[Top 10] Shadow of the Tomb Raider's Best Skills To Get First

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I know this jaguars breath isn't very pleasant

Shadow of the Tomb Raider must be Lara’s most thrilling adventure yet. While on a quest for ancient artifacts in the Mayan Temples. Our fate rests in the hands of our favorite tomb raider as she embarks on a mission to save us all from the apocalypse. But to survive the dangerous jungles of South America Lara is going to need all the skills she can get.

Skills are split into 3 categories. Seeker, which sharpens her perception and survival instincts, warrior which has to do with combat and weaponry, and lastly scavenger which focuses on crafting and take downs. Lara is likely the most dangerous thing in these jungles, but it is still best to be equipped with these 10 skills first.

10. Howler’s Speed

  • With Howlers Speed you can hang onto ledges without slipping.
  • This skill gives Lara a longer time to react when accidentally setting off trip wires.
  • Useful when grappling enemies as well.

Skill Details:

  • A warrior skill
  • Cost 1 skill point
  • You can acquire this skill early in the game which becomes useful throughout the game as climbing becomes more difficult and frequent.

9. Eagle’s Sight

  • Eagle’s Sight reveals artifacts, monoliths, treasure chests, architect maps and explorer backpacks while using survival instincts.
  • Useful when looking for crafting resources.

Skill Details:

  •  It is a seeker.
  •  Cost 1 skill point to unlock.
  •  Can locate the hearts of large animals, heart shots inflict massive damage.

8. Caiman’s Heart

  • Caimans Heart allows your health to regenerate more quickly
  • It also helps Lara survive longer during fights

Skill Details:

  • You can only get this skill when you complete the Judges Gaze challenge tomb
  •  It’s a scavenger skill

7. Crow’s Cunning

  • Crows cunning reveals traps when using survival instincts.
  • Good for locating those hard to see trip wires.

Skill Details:

  • It cost 2 skill points to unlock
  • It’s a seeker skill

6. Caiman’s Breath

  • Caimans Breath helps Lara hold her breath longer when swimming underwater.
  • Useful to have because the amount of air pockets decreases as you get further into game play.

Skill Details:

  •  It’s a scavenger skill.
  • It cost 2 skill points to unlock.
  • It has 2 skill levels; you can acquire Caimans Breath II later in the game by completing the San Cordoba challenge tomb.

5. Serpent’s Strike

  • Serpent strike allows you to strike down enemies silently without alerting other enemies nearby.

Skill Details:

  •  It costs 1 skill point
  •  It’s a scavenger skill
  • Can acquire early in the game without needing adjacent skills unlocked.

4. Raposa’s Wit

  •  Raposa’s Wit unlocks the next level upgrades for weapons.
  • Upgrades weapons early on in game so that you could play at your best.
  • Can be used along with Raposa’s Threat which provides visual assistance when aiming at an enemy’s head.

Skill Details:

  • Cost 2 skill points
  • Must buy adjacent skill to unlock
  •  It’s a warrior skill
  • It is also one of the last skills you can acquire early on in game play.

3. Heart of the Jaguar

  • The Heart of the Jaguar skill allows endurance plants to reduce damage from enemy melee and ranged attacks.
  • Has 3 skill levels. Heart of the Jaguar II and III, which further strengthen said skill.
  • Jaguar II can also help reduce damage from fires and explosions.

Skill Details:

  • Can only be unlocked by purchasing Eye of the Eagle
  • Cost 2 skill points
  • Is a warrior skill
  • Will be useful since most enemies in Shadow of the Tomb Raider focus on range attacks.

2. Viper’s Nest

  • The Viper’s Nest skill increases the amount of man-made crafting resources gathered from each source.

Skill Details:

  • Must buy adjacent skill in order to unlock
  •  It cost 2 skill points to unlock.

1. Kinick Ahau’s Boon

  • Kinich Ahau’s Boon skill fully restores health when near death in a battle and refreshes between encounters.

Skill Details:

  • Must complete Tree of Life tomb challenge to acquire this skill.
  • Good to use as a last line of defense.
  • It’s a warrior skill.
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