[Top 3] TFT Best Lee Sin Builds That Are Powerful Set 11

Best Lee Sin Builds in TFT
Blindness is no impairment against a smelly enemy.

Lee Sin is a tier 4 frontline in TFT Set 11. Lee Sin deals high damage, grants himself attack speed, and reduces enemy mana.

Lee Sin doesn’t only do that; he also stuns whoever he kicks.

In this guide, explore the winning strategies for the top 3 TFT best Lee Sin builds that are powerful in Set 11, the highest win rate items, and expert tips.

Our foes are not much to look at.

Lee Sin in TFT Set 11 shares 2 strong traits. The first is the Dragonlord, which makes a dragon hit the arena, granting attack speed.

He also has the Duelist trait, which grants him more attack speed.

Below, we'll explore Lee Sin’s stats, traits, and recommended items tailored for TFT Set 11, empowering you to maximize his impact within your team composition.


Lee Sin Powerful Builds for Dominance in TFT Set 11

Lee Sin’s stats – Set 11:

  • Cost: 4 Gold
  • Health: 950 / 1710 / 3078
  • Mana: 40 / 100
  • Armor: 55
  • MR: 55
  • Ability Power: 100
  • DPS: 55 / 99 / 179
  • Damage: 65 / 117 / 211
  • Atk Spd: 0.85
  • Crit Rate: 25%
  • Range: 1


Lee Sin’s Traits – Set 11:

1. Dragonlord

After 8 seconds of combat, the Dragon strikes the board, dealing true damage to enemies and granting all allies Attack Speed for the rest of combat.

  • 2 – 5% Health damage, 12% Attack Speed.
  • 3 – 10% Health damage, 18% Attack Speed.
  • 4 – 12% Health damage, and Stuns for 1.5 seconds.
  • 5 – 18% Health damage, 45% Attack Speed.

2. Duelist

Duelists gain Attack Speed on each attacks, stacking up to 12 times.

  • 2 – 5% Attack Speed
  • 4 – 9% Attack Speed
  • 6 – 13% Attack Speed, Duelists take 12% less damage
  • 8 – 18% Attack Speed, Duelists take 18% less damage


Lee Sin’s ability – Set 11

 Dragon's Dance

Kick the target's spirit out of their body, dealing physical damage increased by 50% of bonus Attack Speed, 30% Mana Reaving them, and Stunning them. Enemies hit by the spirit take physical damage. Gain Shield for 3 seconds.

Mana Reave: Increase max Mana until the next cast

  • mana cost: 40 / 100
  • AD Damage: 450% / 450% / 900%
  • AD AOE Damage: 150% / 150% / 300%
  • AP Shield: 200% / 250% / 1000%


Priority Items for the Carousel

To ensure success in your TFT Set 11 matches, prioritize the following components at the start of each carousel round. These items are essential for crafting key items that synergize with various team compositions:


Lee Sin’s items in Set 11:

1. Bloodthirster

Gain 20% Omnivamp.

Once per combat at 40% Health, gain a 25% max Health Shield that lasts up to 5 seconds.

Omnivamp: heal for some of damage dealt

2. Hand of Justice

Gain 2 effects:

  • 15% Attack Damage and 15 Ability Power.
  • 15% Omnivamp.

Each round, randomly double 1 of these effects.

Omnivamp: heal for some of damage dealt

3. Titan’s Resolve

Gain 1% Attack Damage and 1 Ability Power when attacking or taking damage, stacking up to 25 times. 

At full stacks, gain 20 Armor and 20 Magic Resist.


Top 3 TFT Best Lee Sin Builds That Are Powerful


1. Due to his Duelist characteristic, Volibear is an extremely durable fighter who can withstand a great deal of damage in battle.

2. Darius is an excellent damage dealer in the early game because he possesses the Duelist trait.

3. Diana is an excellent front-line player who possesses the Dragonlord trait. She also activates the Sage trait and becomes a beast when she wears the Duelist insignia.

4. Qiyana is an essential member of your team since she possesses both the Heavenly and Duelist attributes.

5. Lee Sin is a Tier 4 champion that possesses both the Dragonlord and Duelist traits, making him an ideal addition to the group.

6. Wukong is a necessary tier 5 champion who possesses the Heavenly and Sage traits in addition to his special Great attribute, which modifies his abilities every three casts.

7. Tristana, who shares the Duelist characteristic from the back rows, is your primary damage dealer.

8. Irelia is an excellent choice for your team because she is a Tier 5 Duelist.


1. Malphite gives the team more MR and armor in addition to sharing the Heavenly trait and tanking damage on the front lines.

2. Neeko and the team both possess the Heavenly characteristic, which increases the team's HP.

3. Diana is a fantastic addition to the team because she possesses both the Dragonlord and Sage qualities.

4. Qiyana is an excellent damage dealer and gives the squad extra AD due to her sharing of the Heavenly trait and Duelist.

5. Lee Sin is a fantastic fit because he is a Duelist as well as a Dragonlord.

6. Wukong gives the team faster attack speed because he possesses both the Heavenly and Sage attributes.

7. Kha'Zix has the Heavenly attribute, which gives the group one more vital opportunity.

8. Soraka has the Heavenly attribute, which adds extra AP to the team.


1. Diana is an ideal tank for the front lines because she possesses both the Dragonlord and Sage attributes.

2. Galio is a wonderful choice because he taunts most enemies in addition to having the Storyweaver and Bruiser qualities, which are crucial for this combo.

3. Riven is an excellent choice because she can both deal and take damage because she possesses the attributes of a storyteller and a bruiser.

4. Zyra can summon Kayle and do more damage because she possesses the Storyweaver and Sage characteristics.

5. Kayle is summoned when three or more Storyweaver members deal a significant amount of damage and grant bonus ability power or attack speed to her adjacent teammates.

6. With the qualities of both an invoker and a dragonlord, Janna is the primary damage dealer in this combo, dealing out a ton of damage.

7. Rakan is essential to this combination since he is a front-line member who possesses both the Dragonlord and Altruist qualities.

8. Lee Sin is a fantastic choice because he is a tier 4 Dragonlord trait activator and stuns opponents.

9. Azir is a fantastic choice since he summons soldiers and deals a ton of damage despite merely having the Invoker trait.

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