TOP 5 SMITE Best Junglers 2019

SMITE Best Junglers

Every MOBA has some kind of a jungle area, a natural area between the lanes where there are several buffs. It is a key location that must not be neglected. A jungler is the person that farms from the jungle. Their role is to clear monster camps and level up, then gank other lanes to help them level up and pressure the opponent.

There are several choices for jungle characters in SMITE and even a support character like Aphrodite can be used in the jungle. In this article, we aim to present a somewhat image to make you understand the jungling in SMITE with the 5 best choices in game. So without further ado, let's take our machetes and enter the jungle with TOP 5 SMITE Best Junglers in 2019.

5) Thor, God of Thunder

At number five, we have the Norse God of Thunder, Thor. No not the movie one. This one flings Mjölnir around, jumping to it, spins using it and creates a long fissure that stops and stuns his enemies. He became a bit more relevant after the latest change to him and became more usable.

What makes Thor OP?: Thor has high single target damage with some degree of crowd control. His camp clear speed is not that fast but it is certainly not slow. He is good at ganking immediately with his ultimate and can stun the enemy with it as well. He also can gank with his first ability, teleporting to the hammer.

  • Good ganking abilities.
  • Above average clearing speed.
  • High focus, high single target damage.

Power Level: 72/100

How to jungle effectively with Thor:

4) Hun Batz, the Howler Monkey God

At number 4 we have the Howler Monkey God, Hun Batz from Mayan mythology. As the name suggests, he is loud. Even his ultimate is made as such. His ganking abilities are not to be underestimated. He can clear creep camps as well as enemy gods.

What makes Hun Batz OP?: His clearing speed is really good, with his second and especially third ability. He can jump to the lane from behind a wall and gank and in a team fight, with his ultimate, can CC all of the enemies! His passive also allows him to do increased damage on his next basic attack after using an ability so he's a heavy hitter.

  • High single target damage.
  • Above average mobility.
  • Good ganking capabilities.
  • AoE CC with damage per tick.

Power Level: 75/100

How to jungle effectively with Hun Batz:

3) Ares, God of War

At number three we have God of War from the Greek mythology, Ares. With the new buff to his third ability, he became one of the fastest camp clearing gods in the game. He can clear speed camp at about 5 second in level 1! And as a frontliner tank, he can start teamfights himself, the opposite of regular junglers and assassins.

What makes Ares OP?: His new buff makes him hit 5% of maximum damage of creeps as damage to them, and with the Assassin's Blessing, he can do about 7% of Max. Hp as damage! His first ability makes enemies unable to escape by skills or relics and he can stun potentially all of the enemy gods with his ultimate.

  • High CC, high defense, high sustain.
  • Exceptional jungle rotation speed.
  • More magical power as he builds more aura items.
  • No need to position and wait for the teamfight to start.

Power Level: 80/100

How to jungle effectively with Ares:

2) Erlang Shen, the Illustrious Sage

At number two we have Erlang Shen from Chinese mythology. He can really make his enemies have a hard time. With every hit of his spear, his dog hits as well and he can buff himself for a duration as well. Really a pain.

What makes Erlang Shen OP?: His first ability grants him additional physical power as he hits and he can reduce this skills cooldown with each basic attacks as well. His second ability attacks at the ground and roots the enemies who were unfortunate enough to be in the center. His third makes him transform to either a mink or a turtle and charges forward while his ultimate taunt everyone nearby while gaining damage mitigation and a heal afterwards.

  • High attacks speed and high single target damage.
  • Self buff.
  • Essentially a double attack pattern with his dog.

Power Level: 83/100

How to jungle effectively with Erlang Shen:

1) Nike, Goddess of Victory

At number one we have the Goddess of Victory, Nike from the Greek mythology. She can buff her allies as they complete 3 specific goals her passive gives. Her clear speed is something else as well and she can cause quite a lot of pressure to the enemy gods. So if she's on the game, be it as an enemy or ally, keep an eye on her.

What makes Nike OP?: Her abilities focus around mitigating and ignoring damage all around. The pressure she can cause with her first ability is quite a lot as well, reducing the protections of the enemy and disarming them. Her second gives her immunity to ranged attacks for the price of slowing down and a slower rotation speed with a shield and her ultimate makes her literally the Sentinel of Zeus like the name of the ability suggests giving her Max. HP as a percentage shield.

  • High defense, above average CC.
  • High Sustain.
  • Team buff.
  • High damage.

Power Level: 85/100

How to jungle effectively with Nike:

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