[Top 5] The Last of Us 2 Best Melee Weapons And How To Get Them

Last of Us 2 Best Melee Weapons
Ellie holding a gun, prepared to fight infected and/or people.

When it comes to melee in the Last of Us game series, finding them is easy, but picking the best one is the hardest. However, it shouldn't be too hard, considering there are so many options.

So, we break it down from the best ones you should start with, to the one you know you're going to need for that tough boss near the end (you know which one I'm talking about)

5. The best for starting: The Brick

Yes, I am putting the brick above the plank because, honestly, the plank freaking sucks. And I don't just mean sucks; I mean, I will use anything else besides it if I can – which is why using the brick is your best option for starting early in the game.

  • Not only are bricks everywhere so you can also use them to lure enemies away, before sneaking up behind and stabbing them in the neck, you can also use them in combat, hitting enemies with the brick head-on instead of punching.
  • Bottles are great too, but they're only good for distractions. Bricks you can severely and instantly kill someone.
  • Also, as you can with the bricks and bottles, you can use them to stun your enemy first, then run up and punch them dead in two swipes. It's the perfect method for when you're down on ammo or have many guns yet.

Where to find the brick: anywhere. They start to spawn up almost instantly within the first hour of the game. Just look on the floor.

4. The best for when you level up: The Hammer

Well, there isn't any 'leveling up' in The Last of Us, but it's more when you finally start to get to some more challenging areas, and there's a lot of guys there, and you need something that can kill quickly but has a couple of turns. That's where this new weapon comes in handy.

  • When I first saw the hammer in the game, I didn't know how reliable it could be just because there weren't that many extra hits on it compared to say the plank, but what I didn't realize is if you get the perfect timing, you can kill someone instantly with this thing.
  • They're a lot easier to find than machete's, and they can have the same kill rate if you're quick enough with it.

Where to find the hammer: they start to appear when you get deeper into Seattle, not that soon after entering the city. It shouldn't be too hard to find.

3. Best to use when sneaking around: Switchblade

As Ellie, you've always kept this particular weapon in your pocket. One of my least favorite things about the original game was the durability of shives. They usually broke after one hit unless you upgraded them through the training manuals.

  • While that did make the game a little more realistic, I couldn't help but wonder why Joel didn't just have his own personal knife to use that didn't break. That is solved in Last of Us 2 because Ellie finally has her blade.
  • You'll find that in certain areas in the city, like in the neighborhoods and the TV station, you're going to want to sneak around more than go in guns blazing. There are far too many people to take on. If you're playing on a harder difficulty, you will want to save your ammo for the clickers/shamblers.
  • So using that switchblade is so vital and essential because it kills your enemies quicker. Ellie doesn't have that raw strength that Joel had – I mean, she is only a younger woman compared to his practically thirty years on her – so a weapon is a must for sneaking around.

Where to get the switchblade: You are automatically given it at the beginning of the game, so no need to look around!

2. Best to use in human interactions: Ax

I love the ax. I remember the first time I used it the original game, and I was stunned at how quickly this thing kills.

  • It has multiple hits on it, so you can end up taking out a fair amount of people consistently without worrying about it breaking. And it's always an instant kill.
  • However, they are a bit rarer in the game as most weapons that are naturally sharp are.
  • Usually, I'd put it lower on the list because of that, but the ax is so good that it's worth being up this high. It is a great weapon that will help you in a pickle if you come across a Wolves pack.

Where to find the ax: there isn't a particular time during this game where it starts to appear. Axes are usually a lot harder to find, but I've seen that they tend to come from enemies a lot that don't use guns traditionally *cough Seraphites cough*. So that's probably your best bet on where to get them.

1.     Best for ambushes: Upgraded Pipe

The pipe is your go-to all-around excellent weapon. Not only does this thing have nine hits at first, but once you upgrade it where you can add sharp objects, it is the best option you have.

  • Not only does it, again, have a lot of hits, but it's also instrumental in battles where runners, clickers, or anything is running at you.
  • And when it has scissors or sharp objects attached to it, it's an instant kill to clickers – which is extremely important when you're in an area overrun by them. It's also great against humans, but the pipe truly can't be beaten when it comes to infected, and you see no sharp melee weapons in your line of sight.

Where to find the upgraded pipe: you can't find an upgraded pipe. First, you have to pick up a pipe, either from the ground or a fallen enemy, then upgrade it from your backpack. 


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