[Top 5] NBA 2k19 Best Point Guard Builds (NBA 2k19 Best PG Builds)

NBA 2k19 Best Point Guard Builds
What are the best point guard builds in NBA 2k19?

Destroy Your Rivals With The Best Point Guard Builds

The NBA has proven to be a point guards league and NBA 2K19 isn’t any different. The little havoc makers can destroy defenses and shoot daggers from half court with a sniper’s precision.

How about we equip you with your own point guard magician with these Top 5 NBA 2k19 Best Point Guard Builds.

5. MVP Derrick Rose Build

This build is scary because it re-creates a young Derrick Rose; the same Derrick Rose that terrorized opposing point guards throughout the East. his bull in a china shop post driver is easily a must have for any myplayer creation.

Build Details:

Archetype: Driving & Finishing/ Shot Creating Height: 6’3” or 6’4” Weight: 195lbs Wingspan: 77.3

Why is the build great?

  • It’s a younger Derrick Rose. Need I say more?
  • This build is one of the best for the PG position, allowing for speed and deadly inside scoring.
  • It remains a realistic experience while letting you relive some of the glory days of the Bulls greatest point in modern times.

4. Long Range Dame Time

We all remember the NBA season of 2019 as one that saw Damian Lillard turn into a deep three-point threat.

Of course, I had to see a myplayer with the same long-distance stroke to cause terror in the hearts of all 2K opponents.

Build Details:

Archetype: Shot Creating/ 3PT Shooting Height: 6’3” or 6’4” Weight: 192lbs Wingspan: 79.8

Why is the build great?

  • Damian Lillard is a seriously dangerous point guard. This past season we saw what he can do so bringing that to your myplayer means buckets.
  • This build is a great mix of strength and speed which is a rare combination at this position.
  • Who wouldn’t love to tap their wrist in their friends face screaming, “What time is it?”

3.  Point Guard Bully

Russell Westbrook is one of the strongest point guards in the league and can force his way through any defense. This build will replicate that and more, since you will likely pass the ball more than Westbrook does when he isn’t being a triple double monster.

Build Details:

Archetype: Driving & Finishing/ Passing & Ball- Handling Height: 6’4” Weight: 210lbs Wingspan: 83.0

Why is the build great?

  • Nothing brings more pleasure than dunking on a taller player. This build will do that with regularity.
  • This build is an interior monster for bigger defenders who will find themselves fouling to contain the offense.
  • A great build to use either in league games or Neighborhood. Nothing like some good ol’ bully ball.

2. Ankle Collector

This build references Kyrie Irving, since he snatches ankles from defenders with a twinkle in his eye. Irving is one of the top three best ball handlers in the league which is not a bad skill to give to your myplayer. I made some variations to the stats but kept the shake and bake concept.

Build Details:

Archetype: Shot Creating/ Passing & Ball-Handling Height: 6’3” Weight: 188lbs Wingspan: 75in to 76in

Why is the build great?

  • The handles of Kyrie Irving breaks defenders down and creates open lanes or even open teammates as help defenders scramble to close the gap.
  • The following badges are in GOLD; Mid-Range Deadeye, Ankle Breaker, Dimer, Flashy passer, and Tear Dropper. That isn’t even all of them!
  • A great build to play with in online runs as the offense should be as fluid as water.

1. Relentless Shooter

This build is arguably impossible to fully duplicate as the player it is based on is otherworldly with his scoring, but we will get as close as we can here.

This build is reflective of Steph Curry, well, loosely reflective. Our goal here is to bomb opposing teams with such depths of threes that they want to go to the locker room. Though I have some variation on this one, the concept is the same, let it rain.

Build Details:

Archetype: 3Pt Shooting/ 3 PT Shooting Height: 6’6” Weight: 195lbs Wingspan: 86.0

Why is the build great?

  • The 6’6” height gives the advantage over smaller defenders and almost guarantees a good shot with the 86in wingspan.
  • The best part is the 5 HOF badges that come with this setting; Corner Specialist, Deep Range Deadeye, Limitless Range, Catch & Shoot, and Free Throw Ace.
  • This is a build you play with when you want to make every basket feel as easy as taking candy from a baby.

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