[Top 10] Rocket League Best White Wheels That Look Awesome!

Rocket League Best White Wheels
Cheerio lads, may you direct me to the next Titanium White trading event?

The most premium color in the game!

Whether you’re practicing in Freeplay or lining up in a tournament, you always want your ride to look good. Rocket League is a try-hard game where you learn all kinds of complicated mechanics to fly up in the air and beat your opponent by scoring as many goals as possible.

However, sometimes you’re going to lose, and lose badly. You’re going to want something to cheer you up after you got dunked on and whiffed like 2 open nets. That’s when you look at your titanium white-themed Octane that you worked so hard on with those awesome Zombas and think to yourself “Huh, maybe life’s not so bad after all!” Let’s take a look at the top 10 best titanium white wheels to help your car stand out!

10. Hypnotik (Titanium White)

Hypnotik Titanium White wheels

We start off the list with a bit of a weird choice. The Hypnotik wheels definitely aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, and they do look like a magician’s pair of wheels, but they have their own little fan club I bet. I’d know since I’m a part of it.

The Hypnotik wheels give off “the weird kid in class” vibes, but it’s for that reason that they stand out. The center has a nice swirly illusion-like animation that’ll keep you staring for a good minute while the markings on the tires really blend in well with the theme. A very sketchy artistic pair of wheels.

9. Lobo (Titanium White)

Lobo Titanium White wheels

I know what you may be thinking, “Where’s the white part in this?” The little beady eyes. Yes, the Lobo wheels are for the minimalist players who want to add touches of titanium white to their car here and there while keeping the realistic feel of their car.

The Lobo wheels are still nothing short of epic though. The silver wolf head in the center with the shining eyes is badass. The tires have a hint of silver around them to match the rims with a subtle white ring around everything to finish it. A titanium white and silver-themed car would suit these perfectly.

8. TroubleMaker IV (Titanium White)

TroubleMaker IV Titanium White wheels

These sets of wheels are named after the people who’d want them. The Troublemaker IV wheels are certainly the most badass on this list. Coming in with the skull and bones theme, you can see why titanium white suits them so well! Bones are white after all.

The animation includes a sick-looking floating half-skull in the middle. The skull even looks like it’s inside a deep portal due to the bright white rings surrounding it. Even the tires are animated with a cool linear light show running along them.

7. Centro (Titanium White)

Centro Titanium White wheels

This pair of wheels belong on a spaceship, let alone a car! The Centro wheels are for the players looking to add a more futuristic vibe to their car. They fall in between the ultra flashy wheels and minimalistic wheels.

The Centro wheels have a subtle-looking animation in their center, right behind their rims. It’s a slow-moving white beam of light that complements the bright white lines around the tires really well. The rims also have a touch of neon lighting on their ends as well to finish it off.

6. Reactor (Titanium Wheels)

Reactor Titanium White wheels

For those who love the electric theme and want to add a little shock factor to their ride, I present to you the Reactor wheels. A bit of white lightning is always a nice touch to add to your ride!

The Reactor wheels are seriously detailed. The rims are basically 12 white nodes blasting electricity into the center of the wheels which contains a lovely animation of an epic ball of white sparks. The tires have a cool glowing effect as well to round it up.

5. Chakram (Titanium White)

Chakram Titanium White wheels

The Chakram wheels look good in almost any color already, but if you put titanium white on them, then you get a premium look! This set of wheels is a very popular choice among players.

The Chakram wheels are the best of both worlds when it comes to balancing realism with modern-looking flying cars. The edgy rims are among the best looking in the game in titanium white, and it’s the type of wheels where the lack of animation actually makes them look even better!

4. Zomba (Titanium White)

Zomba Titanium White wheels

Let’s face it, you and I both knew the Zomba wheels would be on this list the minute you read “Titanium White”. They’re probably the most sought-after pair of white wheels in the game due to their premium look.

The Zomba wheels aren’t just all about the price though. They’re actually the best pair of white wheels you can use to complete your titanium white theme. They’re also one of the brightest in the game with their flashing animation pattern that looks easy on the eye. Simple but effective.

3. Septem (Titanium White)

Septem Titanium White wheels

Sometimes less is more and this is one of these times. The Septem wheels are very simple on the eye and may look boring to some. However, I think they do their job really well as a support for the looks of the car.

The Septem wheels don’t have to steal the show, and they don’t look to do that. They’re bright and flashy while looking realistic still. I love the tubular white rims that look like neon lights. The tires have a stunning silver finish on them to round it all up. One of the best titanium white wheels to have.

2. Infinium (Titanium White)

Infinium Titanium White wheels

This pair of wheels is the literal definition of attention seekers. The Infinium wheels will attract the attention of all your friends and players in the lobby as soon as you enter. They’re very trippy to look at, and you’re probably gonna stare at them whether you love them or hate them.

The Infinium wheels are one of the few wheels in Rocket League that look as if they have an animation while not really containing one. The illusion plays that role as its center looks infinite, hence the Infinium name. They also really stand out by giving so much contrast between the blacks and whites on the tires and insides.

1. Wonderment (Titanium White)

Wonderment Titanium White wheels

If you’ve ever wanted a pair of Zombas but couldn’t afford them, this might be the next best thing. The reason the Wonderment wheels rank higher on my list is due to how ridiculously expensive the white Zombas are compared to this cheaper alternative.

The Wonderment wheels look seriously premium. The animation speed is really on point where it lets you take in the beauty of it without confusing you, as most fast animations do. The tires also have bright alien-like scribbles on them to complete the look. It’s my top pick for the best titanium white wheels to fit your titanium white ride with! Very underrated.

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