[Top 10] Shadow of the Tomb Raider Best Outfits & How To Get Them

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Best Outfits
Lara is indeed a trend setter

Who knew that Lara could be so fashionable? If you like kicking enemy tail in style, Shadow of the tomb Raider has got you covered with over 30+ outfits to choose from. mixing and matching outfits to make the most of perks has never been easier. Today we will be picking out the top 10 best outfits and how to get them.

10. Tactical Adventurer (Black)


The Tactical Adventurer is the black version of the Tactical Adventurer outfit, which is the first outfit Lara is seen wearing at the beginning of the game.

  •  Comes with a K&H KAP pistol

Outfit Stats:

  •  Increases the amount of ammo that you can craft.
  •  Grants more experience for stealth kills.

This outfit comes exclusively when you buy the Croft Edition of Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

9. Crimson Huntress:


The Crimson Huntress is an outfit that was worn by the merchant Moreakah in her younger years during her travels away from Paititi.

  • It increases Lara’s experience as Moreakah traveled far beyond Paititi.

Outfit Stats:

  • Allows you to gain bonus XP while hunting animals.
  • Increases Lara’s focus and slows time for a longer period while aiming.

You can buy this outfit from the merchant Moreakah for 7,200 gold, but you must acquire the scales of a serpent skill in order to purchase. This outfit had a bug that didn’t allow players to purchase as seen below but has since been patched and is now ready for you to try out.


8. Robes of the Puka Huk:


 The Robes of the Puka Huk are the robes of the renowned herbalist Puka Huk.

  • Rumored to make Puka Huk be able to step between worlds.
  • Allows full body benefits

Outfit Stats:

  • Upper body benefits allow Lara to regenerate health faster when not in combat.
  • Lower body benefits increases the amount of fat and hide that you can acquire while hunting animals.

This outfit comes exclusively only if you order the Croft Edition of Shadow of the Tomb Raider as seen below.


7.Evenings Star Outfit:


The Evenings star outfit is an outfit that was worn by the Queen Evening Star.

  • It provides upper and lower body benefits.

Outfit Stats:

  • The cape provides upper body benefits that grants increased perception.
  • he boots provide lower body benefits that allow the increase of natural resources from each source.

The Evenings Star cape and boots can both be found in a Peruvian Jungle crypt. The cape requires 4x hide + 8x cloth + 2x eagle feathers and the boots cost 3x hide + 8x cloth + 2x eagle feathers to craft, with an Expert Outfit cost of 2x hide + 3x cloth for the cape and 1x hide + 3 cloth for the boots. Below shows how to acquire both the cape and boots.



6. Nine Stride’s Outfit:


Nine Strides outfit is an outfit worn by Nine Strides who is a renowned mercenary said to have battled her way across the world 3 times, this outfit consists of boots and a harness.

  •  Provides upper and lower body benefits

Outfit Stats:

  • Upper body benefits (harness) allows the ability to craft additional ammo due to its many pockets.
  • Lower body benefits (boots) increase man made resources like fat, black powder, or salvage from each source.

Both harness and boots costs 6x hide + 4x cloth with an Expert Outfit cost for both being 3x hide + 2 cloth. Can be purchased from the Merchant Nine Strides, found when completing the first crypt in Kuwaq Yaku as seen below, or crafted with 4x cloth + 6x hide.


5. Six Sky Outfit:


Six Sky wore this outfit when she went into battle, it includes a mantle and greaves.

  • Provides upper and lower body benefits.

Outfit Stats:

  •  benefits that the tunic provides increased projectile resistance.
  • Lower body benefit provided by the greaves is increased health regeneration.

The mantle of Six Sky outfit can be bought from a merchant in Paititi or crafted with 12x feathers + 2x eagle feathers + 2x jaguar hide.


4. The Empress Jaguar Outfit:


The Empress Jaguar is an outfit that consists of boots and a vest that Lara makes with the hide of an empress jaguar in the Peruvian jungle that nearly killed her.

  • Provides upper and lower body benefits.
  • Lara makes it herself.

Outfit Stats:

  • The vest provides the upper body benefits of reducing enemy awareness making it harder for enemies to detect Lara as a threat.
  • The boots allow the lower body benefits of making less noise when sneaking past enemies.

The Empress Jaguar outfit is acquired when you complete the main mission “A Rough Landing” where Lara faces off against 2 jaguars, where in the end she defeats them and uses the empress jaguars hide to create the vest as seen below. The vest can be crafted by using 1x hide + 1x fat + 1x jaguar hide, while its expert cost is 1x hide + 1x fat. The boots cost 4x hide + 8x cloth + 1 jaguar hide and its Expert Outfit cost is 2x hide + 3x cloth.


3. Ch’Amaka’s War Outfit:


Ch’amaka’s War is an ancient outfit consisting of a tunic and greaves that were worn by the heroic warrior Ch’Amaka. This outfit includes a tunic, vest and greaves.

  • Provides upper and lower body benefits

Outfit Stats:

  • The Tunic/ vest allows the upper body benefits of taking less damage from melee attacks.
  • The greaves allow the lower body benefits of bonus XP for assault and all other non stealth kills.

You can get Ch’Amaka’s War vest by completing the third crypt in the Hidden city. While the greaves can be earned by completing the side mission “In the Midnight – Freedom” in Paititi. Once you get both you can craft the tunic with 4x hide + 8x cloth + 1 Black Maned Wolf Hide and the greaves with 3x hide + 5x fat + 2 Black Maned Wolf Hide. The Outfit Expert cost of both the tunic and greaves are 2x hide + 1 cloth and 1x hide + 2x fat.


2. Three Fangs Outfit:


Three Fangs outfit is crafted from the scales of the legendary anaconda Three Fangs, animal totem and first champion of the Serpent Path, includes tunic and greaves.

  • Allows both upper and lower body benefits.

Outfit Stats:

  • Upper body benefits (tunic) greatly increase fire resistance granted by ENDURANCE.
  • Lower body benefits (greaves) increase fire resistance granted by ENDURANCE as well.
  • Requires Heart of the Jaguar skill.

You can craft both Three Fang items by using 6x hides + 10x cloth + 2x maned wolf hides and will be able to upgrade it to expert by using 3x hides + 4x cloth but must first acquire the Heart of the Jaguar skill for fire resistance to be able to come in effect. Also, you can only get this costume by selecting the serpent path in New Game+ mode or buying it in New Game+ mode from a Kuwaq Yaku merchant.


1. Ozcollo’s Outfit:


Ozcollo’s outfit consists of Ozcollo’s tunic and Ozcollo’s greaves which are crafted from the
pelt of the legendary jaguar Ozcollo, animal totem and first champion of the Jaguar Path.

  • Allows upper and lower body benefits.
  • Gives jaguar ferocity

Outfit Stats:

  • Upper body benefits (tunic) allows Lara to inflict extra damage when health is critically low.
  • Lower body benefits (greaves) allow Lara to gain bonus XP from non-stealth kills.

You can craft both Ozcollo’s tunic and greaves by using 6x hide + 10x cloth + 2 jaguar hide as well as the outfit expert which cost 3x hide + 4x cloth, but in order to unlock this outfit you must start a new game+ and choose the jaguar path or purchase from a merchant in in Kuwaq Yaku in New Game+.

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