[Top 5] RimWorld Best Bedrooms

RimWorld Best Bedrooms
Find the easiest bedroom layout that suits you.

Keeping your pawns living in comfort is an important aspect of managing their moods. A bad bedroom can ruin a pawn’s mood for an entire day and a good bedroom can give a great mood buff. Having a lot of pawns living in your colony can fill the map with bedrooms pretty quickly. Learn how to make the most efficient bedrooms possible with these videos.


5. Very Impressive barrack:


Learn a little about how room size affects the quality of the space.

If your colony is fully populated and you’re working with limited space, you may need to consider your pawns sleeping in a barracks together. With the Very Impressive barracks, your pawns don’t suffer a mood penalty for sharing the space. It’s just impressive enough to grant a small mood buff.

Why Very Impressive barracks is good:

  • Concentrate your statues in one room for all pawns to benefit from.
  • Save space on bedrooms.
  • Well decorated enough for a small mood buff.

Very Impressive barracks details:

  • Grants a +1 mood buff with the flavor text:” I slept in a very impressive barrack. I don't even mind sharing it.”
  • The mood buff lasts one day.

4. Decent bedroom-


Bedrooms tutorial nuggets!

In a colony of only a few dozen, building individual bedrooms can be a viable source for housing. Making them the proper size and with the right materials can be a big factor in the quality of the room as a whole. Be sure to decorate and furnish their rooms to make it more homely.

Why is the Decent bedroom good?:

  • Cheapest bedroom to provide a positive mood boost.
  • Decent bedrooms can be made pretty small with a good statue in the room.
  • Easy to upgrade to higher level bedrooms.

Decent bedroom details:

  • Grants a +2 mood bonus. 
  • The flavor text reads: “ I got to sleep in a pretty decent bedroom.”
  • The mood boost lasts for a full day.

3. Impressive bedroom-


This tutorial lays out room quality organized by the mood buff it gives.

After years of surviving on this harsh planet, your pawns will learn to expect a higher standard of living. You’ll need to start upgrading bedrooms as soon as your able. Replace walls and floors with better materials, you’ll also need to decorate the bedrooms with high-quality statues.

What makes the Impressive bedrooms great?:

  • Give your pawns harder work with better bedrooms to compensate for their moods.
  • Grants a significant mood buff
  • Not hard to achieve an impressive bedroom with a skilled sculptor in the colony. 

Impressive bedroom details:

  • The flavor text reads: “My bedroom is impressive. I love it!”
  • Grants a +4 mood bonus.
  • The granted mood bonus lasts all day.

2. Unbelievably impressive barracks-


Shove all the serfs into a well-decorated barracks to save on space.

Set aside a small warehouse and fill it with grand statues and beautiful furniture. The expense could be worth it if you’re short on space. House the majority of your pawns in one opulent barrack for a moderate mood buff.

Why is the Unbelievably impressive barracks good?:

  • The building will have to be pretty huge, so you’ll have space for lots of pawns.
  • The granted mood buff is pretty decent. 
  • Incorporate the massive structure into your defenses. 

 Unbelievably impressive barracks’ details:

  • Grants a +3 mood buff.
  • The buff lasts for 1 day.
  • The flavor text reads: “ The barrack I slept in was so impressive that I don't even mind sharing it.”

1. Very impressive bedroom-


You may need a room larger than 6x3 for a very impressive bedroom.

The Very impressive bedrooms can still be constructed relatively small. Using high-quality art and beauty objects even a 6x3 tiled bedroom can be made very impressive.

Why the Very impressive bedroom is great:

  • Provides a great mood buff for a small amount of space, if done right.
  • When your pawns’ expectations increase even further an awesome bedroom can compensate for their moods.

Very impressive bedroom details:

  • Grants a +5 mood buff.
  • The mood buff lasts for 1 day.
  • With flavor text reading: “ I slept in a very impressive bedroom. I love it.”


Remember to replace walls and floors with higher quality materials as your colony evolves. Install better-looking statues as your sculptors increase their skills. Manage which pawns are assigned to the best bedrooms, some pawns may need a high-quality bedroom due to a permanent injury. 

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