[Top 5] MTG Arena Best Demon Decks!

MTG Arena Best Demon Decks!
Better to rule in hell than serve in heaven

Even though halloween is behind us now, that doesn’t mean the demons still aren’t ready to play. Across the multiverse, hellish hoards can be found on many planes and some have even leaked into the arena. Black mana is their main resource of terrible power. It’s appeal and legally binding effects are perfect for any imp to try and make themselves lords of a plane. In the arena power comes at a price and demonic bargains with that tribe are rather popular. For this list let us take a look at some of the best demon decks in Magic: The Gathering Arena.

5) Liliana’s demonic contract 

Pay the price!

Lily is no stranger to making deals with demons. Summon powerful fiends to aid in your battles. Use the color pairing of Rakdos and the demon of the same name to remove threats and have some pyrotechnics for a nice show. Using the title card of Lilana’s Contract is how you deal damage and end games. 

What is fun about this deck?

  • Uses black and red mana
  • Removal for all threats 
  • Contains burn damage 
  • Devilish death triggers
  • The spells in this deck cost 6 mana or fewer

How this deck is played

  • Deploy lands for your colors 
  • Cast low level demons to build up defenses 
  • Let them die and burn what they can 
  • Remove creatures, artifacts, and even planeswalkers as they start to come out
  • Swing with the demons or survive long enough to win off of Lily’s Contract


4 Dragonskull Summit (XLN) 252

10 Swamp (RIX) 194

6 Mountain (RIX) 195

2 Demon of Catastrophes (M19) 91

4 Liliana's Contract (M19) 107

2 Cinder Barrens (M19) 248

3 Doom Whisperer (GRN) 69

4 Spawn of Mayhem (RNA) 85

3 Bedevil (RNA) 157

2 Rafter Demon (RNA) 196

2 Rakdos, the Showstopper (RNA) 199

4 Footlight Fiend (RNA) 216

4 Rakdos Locket (RNA) 237

2 Blood Crypt (RNA) 245

1 Finale of Eternity (WAR) 91

4 Tibalt's Rager (WAR) 147

3 Angrath's Rampage (WAR) 185

4) Demon Vessel 

Servant’s of darkness I call upon thee!

Mono black is all you need with some demons on your side. Using the archfiend vessel you can cheat out big winged attackers. Survive and swing, removing what you need as you go.

What is fun about this deck?

  • Uses the only color demons need, black mana 
  • Low costing spells
  • Wields hand destruction
  • Can be used to clear the board if needed
  • Deals damage when creatures die or leave your graveyard

How this deck is played 

  • Deploy your swamps 
  • Summon some demons 
  • Archfiends vessel is a great turn one play get him out early
  • Play Syr Konrad so this way when your demons die you start to deal damage
  • Swing with your demons use the vessel’s effect to spawn in more demons and burn your opponent to death 


20 Swamp (XLN) 268

2 Mind Rot (M19) 109

3 Lotleth Giant (GRN) 74

3 Bond of Revival (WAR) 80

4 Gorging Vulture (M20) 102

3 Syr Konrad, the Grim (ELD) 107

1 Witch's Cottage (ELD) 249

3 Castle Locthwain (ELD) 241

4 Mire Triton (THB) 105

3 Call of the Death-Dweller (IKO) 78

4 Extinction Event (IKO) 88

4 Fiend Artisan (IKO) 220

4 Archfiend's Vessel (M21) 88

2 Liliana, Waker of the Dead (M21) 108


3)Demonic Karnage 

Did somebody call for some Karnage?

The demons show favor to those with power. Thus, they work with karn to bring the pain. Using blinking as both a means of defense and offense this deck can go off so fast your opponent won’t have time to respond 

What is fun about this deck?

  • Uses Black, Green and White mana
  • Provides many opportunities for blinking 
  • Allows you to use cards from outside your deck
  • Features many forms of removal 
  • The deck plays at a mid range pace that can overwhelm and outlast

How this deck is played 

  • Deploy your lands to gain access to your colors
  • Start off playing small creatures with ETB triggers
  • Load up the board with permanents you can blink
  • Start to blink your pieces and watch the combos start to occur
  • Call upon your demons using Karn to pull them from your side board and let them feast!


