Top 10 Best SMITE Arena Gods

Best SMITE Arena Gods
Win more in the arena with the best Smite Arena Gods.

Want to jump into a relatively short, pretty chill map where your only objective is to kill other gods? The Arena is the game mode for you. It is a 5 vs 5 deathmatch mode with no lanes, no towers and no huge Titans for you to defeat. Instead, both teams have 500 tickets. All you have to do in Arena to win is reducing the enemy’s team ticket count to 0; to do so, you have to kill enemy gods, enemy minions and escort your minions and your Minotaur to the enemy’s portal. Whilst doing all of this, remember to protect your portal so you don’t lose tickets. Remember to use buffs that are located on the left and right side of the map. Minions spawn every 20 seconds and the Minotaur spawns after a team gets 10 kills. You can also steal the enemy’s team buffs to gain advantage.

If you get yourself in a tight spot, you can run to one of the two exists of your own base. There is even an invulnerable Phoenix to protect you while you run for your life.

Those are the basics of Arena, now we can get into why it is a gamer’s favorite game mode to play in SMITE.

  • - It lasts around 15-20 minutes, so you can have a quick fun time of gaming.
  • - You don’t have to depend on other players warding and you don’t have to ward yourself.
  • - You don’t need to keep track of rotations for the Fire Giant, Gold Fury and mid-harpies.
  • - You don’t have to worry about being ganked.
  • - You don’t have to keep track of lanes.
  • - Escaping dangerous situations is easier, since the base is really close.
  • - It is a great game mode for beginners to learn how to play certain gods.

In the text below is a carefully selected list of gods that are the best for Arena matches, with their best Arena abilities explained:

10. Bastet (Assassin)

Pounce around the battlefield and flank enemies easily with Bastet!

Bastet is a great pick for Arena because of her mobility and range. What makes Bastet good for Arena is her Pounce ability. With Pounce, you jump to your targeted location, do damage when you land and for 4 seconds you can press the button again to go back to your initial position. This is very good for flanking or just disturbing enemies without them catching you. You can combine Pounce with Declaw, that will slow and wound enemies, making them the perfect bait. Her Ultimate, Cat Call, releases 3 vicious cats that hunt down enemies, slowing and damaging them for 10 seconds. This ultimate can be devastating in Arena because the cats can track down nearby targets fast and make way for your allies and minions to get to the portal.

Bastet pros:

  • + Sneaky attacks
  • + Lethal Ultimate
  • + High Burst Damage

Bastet cons:

  • - Squishy
  • - If you don’t do a Return Pounce – you die
  • - not CC-friendly

The build you want to go with is: Transcendence > Warrior Tabi > Jotunn’s Wrath > Titan’s Bane > Hydra’s Lament > Masamune; For Relics I recommend: Aegis Amulet, Purification Beads

9. Apollo (hunter)

This bard will definitely win you some fun matches!

Apollo is very mobile ADC god that can outplay almost anything and anyone in a match. The way I recommend you to build Apollo is to boost a certain aspect to perfection. Moreover, the best way to play Apollo is to stay mobile and rarely stop moving. If you ever get in a tight spot you can use the Serenade ability, that will stun enemies and give you some extra protection so you can run away. If you are feeling a bit brave and you want to attack straight away, you can use The Moves ability; with The Moves you slide towards your targeted area while you knock and damage everyone in the way. At the end of the slide, you get increased movement while the affected enemies have it decreased. Once again, Apollo has amazing movement abilities that are very useful for flanking enemies in the Arena. His Ultimate, Across The Sky, gives Apollo his golden chariot that he rides through the sky; during this time he is un-targetable. When you decide to land, you will deal damage and knock down enemies.  

Apollo pros:

  • + Penetration
  • + Mobility
  • + Physical Power

Apollo cons:

  • - Protection
  • - Health
  • - CDR

I recommend the following Apollo build: Warrior Tabi > Devourer’s Gauntlet > The Executioner > Brawler’s Beat Stick > Deathbringer; Relics: Aegis Amulet, Purification Beads

8. Bacchus (Guardian)

Don't drink and drive, Drink and destroy other Gods.

Bacchus is one god that you will definitely have fun with. From my personal experience, it is always fun to play with and play against Bacchus. Watching someone drink and burp on the battleground is a sight that never gets old. The first ability you want to start with Bacchus is, of course, drinking; the Chug ability will make Bacchus drink from his jug and he will gain additional buffs. His ability Belly Flop will make him jump into the air and land on his belly knocking and damaging all enemies in the targeted location. You want to get Tipsy before hitting this ability because then the targeted enemies will get Slowed. His ability Belch of the Gods is great for getting Arena advantages. He lets out a loud Belch which does damage every .5s for 2s and it Debuffs enemy healing. Get Tipsy for this as well because that will stun enemies for 1 second. This ability can slow down enemy progress and can let you get closer to the portal. For his Ultimate, Intoxicate, he smashes his jug of wine on the ground and intoxicates and damages all affected enemies. If he is Smashed, Bacchus will gain a buff because of his anger over his lost wine.

