[TOP 10] SMITE Best Gods That Are Powerful

SMITE Best Gods

With the mid season patch done, changes hit the battleground and shook the balance of power once more. Some gods became powerful and some got less powerful. In this article we will be looking at the 10 most powerful gods in the game.

If you want to find a god that suits your play style, you can also benefit from our list and go to the battlefield of gods to show your might!

Let's take a look at the best smite Gods of today:

10) Da Ji, The Nine-Tailed Fox

At number ten we have Da Ji, who is a malevolent fox-spirit who enjoys torture in the Chinese mythology. She can position herself well in the game with her third ability and her DoT (damage over time) with her passive and her first ability can secure kills much more easily. And with her ultimate, if used correctly, can stun every enemy and win the fight.

What makes Da Ji OP?: She is hard to catch because of her third ability, she use it to switch positions quickly and use it for ganking or getting out of tricky situations. Also she gets massive amounts of DoT from her abilities and can improve it with items such as The Crusher. Also her Paolao, her ultimate ability, is a reliable tool in a team fight as it can stun enemies that are struck with chains. With a good positioning, you can make your enemies bleed!

  • Can get in and out easily and can position herself swiftly with her third ability.
  • Can pursue or run away with her second ability and has slow immunity while using it.
  • Can target key players in a team fight with her ultimate and incapacitate them with a stun.
  • She has a lot of DoT with her passive and her first.

Power Level: 60/100

9) Bellona, Goddess of War

At number nine we have Bellona, Roman Goddes of War. As the goddess of war, Bellona has access to multiple 'modes' and therefore multiple play styles in her arsenal. She can charge in and tank, disarm you with her scourge and give you a massive headache with her war hammer. Bellona was always a good choice for most of the situations in the game.

What makes Bellona OP?: You can tank easily and deal damage at the same time. I personally like to play her as an off-tank. Her first ability can make engaging and pursuing a bit easier and with that ability's block, you can ensure the fight is yours. You can also attack a group with her second ability, Bludgeon. And her third ability gives you range as well as healing and it hits a line and disarming any enemy gods hit.

  • Jack of all trades.
  • Can stay in battle longer with her blocks and pursue or run with her move speed buff.
  • Buffs allies in battle with her ultimate with protections and physical power.

Power Level: 68/100

8) Bakasura, the Great Devourer

At number eight we have Bakasura who is a rakshasa in Indian mythology. As his name suggests, the blood of his victims excites Bakasura as he can get considerably faster with each kill and killing is not that hard for him with his true damage. He can heal with eating minions and boost his ultimate to unleash those minions later.

What makes Bakasura OP?:  Bakasura is a special assassin in most people's eyes. He is hard to play but his abilities give him an edge so sharp, it hurts a lot. His third ability gives him additional physical power is it is leveled up and when activated, gives him true damage, meaning it ignores all protections! He can jump over walls to ambush his prey and his ultimate ability attacks in a cone, very unusual for an assassin. Even though you have to give more time to learn it, it will be worth it as you butcher everyone in your path.

  • Gets faster and faster as he kills anything.
  • Additional passive physical power from his third ability makes him h2er and true power on activation makes killing easier.
  • Can leap over walls and surprise enemies with his first ability.
  • Can heal with his second ability and stack minions for his ultimate.
  • Attacks in a cone with his ultimate and the eaten minions attack with him.

Power Level: 72/100

7) Bacchus, God of Wine

At number seven we have the Roman God of Wine, Bacchus. He is just like his name suggests. He gets h2er and sturdier the drunker he is. A god like tank, with all the puns intended. His passive makes him sturdier and his first skill makes him drink. He slows and stuns and makes you have a hard time.

What makes Bacchus OP?: Bacchus is a really powerful mage in the game with good tanking capabilities. And his AoE (area of effects) attacks are all CCs (crowd controls) as well so it can be annoying to run into him while you are pushing your lane. He will belly flop to your head to slow you and burp in your face to stun you all the while dealing a ton of damage to you. Your best bet against him is stunning him before he stuns you.

  • A good tank with good mitigation.
  • A heavy crowd controller with stuns and slows.
  • High magical power when drunk.

Power Level: 78/100

6) Ah Muzen Cab, God of Bees

At number six we have the Mayan God of Bees, Ah Muzen Cab. He can utilize bees to his heart's content using them for applying DoT. He can buff his attack speed and healing significantly and can use his ultimate's cool down by a lot.

What makes Ah Muzen Cab OP?: Ah Muzen Cab is a good lane pusher. He can put bee hives in key positions to buff his attack speed, move speed and health regeneration. He can also launch bees in a line to apply DoT. His third ability is a moveable ground target, meaning you can spread it across the ground. It slows down enemies and applies his passive DoT on them. His basic attacks also prolonges his passive so going attack speed is generally a good choice for him. His ultimate is takes the lime light though as you can reduce its cooldown by a whopping 80% if you pick it up again.

