[Top 10] Rocket League Best Boosts That Are Awesome

Rocket League Best Boosts That Are Awesome

Considering the game is called Rocket League, how your boost looks, sounds and feels is a big part of the game.

You’ll be using your boost all the time. If you get one that just doesn’t look right, you’ll know about it. Even more annoying than that can be getting a boost that just sounds awful. I really do hate the boosts that just sound like your opponent is mocking you.

It is important to remember though, that at the end of the day, it is all about preference. What I find good or bad about a boost may not be what you like or dislike about it.

You have to find out what you like through trial and error. Having said that, you do need the boost to thematically match your car. No one likes seeing a themed car with a boost that doesn’t match.

Even worse than that is just having the standard boosts. Yuck. With that in mind, here are the top 10 boosts when it comes to sound effects, looks and general feel.


10. Popcorn

Sweet or Salty?

Considering this was a free boost that you could redeem relatively easily, it does have some classy effects. The popcorn "popping" from the kernels as it comes out of the fire produced from your car is just absolutely amazing.

Pair this with the popcorn goal explosion for an absolutely amazing themed car and effects. The only place this falls down is on the sound; it’s annoying but if you can tune it out, it's a great troll boost to put other people off.

Watch the video below to find out how you can acquire this boost for free if you don't already have it. I mean, who doesn’t like free stuff right?

See the popcorn boost in action:


9. Hypernova Boost

So fresh and so clean clean

HyperNova is just such a beautiful boost. Look at all of those particle effects and the sound they make. 
I’m a huge fan of the way it sounds so futuristic when you activate it. Bonus points for the different variations of it and the rings at the tail end of the boost. This is my standard boost that I use all the time.

Not too annoying to listen to in game and the perfect amount of style put this at number 9. If you are looking for a boost that you can just slap on your car and forget about, this is definitely one to consider. 

It works with almost every color combination, isn’t annoying for your team mates or yourself and is relatively easy to acquire through trade ups.

The Hypernova boost looking fresh:


8. The Fish Boost

This ones like a fish out of water

Now, fish coming out of the back of a car isn’t something you see every day. The way this boost sounds is amazing, like a stream gently flowing.

The default variation has a good mix of colors ranging from the blue of the water to the gold and white of the goldfish spraying out of the back. This doesn’t mean that the other colors aren’t worth grabbing though.

Something about the orange water with goldfish really scratches the itch for a water-themed boost. The boost does work best in a nautically themed set up; pair it with some other fish-themed items to really get the look.

The catfish topper springs to mind but overall, a blue and gold striped car can also do the trick.

Something fishy about this one:


7. Phosphor boost

Where is it? 

The liquid camo is just gorgeous coming off the back of the car. The blend of colors in the default skin, ranging from sky blue through dark purple and into dark blue is just a great blend.

The other variations of colors aren’t anything too amazing, but a notable mention goes out to the forest green for just looking so silky. I can really see this boost being used to create some amazing cars just like the one above.

There is a certain nuance to building flashy cars with this boost though. It really does need to all match up well otherwise you can just be left with a really obnoxious boost that doesn’t really match anything else.

If you are going for this boost, make sure the rest of your car is up to scratch as well.

Camo boost? I can't see it: 


6. Dark Matter

Who contradicted the articles suggestion? We said a dark themed car!

Dark Matter is another one of those boosts you’ll probably get relatively early in your Rocket League career. It’s not insanely rare, but it punches well above its weight when it comes to boosts.

Not only does that plasma gun firing sound it produces sound amazing, but it also looks great in almost all of its variations. If you just want a boost that is versatile across multiple cars, look no further than Dark Matter.

It’s typically paired with dark-themed cars, especially those exploring purple as their main theme, as it just works so well.

You can also get away with having it on a black car, but it may not work as well unless you have a tinge of color added in as well.

Its a dark Issue:


5. Sparkles

I live life a quarter mile at a time

Sparkles may not seem like one of the most visually impressive boosts at first, but it’s often picked for its minimalist style and lack of distracting effects. It recently had a huge surge in popularity, especially among players in the upper brackets of the game.

Like most items, the titanium white variation is the most sought after for its minimalist effects and non-offensive sound. Overall, you can pair this boost with just about any car, any color variation, and any theme, and it will still be viable.

I do think it still looks best when used on a car without a topper, and that is correctly color-coded to match the sparkle boost.

Check out the above picture for a reference of what a clean car with sparkles can do. 

Yay Sparkly goodness:


4. Lightning

Never strikes twice in the same place

Lightning is just such a clean boost. The crackling particle effects as you leave someone in the dust are just something to be impressed by time after time. Notably, the yellow variation looks the most lifelike and has really pronounced and jagged edges to all its bolts.

The variations of it with all the different color combinations mean that it can work well with any car, be it a minimalist design or a complex mashup of colors.

It’s often found on more spookily designed cars, like the Joker-esque theme seen above. It can also be found on either Halloween-themed cars or newer players’ cars.

But don’t be discouraged by this fact; it is a great boost that can give you something great to look at until you find your perfect boost. 

Never strikes twice in the same place:


3. Rainbow / Accelarato

Is there a pot of gold at the end of this?

These two have to be bundled together because of how similar they are. Both being rainbow-themed boosts, they are both built with one group of people in mind. RGB enthusiasts.

If you are building a multicolored car, you have to pick one of these. The main difference between them is how the particle effects look off the back of the car. Rainbow has the straight lines pictured above, while Accelerato has music notes drifting out the back.

Overall, it's a personal preference, but if your car is multicolored, you need one of these two boosts. There isn’t really much more to add here except that if you are going to go for the RGB and rainbow effects, you have to fully commit to building a car that looks the part.

I can only see these boosts being used outside of rainbow-themed cars as a means to add color to an all-black setup. Aside from this, there are probably better options to match your theme.

RGB chanting intensifies:



2. Any Titanium White Boost

I can feel the resell value from here

Now, you may be annoyed and think this is simply a cop-out pick, but honestly, there is a reason why the whole community gets behind the Titanium White boosts.

They just look so clean in the game and really match the aesthetics of any car they are paired with. If you are lucky enough (or have enough money to buy... other titanium parts for your cars), you have to top them off with a boost.

It would just be an absolute waste not to. A bonus of the titanium white boosts is that they’ll also hold their value on the market for a long time. These are always being bought and sold by players for relatively high amounts in comparison to boosts of the same type but just with a different color.

By investing in these, you’ll not only have a great boost, but also one you'll be able to trade for multiple other cosmetics in the future.

Wow you picked every boost in the game:



1.  Alpha Boost (Gold Rush)

How am I going to get that?

You knew it was going to be first, didn’t you? Alpha boost is the most recognizable and sought-after boost in Rocket League just due to its rarity. Its effects are simply amazing, and everyone will know that you were a true O.G. if you have this.

The sound it makes is wholly unique as well. Many other similar boosts have been released in the past, but none can compete with the original Alpha Boost. Pair it with any car. Just go ahead and do it.

Who cares if it doesn’t thematically match or the colors aren’t the same as the main body of the car?

You have Alpha Boost; why should you care what all the casual scrubs say about your car?

They can just sit back and admire as you boost away from them into the sunset.

There's gold in them hills:


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