[Top 10] Stardew Valley Best Weapons

Stardew Valley Best Weapons
Get the best weapons to defeat your foes.

One of the best things about Stardew Valley is the combat; it’s a surprisingly fun mechanicin what is mostly an idyllic farming game. Below are the ten best weapons to help you conquer the mines of the valley. 

10. Forest Sword 

 Best for early game, this sword is a beginner’s best friend. The lore states that it was created by “powerful forest magic”. 

  • Weapon Stats
  • Damage: 8-18
  • Critical Strike Chance: .02
  • Speed: +2
  • Defense +1

What makes the Forest Sword awesome: 

  • It increases  your speed so you can quickly cut down enemies
  • It’s a higher damage weapon than the swords you can buy at the start of the game, perfect for early game mine exploration
  • It fits the nature aesthetic of the game 

How to get the Forest Sword: 

  • Break boxes and crates on levels 20-59 of the mines 
  • Defeat monsters, typically slimes, and receive it as an item drop

9. Insect Head 

This sword weapon is a reward for slaying 125 Cave Insects. Presumably, it’s made from the head of your enemy. 

  •  Weapon Stats
  • Damage: 10-20
  • Critical Strike Chance: .04
  • Speed +2 

What makes the Insect Head Awesome: 

  • As an early game weapon, doing upwards of 20 points of damage can help you clear the first stages of the mines quickly. 
  • Its critical strike chance is relatively high for early in the game. 
  • The color palette makes it noticeable when you slay your enemies.

How to get the Insect Head: 

  • Defeat 125 Cave Insects 
  • Talk to Gil in the Adventurer’s guild to obtain this weapon. 

8. Wood Mallet

As far as club weapons go, this light weapon packs a heavy punch. You can get your inner Harley Quinn on as you slay monsters with this weapon. 

Weapon Stats

  • Damage: 15-25 
  • Critical Strike Chance: .02
  • Speed: +2
  • Weight: +3 

What makes the Wood Mallet awesome

  • Can be obtained relatively early in the game, depending on how often you explore the mines
  • It has a simplistic design but high effectiveness
  • Clubs deal some of the heaviest damage in the game, and this is light enough to offset the weight penalty typically associated with club weapons 

How to get the Wood Mallet

  • Get to level 40 of the mines 
  • Buy from the Adventurer’s Guild for 2000 gold
  • Or as a random drop from levels 40-70 of the mines 

7. Neptune’s Glaive

This “heirloom from beyond the Gem Sea” shines bright and deals damage. 

Weapon Stats

  • Damage: 18-35
  • Critical Strike Chance: .02 
  • Speed: -1
  • Defense: +2 
  • Weight: +4 

What makes the Neptune’s Glaive awesome: 

  • While a slow, heavy weapon, it’s perfect for dealing heavy damage to tougher enemies encountered halfway through the mines
  • The defense score stacks with any armor or rings you may be wearing, giving you a nice boost to compensate for the lack of speed 
  • It adds to the charming lore of the story of Stardew Valley 

How to get the Neptune’s Glaive: 

  • Raise your fishing stat to at least 2 
  • Fish until you encounter it in a treasure chest 

6. Steel Falchion 

This is one of the best weapons in the game for both speed and critical hits. 

Weapon Stats

  • Damage: 26-38
  • Critical Damage: .02 
  • Speed: +4 
  • Critical Power: +20 

What makes the Steel Falchion awesome 

  • The +20 Crit. Power stat makes it so critical hits deal 25+26×(3+20/50) damage, which equals about 173 damage. 
  • The speed makes you super fast, which is good for taking down swarms of slimes and Shadow Shamans, which can deal high damage 
  • It’s able to be purchased so you don’t have to rely on random drops  

How to get the Steel Falchion

  • Reach level 90 in the mines
  • Purchase from Marlon at the Adventurer’s Guild for 9,000 gold 
  • Or as a random drop from floors 90-120 of the mines 

5. Obsidian Edge 

This sword is a reward you get in the mines, and is a level 9 weapon, which is the highest tier of weapon in the game.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage: 30-45 
  • Critical Damage: .02
  • Speed: -1 
  • Critical Power: +10

What makes the Obsidian Edge awesome: 

  • The critical power multiplier makes it so a critical hit deals 29+30 x(3+10/50) damage which equals about 189 damage
  • The sense of accomplishment you get when you receive it is only beaten by the Galaxy Sword 
  • It can last you to level 120 in the mines 

How to get the Obsidian Edge 

  • Reach level 90 of the mines
  • Open the chest there 

4. Lava Katana 


This sword was “forged in a pool of churning lava” and, of the weapons, has the second highest critical power multiplier in the game. 

Weapon Stats: 

  • Damage: 55-64 
  • Critical Strike Chance: .015
  • Defense: +3 
  • Critical Strike Chance: +25 
  • Weight: +3 

What makes the Lava Katana Awesome: 

  • Like the Steel Falchion and the Obsidian Edge, it gives you that sweet, sweet critical strike multiplier: 54+55 x(3+25/50) for a whopping 381 points of damage. 
  • It can be purchased so you don’t have to rely on item drops. 
  • The weapon’s design shines brightly against any color palette in the game, making it easy for you to see when you slay your enemies

How to get the Lava Katana: 

  • Reach level 120 in the Mines 
  • Buy from Marlon at the Adventurer’s guild for 25,000 gold

3. Master Slingshot

This weapon can be unwieldly at first, but attacking at range will be worth it. 

Weapon Stats

  • Damage: Depends on ammo used. Explosive ammo (20), Gold Ore (30) and Iridium Ore (50) cause the most damage. 
  • Critical Strike Chance: .02 

What makes the Master Slingshot awesome: 

  • It attacks at range so you don’t have to get in close to the monsters
  • Explosive ammo is effective, fun and relatively cheap to make in terms of materials 
  • It gives off a real Legend of Zelda vibe when you take out monsters with it 

How to get the Master Slingshot

  • Reach Level 70 of the mines
  • Open the chest located there 

2. Galaxy Sword

This sword is “unlike anything you have ever seen” and is one of the best weapons in the game. 

Weapon Stats 

  • Damage: 60-80
  • Critical Strike Chance: .02 
  • Speed: +4

What makes the Galaxy Sword awesome: 

  • The speed bonus makes you faster than most enemies, able to hit them multiple times quickly 
  • It’s implied to be made from material from outerspace, which helps reinforce the lore that aliens landed in the Valley long ago 
  • It’s a weapon you earn by grinding in the Desert Mines 

How to get the Galaxy Sword 

  • Obtain a Prismatic Shard from random enemy drops and/or mining drops
  • Go to the three pillars to the right of the entrance to the Desert Mines
  • Move to the middle, where the indentation in the sand is
  • Hold up a Prismatic Shard and watch as it transforms into the Galaxy Sword 

1. Galaxy Hammer 

Though this hammer adds weight, the heaviness is worth it; this hammer is the melee weapon that does the most damage in the game. 

Weapon Stats

  • Damage: 70-90
  • Critical Strike Chance: .02
  • Speed: +2
  • Weight: +5 

What makes the Galaxy Hammer awesome: 

  • The +2 to speed helps to offset the weight detriment, allowing you to strike quickly
  • The fact it does the most damage in the game makes taking out serpents a breeze 
  • It can be replaced if lost

How to get the Galaxy Hammer

  • First, obtain the Galaxy Sword 
  • Then, visit Marlon in the Adventurer’s Guild and by this hammer for 75,000 gold
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