[Top 10] This War of Mine Best Locations And Why They're Great

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choosing the perfect location can determine the fate of your game.

Which spot is worth sending my survivor to ?

Having finished the game on multiple occasions, I have collected a decent amount of experience. This allowed me to determine which locations are worth the risk of exploring in the night and which aren't. This Top 10 list ranks these locations from good ones to the best.

10. Shelled School: (good for looting, trading)

How to get there.

This location is at the center of the map, it has two possible scenarios: Rebels or Homeless. In the first scenario, the place will be inhabited by aggressive rebels who will order you to leave before attacking. One of them, Viktor, is a trader who will agree to trade with you. You will need 3 lockpicks or a crowbar along with a shovel and a saw blade to fully loot the place. If you stumble upon the Homeless scenario, however, you will only need one lockpick or crowbar, a shovel and 2 saw blades. In this scenario you will be met by about 6 homeless civilians, 2 of whom are armed with knives.

What makes Shelled School Great:

  • Navigating this location can be a bit tricky in the first scenario but in the second one it is much easier.
  • A lot of rooms have full containers that would make the game much easier.
  • Reading a note on a bed will reveal a hidden area next to the refrigerator in the basement.
  • A box full of goodies is guarded by the two-armed homeless men. Instead of attacking them, steal from the box which incites them to attack you. Killing them in self-defense has less impact on morale. 

9. Central Square: (good for trading, looting, stealing)

How to get there.

This special place is where the city dwellers get to do some regular trading under the cover of the night. In this trading oasis you will find 4 traders: Mateo (materials), Petar (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Coffee), Bojana (meds), Juro (food). There is also a building on the left side of this location, usually patrolled by a guard. This place can be blocked by snow or by fighting depending on the season. You should be equipped with a shovel, 2 saw blades and 3 lockpicks or a crowbar if you’re planning on looting.

What makes Central Square Great:

  • Once you start manufacturing cigarettes or pure alcohol, your travelling trader won’t be enough to sustain your economy. That’s why going to this place allow you to trade to your heart’s content.
  • The building offers a lot of resources-rich containers that are guarded. It is not recommended to kill the guard patrolling the building as it will invoke the wrath of the other guards outside and forbid the player to trade. That’s why you should pursue a stealthier approach and infiltrate the building through the underground sewer.

8. Brothel: (good for looting, trading)

How to get there.

You can find this location at the bottom of the map. It is full of thugs, one of those thugs, Pyotr, is willing to trade with you. As long as you’re outside or trading, you’re safe. But if you’re caught trespassing, the thugs might start attacking you, so it’s best to come armed to such place. It is advised to also bring 2 saw blades with a crowbar or 2 lockpicks.

What makes Brothel Great:

  • Pyotr is one of the two traders in the whole game who can trade you broken weapons. Also, seeing that he’s a thug, killing him will not devastate your character’s morale. So you can easily come in possession of his trading inventory which is located next to him.
  • Most of the thugs can be easily killed by stealthily back-stabbing them. They will drop shotguns, ammunition, and military vests.
  • If you kill the thugs without alerting Pyotr, you can go one trading with him as if nothing ever happened.
  • Female prisoners are being held in a locked door in the basement. If you rescue the prisoners, they will escape and your survivors will receive a morale boost.

7. Small Apartment Building: (good for looting)

How to get there.

This place exists on the bottom right of the map, it unlocks early on in the game but isn’t recommended to explore as a beginner. It encompasses two possible scenarios: Bandits and Family. The Bandits scenario is distinguishable by the “Danger” included in the description of the place. It is recommended to bring 2 saw blades, a crowbar or lockpick when expecting this scenario. The other one, however, requires a shovel, 2 lockpicks or a crowbar. In this scenario, the place is inhabited by an elderly couple and their son Aleskey. He will warn the player once and then start attacking him once spotted.

What makes Small Apartment Building Great:

  • This location includes several hiding spots that are perfect for backstabs, this can be super helpful in clearing the soldiers in the first scenario. But it is not recommended to kill Aleskey or his parents as it will result in mood instability among the group.
  • The bandits are armed with pistols and a shotgun, which they will drop along with some ammunition after being assassinated.
  • A note can be found on the ground floor in the middle room that unlocks access to a container in a bathroom on the third floor which holds two bottles of moonshine.
  • In the second scenario, many of the supplies are not private property and therefore up for grabs without any negative moral consequences. So as long as you sneak stealthily and avoid detection by the son or even his parents (who will warn their son to your presence), you can clear the place without penalty.

6. Ruined Villa: (good for looting)

How to get there.

You can find Ruined Villa somewhat at the left of the map. It unlocks mid-game and can result in one of two possible scenarios depending on the playthrough: Soldiers or Couple. To tell them apart before risking a survivor, you can spot the word “Danger” in the location’s description alerting you of the first scenario. The soldiers are deserters and would attack the player once spotted, and the couple won’t be hostile towards the player unless provoked. The Soldiers require you to bring a saw blade, and a crowbar or 4 lockpicks, it is also preferable to equip a weapon in case things go south. The second scenario however only requires a crowbar or 2 lockpicks.