4 Burglar Rat (GRN) 64

3 Vraska, Golgari Queen (GRN) 213

4 Overgrown Tomb (GRN) 253

4 Temple Garden (GRN) 258

4 Plains (GRN) 260

3 Swamp (GRN) 262

2 Forest (GRN) 264

4 Godless Shrine (RNA) 248

4 Karn, the Great Creator (WAR) 1

4 Oath of Kaya (WAR) 209

4 Doom Foretold (ELD) 187

1 Castle Ardenvale (ELD) 238

3 Castle Locthwain (ELD) 241

3 Elspeth Conquers Death (THB) 13

4 Flicker of Fate (THB) 16

3 Treacherous Blessing (THB) 117

3 Calix, Destiny's Hand (THB) 211

1 Temple of Plenty (THB) 248

4 Yorion, Sky Nomad (IKO) 232

4 Indatha Triome (IKO) 248

3 Fabled Passage (M21) 246

1 Temple of Malady (M21) 253

1 Temple of Silence (M21) 255

3 Wrath of God (AKR) 46

4 Demonic Pact (AKR) 99

3 Trial of Ambition (AKR) 130


3 Knight of Autumn (GRN) 183

1 Kaya, Orzhov Usurper (RNA) 186

1 Parhelion II (WAR) 24

2 Casualties of War (WAR) 187

1 Grafdigger's Cage (M20) 227

1 Meteor Golem (M20) 232

2 Glass Casket (ELD) 15

1 Sorcerous Spyglass (ELD) 233

1 Shadowspear (THB) 236

1 Soul-Guide Lantern (THB) 237

2)Angels and Demons 

A little mayhem never hurt anyone 

A build from bad boy gaming using the two opposing tribes as one deadly alliance. Angels gain life and demons take it. Use them together to fly and clash directly into your opponent. 

What is fun about this deck?

  •  Uses black and white mana 
  • Tons of life gain from the angels 
  • For all the life you gain you can drain it from your opponent 
  • Removal for days 
  • Damage reduction included 

How this deck is played

  • Deploy swamps and plains for your colors 
  • Play Ajani’s Welcome then the pridemate to start gaining life and gaining power 
  • Remove what you need as it spawns and continue to gain life and swing
  • Summon the angels and demons to provide even more power 
  • Once you have all the power, you need to swing for the game.


2 Cast Down (DAR) 81

4 History of Benalia (DAR) 21

4 Isolated Chapel (DAR) 241

3 Lyra Dawnbringer (DAR) 26

1 Ixalan's Binding (XLN) 17

2 Arguel's Blood Fast (XLN) 90

9 Plains (RIX) 192

8 Swamp (RIX) 194

4 Ajani's Pridemate (M19) 5

4 Ajani's Welcome (M19) 6

3 Resplendent Angel (M19) 34

1 Angel of Grace (RNA) 1

4 Spawn of Mayhem (RNA) 85

4 Mortify (RNA) 192

3 Seraph of the Scales (RNA) 205

4 Godless Shrine (RNA) 248

1)Demonic Storm Caller

If it looks pretty it has to hide something deadly 

Nothing like a Sultai control deck to take the top slot of any tribe. Using the Seagate Stormcaller and the demons together makes for one hell of a good deck. Drain them to nothing and use the demons just for fun

What makes this deck fun?

  • Uses Black, blue, and green mana 
  • Contains removal for any and all threats
  • Hand destruction is also included in this package
  • Built for historic mode on Arena 
  • Spells in this deck cost 5 mana or less

How to play this deck

  • Deploy swamps, forests, and islands for your colors
  • Summon the storm caller ASAP
  • Use her effect to copy your spells 
  • Remove what you need and spawn in some demons
  • Swing out when you have the chance and use your big creatures to secure the win

1 Gaea's Blessing (DAR) 161

4 Woodland Cemetery (DAR) 248

4 Drowned Catacomb (XLN) 253

2 Island (XLN) 264

2 Swamp (XLN) 268

2 Forest (XLN) 276

3 Assassin's Trophy (GRN) 152

4 Vraska, Golgari Queen (GRN) 213

4 Overgrown Tomb (GRN) 253

4 Watery Grave (GRN) 259

3 God-Eternal Kefnet (WAR) 53

4 Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath (THB) 229

3 Maelstrom Pulse (ARB) 92

4 Zagoth Triome (IKO) 259

3 Elder Gargaroth (M21) 179

3 Demonic Pact (AKR) 99

4 Thoughtseize (AKR) 127

1 Torment of Hailfire (AKR) 128

3 The Scarab God (AKR) 259

2 Sea Gate Stormcaller (ZNR) 77


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