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Rocket League Best Decals
A team with matching decals stick together!

Win, but win in style!

Rocket League is a game built around winning and showing off, whether it be your mechanical skills or flashy cosmetics. I’m sure you turn on your PC or console every day hoping to climb up the ranks to SSL, but what’s the point of flexing if you don’t look good doing it?

The game offers a vast amount of customizable elements from wheels, colors, all the way to decals. Here are my top 10 decals that I think will help you win in style. I’ll be taking into account looks, rarity, and how hard it is to get a hold of.

10- Abtruse (octane)

The Abtruse Decal

Coming in at number 10, the abtruse is a fairly easy to obtain decal, but that doesn’t take away from its value and looks. Yes okay, it may not have any flashy animations or crazy designs, but beauty is simplicity, right? If you’re looking for something simple, sleek, yet highly customizable, this is for you.

The special thing about the abtruse is that you can mix and match several different designs, and it will make them work. It’s clean, tidy, and would cost you around 50-70 credits* only. What’s there to complain about?

9- Magma

The Magma Decal

If you’re looking for something that stands out, black market, not too expensive, and isn’t rare to the point traders want to scam you with the price, then look no further than the Magma. It’s one for you players that prefer a simple on the eye yet catchy design.

It includes a really bright neon-looking animation, depending on what primary color you choose for it. The name suggests fire and lava, but I’d recommend going for a water theme on the car...stay with me. By choosing a darker blue color for the primary and a lighter blue color for the accent, you’ll get a really cool water-looking animation. This goes for around 250-450 credits*.

8- Bubbly

The Bubbly Decal

The bubbly decal is for those who are bored of simple, linear, or slow-moving animations. Bubbly is definitely one of those unique-looking decals. One thing it does really well is help blend the two colors you choose together! The blazing-fast bubble animations take on both colors you choose at random and float around in the middle of the car body giving it that mixed color feeling.

It’s highly customizable, so you’ll probably never get bored of it if you keep switching its colors up! Use a bright cyan and lime green combination for a Sprite-looking design. You’re welcome. It’s not that expensive either, coming in at around 400-500 credits*.

7- Rizer

The Rizer Decal

For those of you who can never decide on one color as a primary, Psyonix’s got you covered! This decal allows you to split your car into two different colors with a funky swirly animation if you’re tired of the straight lines in rocket league. And, if you always love adding black into your car, but never want to use a color option for it then the black divider in the middle is always present!

It works to color the animated circles while dividing the two colors you choose! Choose two bright contrasting colors if you want my opinion. Although, your car may look like it’s trying to hypnotize you. This decal is a tournament item though, so you can’t trade it.

6- Fire God

The Fire God Decal

The Fire God decal is more than just extra flashy. You’re literally a flying lava lamp in the arena! No one’s gonna miss you from a mile away and all your teammates will constantly know where you are.

It can look amazing with proper color combinations. The animation is really cool with a slow-burning effect. Some ideas to make it look fierce would be a dark red color for the primary and a light red for the accent. You can mix and match for any kind of lava lamp you want though really! If you’re a pyromaniac, this one can be yours for around 600-800 credits*.

5- Heatwave

The Heatwave Decal

If for some reason you didn’t like Fire God, but you’re looking for the same burning flames theme then look no further than Heatwave! This decal will let your opponents know you’re bringing the same heat intensity to your game.

There’s a lot to look at while maintaining a simple design. It allows players to get creative through the way the flames allow the colors to blend and shine together. One nice aspect is the way the flames follow the edges of the car to give it a more distinct look. Orange primary and red accents will look amazing on this! This one’s available at around 700-800 credits*.

4- Dissolver

The Dissolver Decal

Now we’re in the really special category! The Dissolver is one of the popular decals among players with an epic moving liquid effect. The animation dissolves from the front of the car to the back in a really satisfying way! It’s fast, thick, and really stands out!

It’s definitely one of those animations to make your friends ask you “Woah! Why the **** are you so lucky?” I’d recommend choosing the accent as white while choosing the primary to whatever color you prefer, it really will look good no matter what you choose! This one’s a bit expensive at around 1000-1100 credits*.

3- Mainframe

The Mainframe Decal

Flashy, clean, and edgy...Literally. The mainframe decal is really sought after by a lot of players because of its highly customizable animation. The animation accent color will match your primary color for a cool fusion of colors effect along the body of the car.

You can throw on green lines going through your black-colored body for a hospital heartbeat machine-looking design. You can easily put on a light show for your opponents during the match! The mainframe is also expensive for around 1000-1100 credits*.

2- Interstellar

The Interstellar Decal

If you’re surprised Interstellar is on this list, you must be new to Rocket League. It’s one of the most in-demand decals in the game. The galaxy animation flows through the whole body of your car. The stars and space clouds are crystal clear to the point your body looks like a portal to space!

The accent color paints the space clouds for those of you who love the tiny details without changing the whole look of the car. A dark primary and a light accent are highly recommended. The burnt sienna version makes the space look on fire. If you wanna be the center of the universe, look no further. The Interstellar will cost you around 750-850 credits*.

1- Tidal Stream

The Tidal Stream Decal

Decals are all about preference in the end, but I’d be surprised if anyone doesn't wish they had the Tidal Stream! One of the brightest black market decals that focus mainly on the primary color for most of its animation. There’s a subtle change for the accent color that happens at the back of the car which gives the possibility to make really cool designs such as a golden yellow for the main color followed by a reddish-orange hue to make it look like a flame. 

It will make your car look like a glowing wave of neon flames flying through the sky. Your opponents will never not see you coming...which isn’t what you probably want, but you’ll look cool doing it anyway! This one goes for around only 500-600 credits*.

Overall, choosing a decal really relies on your preference as a gamer. Some prefer to go flashy and wow others, and some really just stick to the default settings...which is probably how you can tell he’s a real try-hard and you’re in for a tough match.

* All prices are from “Rocket League Insider”.

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