State of Decay 2 Best Vehicles and How To Get Them

State of Decay 2 Best Vehicles
Admiring the selection of zombie killing vehicles.

​Veteran players of State of Decay 2 have long known that a reliable set of wheels is one of the greatest weapons to have in your arsenal when fighting off hordes surrounding a plague heart. A well cared for ride can make quick work of all but the largest mobs. This means that there's nothing better than discovering and upgrading the newest addition to your garage. Here are some of the top vehicles in State of Decay 2 and how to get them.

5: Military Truck / The Big Boss

Military Truck/The Big Boss

If you're lucky enough to come across this vehicle early in your zombie killing career, hold on tight and never let go. She seats 6 survivors and gives you 6 inventory slots of storage. A hybrid medium/heavy vehicle, the Military Truck may guzzle gas but it can take a great deal of damage making it great for adventurous players who jump at any opportunity to further their base's influence.

A heavy vehicle repair kit will add a ramming grill turning the Military Truck into The Big Boss, a name that's come by honesty. Heavily armored, The Big Boss is a fine choice for any dangerous situation, be it a hive full of plague zombies or a base full of hostile survivors.

The Military Truck can be found in the south central region of Cascade Hills.

Map of the south central region of Cascade Hills

4: Legendre / Impaler

Legendre / Impaler

The Legendre is a smooth, classic ride. It seats 4 and allows 4 inventory slots. None of this seems remarkable at first, but the Legendre's build allows you to whip all over the map, often allowing you to slide a full 360 degrees, and mow down any enemies who stand in your path.

A medium vehicle repair kit only adds the amount of bulk to this muscle car, adding a significant amount of armor even among upgraded vehicles. Your new Impaler also has a plow at the front and anti-grapple spikes on the sides, preventing any annoying freaks from hitching a ride. Find yourself a Legendre, invest the time required to upgrade to an Impaler, and you'll find yourself with the coolest toy to take out for a nice Sunday drive through hordes of zombies.

The Legendre lies in wait for you in the heart of Drucker County.

Map of of Drucker County

3: The Vagabond / Trail Beast

The Vagabond / Trail Beast

The noble Vagabond might not look like it was made for crushing hordes of zombies, but look under the hood and you'll be surprised with what it's capable of. While it only seats 2 passengers with 6 inventory slots, it makes up for its lack of heavy armor with great fuel efficiency, suspension, and handling.

A light vehicle upgrade kit will turn your quaint Vagabond into the unsinkable Trail Beast. While it maintains its 6 inventory slots, your decked out Trail Beast can now seat 4 members of your scavenging party. Even better, the Trail Beast is moderately armored and has a ridiculous fuel range. Hop into the driver's seat using a survivor with the “driver” talent and you'll never have to worry about running out of gas outside of your compound again.

It's true that this is not a full-on assault vehicle, but the Trail Beast's gas tank and handling make it a great scouting vehicle able to handle all but the roughest terrain. Throw a couple of survivors in your party to watch your six and you have the most dependable supply run vehicle in all of the zombie wasteland.

The Vagabond can be found in the southwest corner of Cascade Hills and through the My Aunt, the Prepper side-quest.

Map of the southwest corner of Cascade Hills

2: Rhames V / Viking

Rhames V / Viking

The Rhames V is the Vagabond's big brother. While not as nimble as its lighter counterpart, the Rhames in its base form makes for a great beginner assault vehicle. A loyal companion and a fully repaired Rhames can provide all of the firepower you need to take out an early-game plague heart. The Rhames V seats 4 survivors and allows you 6 inventory slots.

A medium upgrade kit will turn the hardy Rhames into the burly Viking. Its seating and carrying capacity are not upgraded, but the armor rating goes from admirable to ready for anything apart from certain end-game missions. The fuel reserves also become comparable to the Trail Beast.

The Viking is the Swiss Army knife of your garage. A survivor with the “Driver” talent can take the Viking on a supply run in a bad neighborhood, assault a plague heart, or travel across the map to assist fellow survivors in trouble. What the Viking lacks in obvious strengths, it makes up with no discernible weaknesses. When in doubt, take the Viking, and you can find its beginnings here.

The Exact Location of the Military Truck | Rhames V | Drucker County | State of Decay 2!

1: Repair Van / Vandito

Repair Van / Vandito

Finally, we meet a vehicle capable of bashing into any plague heart and delivering pain to any freaks who get in your way. The base Repair Van seats 2 survivors with 8 inventory slots, making it perfect for cleaning out distant towns you pass through. On your way back from aiding a fellow group of survivors and realize that your people are low on food? No worries. There's always room in the van.

The pricey heavy vehicle repair kit is well worth the effort as it turns the Repair Van and Cargo Van into the infernal Vandito. You keep the 8 inventory slots, but you now can throw 4 hardened survivors into the Vandito. Not only can you roll into town with twice the gunmen in tow, but the Vandito itself has become more formidable, boasting a ridiculous amount of armor.

When the plague heart sounds its final call for help, safety can be found in the Vandito. Get your crew back within the walls in this rolling stronghold, lock the doors down tight, and throttle forward and reverse until the undead are no more.

The Utility Van can be found in the southeast corner of Cascade Hills and the northeast corner of Meagher Valley.

Map of the southeast corner of Cascade Hills and the northeast corner of Meagher Valley

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