Starcraft 2 Best Race (2019)

One of the best in game loading screens if you ask me…


StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void takes place in the future, with three races of the universe clashing with each other.

However, it can still be a little confusing to decide which race is best, and which one will suit you. There is a lot of information online about the game, and it can be overwhelming.

Today we’ll discuss which race is the most excitingl, and the benefits of each.

#1. Zerg: The Beasts

Ew… The Zerg race is not a pretty one…

The beasts of the game are brutal, disgusting and terrifying. They’ll fascinate you almost as much as the noises they make will disgust you. It is easy to build quick units as in Zerglings and roaches are easy to obtain and upgrading to Banelings is a good way to do massive amounts of damage.

The key to the Zerg is their speed; they can build ground units very quickly, but it may take a little longer to get air units. Luckily, they have Hydralisks, the perfect air counter. Easy to mass produce, a combination of Zerglings, Roaches and Hydralisks can often be enough to wrap up a match before you reach mid game.

They are ranked as the strongest, due to their early and mid-game abilities. You can build attack units within a minute of the game starting and rush an enemy base. This makes it difficult for even the Terrans to defend. Often, during the professional games, you will see the Zerg player ending the game in the first 10 minutes. However, if you let it get past the first 5, you will have a much harder time.

They can make units quickly, although the other racing units are generally more powerful. They can beat you with numbers as they quickly build a large army after a fight and attacking before the enemy can rebuild.

Power Rating: 90/100

#2. Terran: The Earthlings

Mass units, with good tech: The midway between the three races

The Terrans are a good all-around game race. You can build detectors easily, they have cloaked units, and they even have Nukes at their disposal. There are marines, marauders and reapers to start the early game. Moving to mid-game there are widow mines and hellions. Lastly, during the late game, you can get Vikings and battlecruisers.

The variety of units and their flexibility make this race an even match for any of the others if you micro correctly. Watching many of the pros, widow mines and medivac drops are a popular way to begin the game. The power of this race is decent. Buildings are easily built, and units are easy to upgrade. You can build things quickly, but not as fast as the Zerg. They are placed behind Zerg due to their speed.

They can easily be overwhelmed by the Zerg in even the first 5 minutes if not careful.

Power Rating: 85/100

#3. Protoss: The Futuristic Race

Protoss, the all-powerful emperors of the universe. Or are they?

The Protoss is one of the easiest races to use. Often, you can expand to a second base early on to get resources, or you can expand later and focus on a quick attack. You can use fewer probes to build, because once you begin warping, you can use the probe for other things. Doing so allows for quick multitasking, and with Chrono Boosts you can build units and complete upgrades quickly.

Often, you can harass your opponent early game with low cost, high damage units. For example, Adepts are quick builders, cheaper than stalkers, and have much more mobility. Archons attack air and ground, doing large amounts of damage for only 100 minerals and 300 gas. Build them using two dark templars, and you can do it with 250 minerals and only 250 gas.

There are other units’ professionals you can use as well; stalkers, immortals and oracles all get the job done. StarCraft 2 is a well-balanced game. The game is focused on allowing a winner in fifteen minutes or less. It’s possible to win early or mid-game with Protoss, but what makes them truly strong is their late game presence.

You can build Carriers and stalkers, and once upgraded, is a force to be reckoned with. Overall, it’s hard to counter the Protoss and they have Photon Cannons to defend while still weak early game.

Power Rating: 80/100

For a comparison, here are the top 20 players in the world, and the race they play.

⦁ Serral – Zerg

⦁ Maru – Terran

⦁ Reynor – Zerg

⦁ GuMiho – Terran

⦁ Classic – Protoss

⦁ Dark.Sc2 – Zerg

⦁ Rogue – Zerg

⦁ TY – Terran

⦁ Solar – Zerg

⦁ Zest – Protoss

⦁ Neeb – Protoss

⦁ INoVation – Terran

⦁ sOs.sc2 – Protoss

⦁ Elazer – Zerg ⦁ Stats – Protoss

⦁ uThermal – Terran ⦁ soO – Zerg

⦁ Scarlett – Zerg

⦁ HeRoMaRinE – Terran

⦁ SpeCial.Sc2 – Terran

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