  • Free wards that buff him in a radius.
  • Fast clear speed and high DoT
  • Powerful ultimate with a good cool down mechanic.
  • An AoE slow

Power Level: 82/100

5) Achilles, Hero of the Trojan War

At number five we have the Greek hero that has a famous weakness. You can change you play style mid game thanks to his passive and he can be unstoppable with his ultimate, executing his enemies one by one while forgoing his defense more and more.

What makes Achilles OP?: Achilles has an advantage against CCs. His second skill reduces the time he stays under CCs and also heals him on inflicting damage to enemies. His passive grants him the ability to play with extra HP and protections, or extra attack speed and move speed whenever he wants. His ultimate is the real deal here however, as he can keep using it up to five times as long as he keeps executing his enemies is a bit bothersome. For those who play League, he's like Darius in this aspect but unlike him, Achilles kills 100% under a certain HP threshold.

  • High adaptability
  • A good stun and AoE damage
  • CC Reduction and self heal
  • Execution type ultimate which you can keep using until you can't execute anymore.

Power Level: 86/100

4) Merlin, the Master Wizard

At number four we have the aide of the legendary king of England and the master of the arcane, Merlin. Merlin can utilize arcane, ice and fire to bring doom to his enemies in battle. He has access to his ultimate from start to change what abilities he uses and can run away pretty fast with his third ability.

What makes Merlin OP?: Merlin is not like your usual mage in the game. You have to know how to play him very well. But that's where his advantages lie. His skill combos are numerous and him controlling three elements back to back can make your enemies die really fast. He can slow and pull while launching an arcane black hole to damage enemies while lowering their protections. Yes he can do that. Fast.

  • Deals high damage with combos.
  • A good gap closer and an escape skill
  • High CC capabilities.
  • Not a traditional SMITE god so unpredictable.

Power Level: 89/100

3) Freya, Queen of the Valkyries

At number three we have the ruler of Sessrumnir, Freya the Norse Goddess of War. She can be a cannon with her toggle ability and her ground target CC can let you catch you opponents or let you escape them.

What makes Freya OP?: Freya did not change much from the beta except her looks. That means she is still a beast in the battle field, as expected from the Queen of the Valkyries. Her passive makes her stay in the fight as long as she wants and her long range attacks are draining your health faster than her mana is drained. Her ultimate makes her fly and bombard you from up above while the only thing you can do is sit and watch, or run, if you can.

  • Can be a melee hitter or a ranged attacker at the cost of mana per attack.
  • Gains mana with melee hits and health with ranged hits
  • Can attack AoE with her first ability to a small area
  • A powerful ultimate which she flies up and becomes unable to be targeted for a duration or for 4 attacks.

Power Level: 92/100

2) Ao Kuang, Dragon King of the Eastern Seas

At number two we have the Chinese Dragon King of the eastern Seas. He can execute enemies as he unleashes his true form. He is a magical ADC, relying more on his basic attacks to deal damage. He can enter and leave the combat unnoticed with his first ability as well.

What makes Ao Kuang OP?: Ao Kuang changed from a ranged mage from a melee assassin type of character, making him a decent choice for jungling in you desire to do so. His fast attacks leave after images in the air while you cut your enemies and his ultimate can execute his enemy and healing him at the same time. His abilities mostly buff his basic attacks and he can stealth away whenever he wants to get away from a sticky situation.

  • Has abilities to buff his basic attacks.
  • Has a play style similar to an assassin in the game.
  • Can reduce cooldowns of his non-ultimate abilities and can heal with them.
  • Executes enemies below a certain HP threshold and heals from them.

Power Level: 95/100

1) King Arthur, Wielder of Excalibur

And at number one we have the legendary king who ruled England with the aid of his Knights of the Round Table, King Arthur. He can change stances with every ability cast and change his kit every time, allowing for unique combos. Instead of mana he uses energy and this changes his ultimate ability according to how much you have.

What makes King Arthur OP?:  The Excalibur really chooses its wielder wisely. King Arthur really is a pain to fight against and a fun to play as. His instant casting can blind even the player and make you end up under an enemy tower by accident. So you have to be careful playing him. But once you get used to him you won't be playing other gods that much as it is nigh impossible to catch him. He gets h2er as he damages and his combo stances can make him so unpredictable that you might want to just quit the game.

  • Different combos with every hit.
  • Reducing taken damage and gaining more energy with every enemy he damages.
  • Can get in and get out so fast.
  • Abilities are cast instantly.

Power Level: 97/100

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