What makes Ruined Villa Great:

  • In case the first scenario occurs, it would be a good opportunity for you to get ahold of your first automatic weapons and bulletproof vest. To do so, you would only have to be equipped with a knife and a decent character who isn’t terrible at backstabbing or being stealthy.
  • Since deserters are always considered by the survivors as thugs who rob all their supplies from civilians, killing and robbing them does not induce any morale penalty among the group.
  • In case you stumble upon the couple, it is best not to kill them (as it will induce a moral penalty) and just loot the place stealthily.
  • In both scenarios, the Ruined Villa holds various essential resources that aid the survivors on their journey. In addition to the low to medium risk, this makes it a crucial place to visit during your playthrough.

5. Abandoned Cottage: (good for looting)

How to get there.

Found at the bottom of the map, this location can be explored first depending on your playthrough. It used to be inhabited by a family with two daughters but is now empty enough to scavenge safely. To empty the place, you need to be equipped with a shovel and a crowbar or 2 lockpicks. Do not confuse this place with Shelled Cottage as they are not the same.

What makes Abandoned Cottage Great:

  • This place is considered to be the safest in the game as your actions have no physical or moral repercussions. This means you literally take no risk when coming here.
  • It has a lot of food, crafting supplies and some meds, which makes it a great location to visit on your first night to ensure a head-start.
  • There is a note on the 2nd floor that reveals a hidden Broken Pistol and some Weapon Parts buried outside the house.

4. Quiet House: (good for looting)

How to get there.

Situated at the top of the map, this location unlocks early on in the game. It is inhabited by an elderly Couple: Bernard and Jelena. To fully loot the place, you need to bring a crowbar or 2 lockpicks. But keep in mind that stealing anything from the couple’s private property will induce sadness upon the whole group. So to take advantage of what this place has to offer, you’ll need to sacrifice the group’s mental stability.

What makes Quiet House Great:

  • When looting this place, you’ll be met with no hostiles. The old couple are harmless and would cower in their bathroom.
  • The Quiet House is loaded with supplies, it has plenty of food, some meds and a lot of crafting resources. 
  • There is a possible way to loot the place without inflicting negative effects on your survivors’ morale. You should keep away from the fridge and anything branded as private property.

3. Supermarket: (good for looting)

How to get there.

This location usually appears early to mid-game. It encompasses two possible scenarios: Soldiers and Scavengers. It is potentially hazardous so it’s better to be armed. To fully loot the place, a shovel and 2 lockpicks or a crowbar are required. Depending on the scenario, you can either find a single soldier harassing a civilian or three scavengers running around.

What makes Supermarket Great:

  • Killing the soldier and saving the girl (in the Soldiers scenario) results in a moral boost for the whole group. It is also the perfect opportunity to gain possession of your first assault rifle with bullets. The soldier is not hard to kill, you just have to wait until he is distracted talking and backstab him stealthily using a knife.
  • If you are using Pavle or Marko (in the Scavengers scenario), you can outrun most scavengers and get the best loot before they get to it. Or you can return home immediately before they start looting and lose the night but upon your next visit you’ll find all the containers untouched.
  • This place contains a lot of useful resources for crafting and also a decent amount of meds and food. It is definitely worth a visit or two in order to survive.

2. City Hospital: (good for stealing, healing)

How to get there.

This location isn’t available in every playthrough. But when it is, it appears in the center of the map. To fully loot the place, you’ll need 3 lockpicks or 1 crowbar (and 1 shovel upon your second visit). It’s inhabited by numerous patients, some nurses, Dr. Sandu Jefimow and armed guards keeping an eye out for any illegal activity.

What makes City Hospital Great:

  • Nurses will give free medicines and bandages to any visiting survivor who is injured or sick (slightly ill and lightly injured will not be healed). But if, for example, your survivor is injured and slightly sick, the Nurse, while bandaging your them, will also give them medicine, which will appear as “on meds”. Nothing beats free health care!
  • Although it is only a one-time chance, trading medical supplies with the doctor will improve the survivors’ mood.
  • If you’re willing to evade the guards and steal from the private containers, you can come across great loot that varies from medical supplies and food, to rare supplies and valuables.
  • Your second visit to the hospital will reveal that the location has been bombed. several loot containers will spawn, some hidden behind piles of rubble. In addition to that, you will be given a task to deliver medication to a doctor. Should you choose to do it, your group will receive a moral boost, and if not, you can just keep the meds to yourself.

1. Garage: (good for trading, stealing)

How to get there.

This location is unlocked after 2 to 5 days in some playthroughs. It can be found at the bottom of the map. To fully loot the place, your character needs to be equipped with 1 saw blade and 1 lockpick or crowbar. It is inhabited by Matey and his ill father. 

What makes Garage Great:

  • Matey, one of the NPCs who live in there, offers the player possible trade as soon as he spots them. He provides a variety of trade tools as well as some ammunition, components and materials. He sells saw blades and lock picks which can then be used to vandalize the property, and hatchets which can be used to chop furniture in the early days.
  • Additionally, Matey offers a very good exchange rate for any medicinal drugs or bandages, as well as moonshine or alcohol. 
  • Moreover, trading medications (and apparently Moonshine) to him will improve the mood of the survivors.
  • Matey can also sell electrical parts, which are quite rare.
  • In the basement of the garage, there are containers containing various items, from junk items such as herbs to valuable items such as medicines and canned goods. Dedicated items and tools include electrical components, hatchets, crowbars and shovels. Unless the last item has not been taken yet, the container will retain the automatic replenishment after 2 days. When Matey dies, the container will stop replenishing supplies.
  • This location’s supplies replenishes over time, so be sure to drop by whenever possible.

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