Bacchus pros:

  • + CC amount
  • + Self-boosting Power
  • + Early Game Damage

Bacchus cons:

  • - Melee ranged attacks only
  • - Not very mobile

Try out this build: Shoes of Focus > Breastplate of Valor > Hide of the Urchin > Bulwark of Hope > Hide of the Nemean Lion > Mantle of Discord; Relics: Aegis Amulet, Purification Beads

7. Thanatos (Assassin)

Pick Thanatos and bring terror to the Arena!

Thanatos is a scythe bearing, black-winged god that is easy to get terrified by. With Thanatos you can wreak havoc; using his Death Scythe ability, you can fling a scythe at an enemy god, damage them and an additional 10% of the target's maximum Health against enemy gods. That will also slow enemies for 3 seconds and will heal Thanatos depending on how much damage was dealt. Make sure you gain immunity and physical protection with the Scent of Death ability, you gain a speed bonus and can easily track down an enemy and kill them. (No, of course the Lord of Death and Terror will never use this ability to run away.)
His Ultimate, Hovering Death, is what makes him a good fit for Arena. By activating it you will fly up in the air, un-targetable, and you get to pick and dive into a target. There is nothing more terrifying than seeing the Death Mark on your god and hearing Thanatos’ horrific shrieks while he is coming for you. If a god is marked, he dies instantly when Thanatos gets him.

Thanatos pros:

  • + In late game, Thanatos is basically unkillable
  • + Good at hunting down players trying to run away

Thanatos cons:

  • - Not very strong early game
  • - Ability dependent
  • - Squishy (don’t run into big fights)

A good Thanatos build is: Bumba’s Mask > Potion of the Physical Might > Ninja Tabi > Soul Eater > Rage > Deathbringer


6. Scylla (Mage)

Sweet on the outside, a God-tearer on the inside. 

Scylla is another god that is on the terrifying list. With Scylla, you can count on easy and effective CC abilities. With her ability Sic’ em, she sends two hounds forward that will damage, root and cripple the first enemy that is hit. This is a great ability to combine with allied god so you can both hunt down an enemy and gain some ticket advantage. Her Ultimate, I’m a Monster, will reveal Scylla’s true nature. She becomes CC immune for 6s and gains movement speed. She makes one powerful attack during this time and if she kills an enemy god with the attack, she gains another 6s and may attack again. If this ability is timed well, you can take up to 2-3 enemy gods and make them gain a huge ticket loss.

Scylla pros:

  • + CC abilities
  • + Good team fighter 
  • + High damage
  • + Lots of Utility

Scylla cons:

  • - Weak early game
  • - Mana Hungry
  • - Ability Reliant

I recommend building Scylla this way: Mage’s blessing > Shoes of Focus > Book of Thoth > Chrono’s Pendant > Spear of Desolation > Obsidian Shard; Relics: Aegis Amulet, Purification Beads

5. Ares (Guardian)

Defend and dominate the Arena with Ares!

Ares is a powerful god in SMITE. He can change the whole game by demolishing the enemy team. You can combine his Ultimate, No Escape, with many ultimates and abilities; for his ultimate he chains down all enemy gods in the area around him. All enemies hit by the chains are pulled to him after 2.5 seconds, they take damage and they are stunned. The most effective being AoE abilities; Some examples are Vulcan's Earthshatter ability and Scylla’s Ultimate, I am a Monster. These ultimate abilities deal huge damage but can be challenging to succeed in making the hit. With Ares’ ultimate you can make those hit easily because the enemies would be stunned all at one place. Use his ability, Shackles, it cripples enemies and that will give you and your allies a chance to get some kills.

Ares pros:

  • + CC abilities
  • + High single target damage
  • + Decent DOT

Ares cons:

  • - No peal
  • - Not very tanky

A good Ares build would be: Traveler’s Shoes > Void Stone > Sovereignty > Witchblade > Oni Hunter’s Garb > Pythagorem’s Piece; Relics: Aegis Amulet, Meditation Cloak

4. Ra (Mage)

Summon healing light for you allies while you blind and burn enemies with Ra!

Ra is a pretty skill demanding god, but if played right, can be very useful in Arena matches. Ra is basically a sniper burst mage that lands long range shots and has high speed and high healing potential. With his ability, Celestial Beam, Ra summons a sun beam that moves in a straight line and damages everything it touches. His ability, Solar Blessing, is his most useful for Arena matches. Ra summons a pillar of light that heals and grants protection to allies that are in it and at the same time it damages enemies that are in it. This will let your allies go forward while being protected and healed, and it will make enemies draw back so they avoid the damage. His ultimate, Searing Pain, will make Ra release a huge blast of heat in front of him and that will devastate everything that stands in its path. Ra needs some more practice to get good at, so make sure you train those difficult skillshots.

Ra pros:

  • + Healing
  • + Protection
  • + Can take damage

Ra cons:

  • - Easy to juke skills
  • - Hard to time abilities perfectly
  • - No escape ability

Try this Ra build out: Warlock’s Staff > Shoes of the Magi > Book of Thoth > Rod of Tahuti > Chrono’s Pendant; Relics: Aegis Amulet, Cursed Ankh

3. Kukulkan (Mage)

Control the battlefield easily with Kukulkan!

