[Top 5] This War of Mine Best Weapons (And How To Get Them)

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Anything's a weapon if you hold it right.

To survive the violence of the war, your survivors have to learn how to fend for themselves using anything they can get their hands on.This guide is to help you get to the best weapons as fast as possible without going through too much trouble.

5. Shotgun:

“A powerful weapon for short distances.” The Shotgun obliterates enemies who are within three feet of you, but fails to do significant damage to those who are far away. This is why you should “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”.

What makes the Shotgun awesome:

  • Insane damage over short distances. It has the highest damage compared to any weapon in the game as long as you close the distance between you and your opponent.
  • Has no durability.
  • A great weapon that can be used to protect the shelter.

Shotgun stats:

  • Is craftable.
  • Ranged weapon (close range).
  • High damage that decreases when the distance increases.
  • Requires Bullets.
  • Low fire rate.

How to obtain/craft the Shotgun:

  • This weapon can be found when looting bodies, especially if the killed NPC was carrying the weapon before getting killed.
  • It can also be found in containers scattered all over the map.
  • To craft a Shotgun, you need to repair a Broken Shotgun at the Improved Metal Workshop using 7 Weapon Parts (6 when having Marin do the repairs).

4. Assault Rifle:

Fully operational Assault Rifles can be obtained through various ways, they can be crafted, looted from containers, found in dropped loot on dead bodies, or purchased directly from a military base. An Assault Rifle can be quite efficient in 1v1 fights but wouldn’t help you when faced with numerous armed enemies.

What makes the Assault Rifle awesome:

  • This weapon deals good damage over moderate distance.
  • It is perfect for defending the shelter against raiders.
  • Is guaranteed to win you any fight you engage in as long as you don’t get overwhelmed by hostiles.
  • It has the highest rate of fire.

Assault Rifle stats:

  • Is craftable.
  • Ranged weapon (moderate range).
  • Moderate damage.
  • Requires bullet rounds.
  • Average fire-rate

How to obtain/craft an Assault Rifle:

  • One can be obtained from the Supermarket during a specific encounter with a soldier harassing a woman.
  • It also can be stolen as high-level loot from the Military Outpost inside a special locked chest the trader stores his inventory in.
  • Normally, you will be able to find this weapon on many armed NPCs (Soldiers, Bandits, Guards, Rebels), however killing them would be the most difficult method of acquisition and the most punishing.
  • A fully operational assault rifle can be obtained by repairing    a Broken Assault Rifle at the Advanced Metal Workshop. It requires 9 weapon parts (8 if you’re playing as Marin).

3. Knife:

“It used to be a kitchen utensil, but now it's a dangerous melee weapon.” The Knife is one of the many efficient weapons presented by the game. It can be crafted, found while scavenging or looted off a dead body.

What makes the Knife awesome:

  • It has no durability; in other words, it provides the user with unlimited uses without breaking.
  • It does more damage than a Shovel or Crowbar.
  • An effective weapon when used to guard the shelter during the night.
  • This weapon specializes in stealth takedowns from a hiding spot or in backstabs (instant kills can only be done by a handful of characters that have a strong combat proficiency). This facilitates neutralizing unaware enemies one by one without alerting all the reinforcements in the compound.

Knife stats:

  • Is craftable.
  • Melee weapon.
  • Decent damage.
  • Unlimited durability.

How to craft a Knife: 

  • It can be crafted in Metal Workshop using 2 Wood, 5 Components and 3 Weapon parts (2 Wood, 4 components and 3 Weapons parts when using Marin).

2. Hatchet:

“We can use it to chop furniture... or people.    ” Wood is a valuable resource in the game, but the destruction of furniture can be just as loud as using a crowbar. That’s why you can use the Hatchet to lure hostile NPCs to a hiding spot. NPCs in the City Hospital may turn hostile if the survivor chops down furniture, in a similar way that they may turn hostile after being caught stealing.

What makes the Hatchet awesome:

  • It does the most damage among the melee weapons.
  • It is also practical and can be used to acquire materials as well as stealth assassinations.
  • Everyone can use the Hatchet in combat.
  • This weapon can be used to guard the shelter, but wouldn’t be very effective because it is classified as a tool.
  • It’s stealthy and can be used to empty a location full of enemies by killing them one by one without alerting any hostiles.

Hatchet stats:

  • Is craftable.
  • Melee weapon.
  • Inflicts the most damage.
  • Has limited durability (can be used 10 times before it disappears).

How to craft a Hatchet: 

  • It can be crafted through the Improved Metal Workshop. It requires 5 Wood and 5 Weapon Parts (4 Wood and 4 Weapon Parts if you’re using Marin).

1. Scoped Assault Rifle:

The Scoped Assault Rifle is a rare weapon that can only be obtained by neutralizing the sniper at the Construction Site and taking it off his corpse. The event only occurs in some play-throughs, specifically if the description of the Construction Site states that it is under military control and is used as a platform for snipers. Otherwise, a different event occurs involving two soldiers chasing down a scavenger. This weapon does moderate damage but has a good range. Fire rate is slow though, even when repeatedly clicking on a target.

  • What makes the Scoped Assault Rifle name awesome:
  • This weapon is excellent for guarding the shelter.
  • It has unlimited range and can kill enemies from very far away.
  • This weapon is suitable for large areas that have open spaces. It’s great for the Military Outpost as it is a large area and the NPCs, if standing in the right areas, do not attack when shot.

Scoped Assault Rifle stats:

  • Not craftable.
  • Suitable for ranged use.
  • Slow fire rate (semi-automatic).
  • Moderate damage.
  • Requires bullet rounds.

How to get the Scoped Assault Rifle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAV529JNpKM

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