Top 15 State of Decay 2 Best Traits

State of Decay 2 Best Traits

Who you have in your community can make a great impact on how long your group of survivors can last in this wasteland. If Suzie and Janet are fighting with each other every five seconds it is probably because one of them has a negative trait. No one wants to live with a stress eating, anxiety-ridden, needy, hopeless weakling that will cry at the first sight of blood. You want strong characters with reliable traits that can protect the community when the going gets tough.

Here are some of the traits to look out for when adding members to your community.

15. Empathetic: “Have you ever read any Bulter? I feel like I’m Lauren. If you feel it, then I feel it too.”

  • Looks for the more diplomatic approach to end a conflict.

Why it's good: Having an empathetic survivor can make all the difference when you are running low on supplies and the community is in shambles.

Trait Description: Will not attempt to fight with other survivors and will actively try to keep the peace in the community.

14. Dependable Friend: “I was a lot of people’s, “one phone call”.”

  • + 50% Standing Rewards.
  • Not easily frustrated.

Why it's good: Every community needs a strong leader and someone that they can rely on. This trait will boost that characters standing faster than other community members. They will become a “Hero” faster than everyone else. Also, they get into fewer fights because of their chill demeanor.

Trait Description: Will get into fights less often. They will rise faster in their community standing.

13. Encouraging: “Yes we can!”.

  • Not Easily Frustrated.
  • + 3 Morale.

Why it's good: Everyone could use a little positive reinforcement when zombies are trying to eat them on a daily basis. This survivor will not partake in fights and they make your community a happier place to live overall.

Trait Description: Survivor will get into fights less often and give a constant boost of moral to the community.

12. Hopeful: “I don't know, I just have this feeling that things are going to be all right.”.

  • +6 Morale.

Why it's good: This trait will come in handy when you are struggling to find resources or when one of your community members reaches their untimely death. It’s always beneficial to have someone that can boost the morale of the community. Hopeful survivors are a ray of light in the blood-soaked dark.

Trait Description:  Give a constant moral boost to the community.

11. Can Sleep Anywhere: “I don't need a bed. I can catch a bit of shuteye anywhere I need to.”.

  • -1 Beds Used.

Why it's good: This is an extremely useful trait because it frees up an extra place at your home base for other constructs like a watchtower, kitchen, and many others. Having someone not use up a bed can help boost morale. The more room in your home the happier your community.

Trait Description: This survivor does not need a bed..

10. Has Rough Hands: “I’ve got hard-earned calluses that make it easier for me to climb and fight without a break.”.

  • +10 Max Health.
  • +20 Max Stamina.

Why it's good: The zombie apocalypse calls for the best of the best. You need warriors, not wimps. This trait will make your survivor stronger and more equipped to handle those pesky dead things trying to eat your face off.

Trait Description: Has a higher health and stamina level.

9. Lichenology: “The study of lichens.”

  • Affects Traits.
  • +2 Meds per day.

Why it's good: This trait will allow you to do gardening, herbalism, food, and medicine. Lichenology is a rare trait, but if acquired can be very beneficial.

Trait Description: This trait allows the survivor to grow both food and medicine. It has the added benefit of giving you two meds per day.

8. Eats Like a Bird: “I don't know how other people can eat so much. I'm full pretty much the moment I sit down”.

  • - 50% of Food Consumed Per Day.

Why it's good: It may feel like you are always starving since the community must eat every day. Especially when that community grows, it will start to feel like a never-ending hunt for food. Having multiple survivors with a trait like this will make it so you won’t have to scavenge for food as much and can increase the overall morale of the community.

Trait Description: This survivor will eat 50% less food a day.

7. Broad-Shouldered: “You can carry a lot on a good set of shoulders.”.

  • + 15 Max Carrying Capacity.

Why it's good: There is really nothing more annoying than running out of space when you are miles away from home. This trait will allow you to carry a little bit more item,  making scavenging trips way more worth it.

Trait Description: Increased carrying capacity.

6. Keeps Hidden Pouches: “Since I’ve been on the run, I’ve learned to modify my clothes to store things close to my body.”.

  • +1 Max Consumable Stack.
  • +10 Light Carrying Capacity.
  • +10 Max Carrying Capacity.

Why it's good: One of the coolest traits to find. Not only can you carry more in your pack, but you have some extra pocket space to hold more consumables. This is a major boost in how much you can carry. You can bring an extra snack to keep your energy up.

Trait Description: Can carry an extra consumable. Can carry more objects that are lighter. Increased Carrying capacity overall.

5. Heavy Hitter: “I wasn't always the best fighter, but when I hit somebody, they felt it.”.

  • +25% Fighting Experience Rate.

Why it's good: This game is a constant fight. If you aren’t trying to clear infestations, you are trying to defend your home. There is always a fight to be won. Every community needs a good heavy hitter.

Trait Description: Accelerates survivors fighting ability.

4. Carries Hand Sanitizer: “There is so much hand sanitizer left lying around stores. Is nobody washing their hands anymore?”.

  • + 50 Infection Resistance.

Why it's good: The biggest death risk in this game is contracting the plague. Once infected you have a very short window to get the cure injected. Nobody has time to save all the infected, so why not take that worry away? It is useful to have a survivor with a better chance of surviving a plague heart.

Trait Description: Makes the survivor more resistant to the plague virus

3. Indefatigable: “I'm always the last one to get worn out after a hard day out in the field.”.

  • +30 Max Stamina
  • -50% Fatigue Severity.

Why it's good: Having a survivor run out of energy and having it get more severe with every fight can be deadly. The likelihood of a normal survivor getting home on foot after becoming severely fatigued is slim. This survivor stamina will last longer giving you more time to get home.

Trait Description: Survivor Has a higher energy level with less fatigue damage.

2. Incredible Immune System: “When everyone else was down with the flu, I always felt great. Can't really explain it.”.

  • +100 Infection Resistance.

Why it's good: This survivor can still get the blood plague, however, they will probably die from the zombie attacking before the fever actually sets in. This is as close as you can get to being immune to the plague virus.

Trait Description: High Resistance to blood plague.

1. Immortal: “Nothing can kill me, man. The world has tried, and the world has failed. Bring it, baby!”.

  • +45 Max Health.
  • -50% Injury Severity.

Why it's good: This is a survivor you will want along to battle the plague hearts or fight a juggernaut.  They not only have higher health than everyone else, but their injuries will also not be as severe.

Trait Description: Higher health level and injuries are not as severe.

There are so many traits that nobody actually knows how many there are. There are also many traits with the same attributes. Keep an eye out for some new and exciting ones.

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