this as a turn-two play.


7. Omen of the Sun

What is great about Omen of the Sun:

  • It creates two bodies that make full use of effects like Glorious Anthem.
  • You can play this to create unexpected blockers or attackers.
  • This gives you an extra enchantment or devotion when playing a deck where that matters.


6. Drannith Healer

What is great about Drannith Healer:

  • It has good stats to mana cost ratio on top of its ability.
  • Each one gives you a separate trigger, so the life gain snowballs the more copies you have.
  • Aggressive decks won’t be able to race damage once this is on the battlefield.


5. Karametra's Blessing

What is great about Karametra's Blessing:

  • Giving a creature +2/+2 is already a fine combat trick even without the secondary effects.
  • It protects your creature from both targeted and mass removal.
  • The cheap one-mana cost makes it easy to hold up mana to use it.


4. Soul Warden

What is great about Soul Warden:

  • Her ability triggers from both you and your opponent's creatures.
  • The life gain triggers will stack when you have several copies on the battlefield.
  • She’s the ideal one-drop for a deck that's based around life gain triggers.


3. Raise the Alarm

What is great about Raise the Alarm:

  • You get two bodies that take full advantage of effects like Glorious Anthem.
  • This can be cast as surprise blockers to ambush your opponent’s attackers.
  • It creates non-human creatures that benefit decks like Winota.


2. Healer's Hawk

What is great about Healer's Hawk:

  • It’s an excellent one-drop for decks that want a constant source of life gain triggers.
  • You can leverage the Lifelink by making it the main target of your stat-boosting auras.
  • Having Flying gives it a better chance at attacking, unlike ground-based Lifelink creatures.


1. Nahiri's Binding

What is great about Nahiri's Binding:

  • It’s an excellent answer to Brawl commanders that don't have static abilities.
  • There’s no risk of triggering ETB abilities if it gets destroyed unlike Banishing Light effects.
  • Budget decks that play white can use this as a cheap answer to planeswalkers.

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