[Top 10] RimWorld Best Traits That Are Excellent

The best kinds of traits usually make the best kinds of pawns.

The best Rimworld traits guide just for you!

Having trouble figuring out the best traits in this game? Tired of always letting in pyromaniacs and volatile murderers that absolutely destroy your colony from the inside? Here are ten must-have traits that make up the optimal kinds of pawns!

10. Quick sleeper

Trust me. He’s a quick sleeper. Don’t worry about it. 

Ah, the quick sleeper. One of the standard positive traits that are always welcome on a pawn. Quick sleepers do just that, they sleep faster than your average pawn, giving them more time to get things done and more time for you to actually play the game. 

What's so good about quick sleepers?:

  • +50% Rest Rate Multiplier.
  • A short sleep means more time to construct, research, travel, and maybe defend the colony. 
  • In case your colony gets attacked at night, these pawns already have a lot of energy to spare. 

Quick sleeper specifics: https://rimworldwiki.com/wiki/Traits

9. Bloodlust

It’s kill or be killed. In Maverick’s case, it’s mostly just kill. 

Pawns who have bloodlust are naturally violent which is incredibly useful in a game like Rimworld. They get high mood bonuses whenever they experience a violent act, meaning that the more they kill, the happier they become. Take caution, however, since these pawns are naturally aggressive, they are four times as likely to start a social fight.

Why Bloodlust is an awesome trait?:

  • +3/+5/+7/+8 mood bonus for wearing clothing made out of human skin. 
  • +8 mood bonus for witnessing a stranger’s death.
  • +13 mood bonus for killing strangers.
  • No mood penalty for wearing tainted clothes or organ harvesting.

Bloodlust trait details: https://rimworldwiki.com/wiki/Traits

8. Fast-learner

A tribal learning to use electricity. Soon he will learn about nuclear warheads.

Fast-learner is one of those traits that don’t have any downsides. It is vital for your pawns to learn skills as these will keep them alive in the dangerous and desolate wilderness which is why fast learners are a godsend as they have the potential to fill in any role, be it doctor, carpenter, or brawler; fast learners can be anything they want to be. 

Fast learners can be anything you want!:

  • Global Learning Factor +75%.
  • Versatility in all skills and roles. 
  • Gets better at everything way faster than others. 

Fast-learner information: https://rimworldwiki.com/wiki/Traits

7. Body modder

More machine than man! 

Body modder is what Rimworld veterans remember as transhumanist, although the name has changed, most of the buffs remain the same. What’s great about this trait is the more body augmentations a pawn has the happier they become. Amazing for late game because eventually, you’ll be replacing your pawn’s limbs and organs anyway since your colony will go through raid after raid. 

Why being a robot is better than being a human actually:

  • Mood bonus for having artificial body parts, from +4 up to +13.
  • +8 opinion of other colonists for each part installed on them, up to +40.
  • Sci-fi body augmentations are cool. That is the only valid opinion. 
  • Caution: There is a -4 mood penalty for not having an artificial body part.

Body modder explained: https://rimworldwiki.com/wiki/Traits

6. Masochist 

Don’t worry, he likes getting stabbed. Freak. 

The Masochist trait, despite how weird it might be, is definitely an S-Tier trait. There are only upsides to this to the masochist, well, if you regard getting hurt over and over and getting happy from it as an upside. Well, at least they don’t mind the pain, which makes them perfect for being frontline soldiers or as melee brawlers. 

Apparently, Masochists are amazing. Go figure:

  • +5 mood bonus for being in a little pain.
  • +10 mood bonus for being in medium pain.
  • +15 mood bonus for being in severe pain.
  • +20 mood bonus for being in shock.

Masochist details: https://rimworldwiki.com/wiki/Traits

5. Iron-Willed

Gordon, unlike Scott, does not have the iron-willed trait. Gordon is weak. 

Living in Rimworld has to be one of the most stressful things for a human to ever go through. There are violent murderers, toxic fallout, bloodthirsty insectoids and so much more. Pawns who are Iron-willed can survive these horrors and more as they are mentally stronger than the average person. 

Iron-willed? More like the will to go on:

  • Mental Break Threshold -18%.
  • Global Certainty Loss Factor x25%. (Ideology DLC)
  • These pawns are hardier than most. They won’t quit on you when you need them.

Iron-willed details: https://rimworldwiki.com/wiki/Traits

4. Jogger

Flo, in a tantrum, has hit a thrumbo. Flo is now running for her life.  

Jogger is the kind of trait that’s good for everything. There’s barely a situation in Rimworld that doesn’t require movement. For every occasion, be it for productivity, combat, or travel, if it’s for moving from one place to another, the Jogger is your colony’s best bet. 

Jogger is one of the best traits to have:

  • Move speed +0.4 c/s
  • As your base gets bigger, there’s more area to move through, Joggers save you more time. 
  • Versatility in every situation!

Jogger information: https://rimworldwiki.com/wiki/Traits

3. Industrious

Mendoza knows how to get it done and she gets it done fast.

Industrious pawns know how to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. Any work you will give them and they will finish it noticeably faster than others leaving them more time to be more productive for more tasks and responsibilities. This is important since 90 percent of the time when your pawns aren’t fighting they’re working to survive. 

Industrious pawns are the best:

  • Global Work Speed +35%
  • Faster building, crafting, cooking, doctoring, everything!
  • Caution: There is a -5 opinion of all colonists without the same traits 

Industrious information: https://rimworldwiki.com/wiki/Traits

2. Sanguine

A happy Rimworld wedding. Everyone is Sanguine here.

Let’s be honest, mood management is an integral part of the game. Having a pawn with a consistent mood buff is one of the best traits you can have. Sanguine will make your pawns happy and fend off negative moods when their favorite colony pet dies or have their loved ones brutally murdered or whatever. 

Pros of the Sanguine trait:

  • Permanent +12 mood bonus.
  • Can be used as a counter to all mood debuffs. 
  • Happy pawns make for happy colonies. 

Sanguine specifics: https://rimworldwiki.com/wiki/Traits

1. Tough

He’s just taking every hit like a madman. 

Listen, I know everyone has their favorite trait in this game. But you have to admit Tough is up there, it’s basically the best trait there is. Tough pawns take less damage, bleed less, and lose fewer body parts (which happens quite often in this game). This trait makes your pawn even more unkillable than pawns that already have certain body augmentations. 

Tough is the best trait in Rimworld hands-down:

  • Take 50% LESS damage. 
  • Great for early game, mid-game, late game. Literally all the time. 
  • It’s even stronger than spacer-tech augmentations like coagulators and stoneskin glands. 

Tough details: https://rimworldwiki.com/wiki/Traits

The best traits in Rimworld are those that can be used in the situation that you’re currently facing. Everything in this game is situational, but these traits can cover almost everything you throw at it. Hopefully, this guide brought you one step closer in having that ideal colony and maybe then you’d be able to survive. 

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