[Top 5] This War of Mine Best Teams That Are Excellent!

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The perfect team is the only one able to survive.

Choosing your survivors wisely is a crucial part of the game's mechanics

Team customization is an intriguing feature the game offers. Along with the pre-selected combinations, you are free to create your own scenarios and include whomever you want. This adds up to some very interesting gameplay experiences where you would learn which characters can survive together and which ones are not fit to even live under the same roof.

5. Bruno, Pavle, Katia

This team has earned a spot on this Top 5 list because of how memorable it is. This team is the first you are presented with when starting the game. Its characters have good synchrony and can work well together. But at the same time, this combination presents little challenges that get you accustomed to the game.

What this team excels in:

  • Pavle’s ability to sprint faster than any other survivor in the game is useful as he can be used to quickly raid an area overnight and stash all of the items looted into a single pile so it can be hauled easily the next time he arrives. He is a pretty balanced character as he has no addiction and is average in everything; combat, guarding, scavenging, comforting others and playing the guitar.
  • Katia’s also a decent scavenger so she can take up that role whenever Pavel is feeling under the weather. She is also a great negotiator and can negotiate fantastic prices when trading. This is how the game introduces the trading system to the player, which is one of the base foundations of the game as it plays a vital role in the group’s survival.
  • Bruno’s ability to save water, sugar and food while cooking meals conditions the player on the harsh living conditions the survivors face without making the game too hard for a beginner. This character’s economical use of resources while cooking or when crafting pure alcohol and moonshine helps revive the team’s prospects of pulling through the war.

4. Bruno, Marko, Katia

A team of three is your safest bet, especially if everyone can pull their weight and contribute daily. That’s why this team has good odds at surviving the harsh circumstances they face during war-time.

What this team excels in:

  • Having Marko as the lead scavenger is a game changer because he is literally made for scavenging. He possesses good combat abilities, has a big inventory, and can scavenge faster than other survivors. He is also a good guard if you decide to send Katia scavenging. Her 12 slots of inventory aren’t that bad and can be utilized to collect a decent amount of resources over one trip.
  •  Katia’s real contribution however, is Bargaining Skill, which will net you more resources in the long run, allowing for you to upgrade your shelter very fast.
  • Bruno’s cooking abilities shine in making sure the shelter never runs out of food by using as little as possible when preparing meals. This can help ease the pressure off scavengers so that they can focus on getting meds or crafting materials.

3. Roman, Boris, Zlata

Rules are made to be broken; this is why this team is your best choice if you opt for a high kill game. Killing bad guys has never been easier, especially using this combination of characters. You will be able to access any location you want as no NPC can be an obstacle that you can’t remove. The balance this team offers is refreshing, but it comes at the cost of their morality.

What this team excels in:

  • Roman is the only tier S Combat Proficiency character in the game. This means that he can clear a location effortlessly compared to the other survivors who might encounter problems if they are met with hostile NPCs. This ex-soldier is trained in combat and can even stealth-kill with his bare hands. He is also a fantastic guard. But many players prefer to leave him out of their teams because he has a highly volatile attitude and causes problems at home whenever he feels off.
  • To control Roman’s outbursts, Zlata comes in. Using her cheerfulness, she can easily bolster his spirit along with the whole team’s. This character is great to have whenever the survivors fall into hard times and become sad or depressed.
  • Boris’s monster inventory makes him an irreplaceable member of this team as he can save them the trouble of having to spare multiple trips to a single location. He can provide the team with all of their daily necessities with just one scavenging mission as he has 17 inventory slots (the highest among all the characters in the game).

2. Arica, Boris, Marin, Katia

You should pick this team if you’re planning on wiping out all of the game’s resources and not leaving a single stone unturned. This combination of survivors ensures that you can infiltrate any location on the map and loot it afterwards. But to win you will have to sacrifice your moral compass as some members will have to get their hands dirty.

What this team excels in:

  • Sending in Arica, the cat burglar, to every new location to scout it, kill whoever it is worth killing, and sneak around looting valuables is the first step you should take to effectively utilize the team’s abilities. Her stealthy approach and emotional coldness make her the perfect candidate to clear out a place by killing enemies or stealing valuables, undetected.
  • After Arica has cleared a location, it will be Boris’s turn to carry as much as possible by putting his staggering 17 slots of inventory to good use. This way you will rarely have to revisit a place to resupply.
  • Marin, with his skilled hands, will make good use of any materials brought by Boris and make the required upgrades and repairs in minimal time. This guarantees a head-start that launches this team over the others.
  • Using the stolen valuables brought by Arica and the resources brought by Boris, Katia can bargain her way into making sure the shelter never runs out of food or any other necessity. She might even be able to supply luxuries that make her teammates’ lives easier by enabling their addictions (cigarettes).

1. Bruno, Marin, Katia, Marko

This team excels at being very efficient and not exhausting too much resources throughout the game. It also is not suited for a high kill game as all of the survivors can be emotionally impacted by the deed. They are however equipped to survive the harsh conditions of war by optimizing their use of war-time currencies, materials and resources and food.

What this team excels in:

  • This team has an expert chef (Bruno) who will save them a lot of trouble by reducing the amount of food used while cooking meals. 
  • Bruno can also craft moonshine and pure alcohol using fewer resources compared to the others, which is well matched to Katia’s bargaining skills. This means that the team will be able to make more rare commodities and manage to sell them for more than they are worth. This is very helpful in constructing a little economy that helps keep the survivors afloat.
  • Marin, who is a handyman, will shine at crafting and upgrading without draining all of the available materials.
  • The retired fireman, Marko, will be the team’s designated scavenger. His skills allow him to carry a considerably-sized inventory (15 spots) and give him a 1 second discount bonus when scavenging. He can also do pretty well in combat.

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