TOP 5 SMITE Best Hunters 2019

SMITE Best Hunters

Hunters are your game deciders. They carry the team to victory. If your team's carry is not talented enough then your team's fate can only be defeat. If you want to main hunters or ADCs (attack damage carry) as your play style then this list will help you decide.

In this list we will be showing you the most powerful hunters in the game in 2019. We will be investigating where their power comes from and hopefully help you decide your main in the game.

So, without further ado, let's dive in to the list and let's see which hunter shines the most. Or rather, sneaks the most.

5) Hou Yi, Defender of the Earth

At number five we have Hou Yi of Chinese mythology. He defended the earth against the 9 suns which were scorching the earth. He can hit you where you can't see him. One of his abilities mark the enemy so you have to mark you target before you unleash you skills so that you can have the maximum output.

What makes Hou Yi OP?: Hou Yi's abilities are a bit tricky. You can do trick shots with his first ability, ricocheting off of walls to deal extra damage, stunning if the target is marked by his second ability. His third ability allows him to escape so you will hardly be in a pinch with him. His ultimate makes the 9 suns fall from the sky and crush his opponents while dealing tons of damage.

  • Marks his enemies to have additional effects on his skills
  • Can hit from the blind spot
  • Easily escape or enter the fray

Power Level: 70/100

4) Cernunnos, the Horned God

At number four we have the Celtic God of the Seasons, Cenunnos. As the nature god of the celtic mythology, his abilities share the theme with it as well. He can change his 'season', changing the effect of his attacks and giving him different benefits. He can also charge at you using his horns so you'd better be careful.

What makes Cernunnos OP?: Cernunnos can attack to an area as I've mentioned above but apart from that his CC is exceptional as well. His second ability can root your enemies on hit and if you can't hit anything, don't worry, it explodes into an area of brambles and damages every enemy in the area for 4 seconds. If you think you can deal with him close up then think again! He can charge at you with his horns for god's sake, his passive makes him hit heavier close up than at range.

  • Good CC and AoE
  • Different effects of attacks so enemies have a hard time adapting
  • His ultimate can essentially render the whole enemy team inoperable
  • Good at both range and melee

Power Level: 73/100

3) Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt

At number three we have the Greek Goddess of the Hunt, Artemis. She is one of the earliest characters in game and she did not suffer major changes to her. She lost some of her strength with one of her core items being removed from game a couple of years ago, but she is still kicking butts, or rather having her Calydonian Boar doing that.

What makes Artemis OP?: You do not want he to focus on you. She has slows and roots in her kit and her passive lets her deal more damage to CC'ed enemies. Her first roots enemies and her thirs slows them by 20% while dealing damage. Her second makes her move faster and unleash a torrent of arrow to her enemies and her ultimate is her ultimate stun. She summons her cutely named boar Tusky and have it stun enemy gods in its radius.

  • High single target damage.
  • CC effects all around.
  • High attack speed.
  • Increased attack damage to CC'ed enemies.
  • A cool boar

Power Level: 78/100

2) Apollo, God of Music

At number two we have the twin brother of Artemis, the God of Music Apollo. Finger guns were never so useful! His godly voice, pun intended, mesmerizes his enemies and moves all around the field. It is hard to catch him.

What makes Apollo OP?: Apollo is a very agile character and thus it can be hard to see where you are going from time to time. His passive allows him to attack faster every ten successful attack and it is fittingly named 'Audacity'. He damages in a line with his first ability and stuns his enemies with his second ability. His third makes him slide on the ground like a rock star and his ultimate summons his trusty chariot. In short, he is like a celebrity, hard to catch.

  • High mobility.
  • Global ultimate that does DoT when landing.
  • High damage output with quick succession.
  • Cool hair

Power Level: 82/100

1) Ah Muzen Cab, God of Bees

At number one we have Ah Muzen Cab, the Mayan God of Bees. We included him on one of our lists before so be sure to check that list as well where we do a more general god comparison.

Ah Muzen Cab can utilize bees to his heart's content using them for applying DoT. He can buff his attack speed and healing significantly and can use his ultimate's cool down by a lot.

What makes Ah Muzen Cab OP?: Ah Muzen Cab is a good lane pusher. He can put bee hives in key positions to buff his attack speed, move speed and health regeneration. He can also launch bees in a line to apply DoT. His third ability is a moveable ground target, meaning you can spread it across the ground. It slows down enemies and applies his passive DoT on them. His basic attacks also prolonges his passive so going attack speed is generally a good choice for him. His ultimate is takes the lime light though as you can reduce its cooldown by a whopping 80% if you pick it up again.

  • Free wards that buff him in a radius.
  • Fast clear speed and high DoT
  • Powerful ultimate with a good cool down mechanic.
  • An AoE slow

Power Level: 87/100

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