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best batman games
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 Games like Arkham Knight
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best Batman games
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All Batman Animated Movies
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Top 10 DC Villains We Want to see in the Next DC Movie
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Harley Quinn cosplays
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DC Comics Wiki
April 2018 saw the release of Action Comics #1000. Not only is this... Read More
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Justice League Team
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Batman, Ben Affleck, Christan Bale, The Dark Knight, Batman vs Superman,
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Batman, Scarecrow, The Riddler, Bane, Two-face, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, The Joker, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Ra's a Ghul,
  Great heroes create great villains, and Batman has some of... Read More
Avengers Assemble!
10 Superhero Movies You Must Watch Remember when ‘superhero’ wasn’... Read More
The Joker - Batman's undeniable Nemesis Number One.
The Joker’s 10 Most Heinous Atrocities Even Genghis Khan would... Read More
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