It is pretty rare to get in an Arena match that doesn’t have a Kukulkan. What will make you want to pick this god for Arena is his Whirlwind ability. A tornado is created at the targeted area that sticks to minions, minotaurs and enemy gods dealing damage over time. This ability is useful for clearing out enemy minions, as well as placing an obstacle in the way to make enemy gods back away. Another useful aspect of Kukulkan is his mobility. Even though he is not as mobile as other gods, his Slipstream ability will make him slip through dangerous situations to safety. Lastly, his ultimate ability, Spirit of the Nine Worlds is a devastating ability if placed and timed correctly; Kukulkan spawns a dragon spirit that breathes down destruction onto enemy gods.

Kukulkan pros:

  • + High damage
  • + Fast minion clearing
  • + Ranged attacks
  • + Massive AOE

Kukulkan cons:

  • - Low defense
  • - Not very CC immune

I recommend this Kukulkan build: Shoes of Focus > Book of Thoth > Warlocks Sash > Obsidian Shard > Soul Reaver > Rod of Tahuti; Relics: Aegis Amulet, Purification Beads

2. Guan Yu (Warrior)

Lead your allies to victory with Guan Yu!
Guan Yu is an ability-based warrior who can deal and also take a lot of damage. Even though he doesn’t really have a dangerous CC ability (except his Ultimate), he is very tough to kill thanks to his heal and mobility skills. His ability, Conviction, heals you and your allies; this ability can be a turnaround for many battles. Taolu Assault makes Guan Yu whip out his spinning blade that slices enemies and damages them. This ability is perfect for making way through enemy gods and progressing closer to the enemy portal. You can achieve the same with his Ultimate, Cavalry Charge; Guan Yu mounts his Warhorse and charges for 4 seconds. During this time, he is immune to CC and can steer in all directions and by dismounting he stuns enemies that are affected.
Guan Yu’s best placement in an Arena match is in front of great battles. He is extremely good at starting and winning match battles.

Guan Yu pros:

  • + Decent sustain
  • + Healing
  • + Tanky
  • + Decent Damage

Guan Yu cons:

  • - Damage and Abilities easily interrupted

A great Guan Yu build: Reinforced Greaves > Hide of the Urchin > Mail of Renewal > Shield of Regrowth > Spirit Robe > Mantle of Discord; Relics: Meditation Cloak, Magic Shell

Honorable Mention: Ymir (Guardian)

Bring frost to the battleground with Ymir.

Before we get to the #1 Arena god, it is important that we honor Ymir, since he didn’t make it to the list. Ymir is a support-ish CC guardian whose strengths don’t really reach the peaks that other guardians do. His ability, Ice Wall, makes him summon a wall of ice that will block the path of enemies. This ability is only really helpful if you time it exactly when you can block an enemy ultimate cast. If you just block their path, they can easily go around it. His ability, Frost Breath, makes Ymir breathe out freezing air upon his enemies, making them Stunned. This ability can be useful to stop an enemy god from progressing through the battle. With his ultimate ability, Shards of Ice, Ymir begins to freeze the air around him and when he erupts, he does damage to the enemies in range. This ultimate is pretty weak, considering that it is pretty easy to leave the range zone, and if it erupts faster than the channel time, it deals less damage.

Ymir pros:

  • + Good damage
  • + Strong CC
  • + Can wall of enemies

Ymir cons:

  • - Low mobility
  • - Easy to escape ult
  • - Long CD on freeze

Try this Ymir build: Reinforced Shoes > Spirit Robe > Armored Cloak > Stone of Gaia > Gauntlet of Thebes > Ethereal Staff; Relics: Aegis Amulet, Meditation Cloak

1. Vulcan (Mage)

Do yourself a favor and pick Vulcan to have victory guaranteed.

Vulcan gets the #1 spot because of his turret, to be honest.
Vulcan is basically a burst mage with a deployable turret and, probably, the best high-damage poke in the game. Rewards accuracy and prediction more than most burst mages, and is particularly dangerous for enemies trying to get close to him. His ability, Inferno Cannon, will get you a cannon that shoots fireballs that deal damage to an affected target every second. The Inferno Cannon lasts until destroyed or another one is placed. This ability is amazing for Arena matches because it is a great defense against minions and enemy gods that try to attack you or get closer to your portal. With Magma Bomb, Vulcan throws a bomb that explodes on the ground, damaging and knocking back nearby enemies; this ability, especially late game, is devastating and will keep all enemy gods far from Vulcan. With his Ultimate ability, Earthshaker, Vulcan launches a rocket that explodes on impact with the ground. The rocket starts at 60% strength, and increases damage the further it travels from Vulcan. This ability will wipe out everything it touches.

Vulcan pros:

  • + Great poke
  • + Good clear
  • + Strong team fight ultimate
  • + Good CC

Vulcan cons:

  • - No escape
  • - Ultimate is only good at a distance

Build Vulcan like this: Shoes of the Magi > Book of Thoth > Rod of Tahuti > Bancroft’s Talon > Gem of Isolation > Chrono’s Pendant; Relics: Aegis Amulet, Purification Beads

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