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Best Vampire Comics
Skinner Sweet Americas favorite Vampire

Hey there, readers. It may not be Halloween any longer but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be watching our backs from these creatures of the night, today’s topic is Vampire's. From folklore, to films, to comics vampires have had a long history in the spotlight, how they haven’t burned alive is unknown but what is known is their staying power. Even in comics Vampires have had a long history, let’s take a look at that history in comics with the top 15 best comics on vampires.

15. The Amazing Spider Man #699.1

It's Morbin Time

Morbius is back as one of Spidermans classic villains. Spiderman has a rogue gallery full of colorful characters but the blood sucker Morbius brings out a special side of Peter Parker. Can Spiderman reign Morbius back in or is Morbius out of control and on a permanent blood lust?


14. Death of Doctor Strange Blade

Blades character being tested more than ever

We meet Blade in an unusual situation: a party with vampires, two things we can all picture Blade enjoying right? Well whether he likes it or not he’s the new protector of Dracula’s horde and with a menace from another dimension on its way it’ll be up to Blade to revert to old form or honor his duty and protect the vampires.


13. Tomb of Dracula #1

The greatest villian of all time has awoken

The first appearance of Dracula with Marvel brings an intriguing tale where we follow in the shoes of the villain instead of the Hero. Starting with a young journeyer unleashing an ancient curse, Dracula's force is immediately felt in the Marvel universe and haunts Marvel to this day.


12. American Vampire #28

America's favorite Vampire's

Scott Snyder is one of the best writers of our time and he proves it here with the kickoff to the last storyline of the amazing series. With a “red scare” painting Hollywood with fear Pearl and Skinner Sweet return to town and learn things may have only gotten worse.


11. Justice League #96

A challenger from the stars

One of the most interesting vampire’s in the DC universe is Starbreaker, thought to potentially be the origin of vampires in the DC universe, Starbreaker sucks the life out planets, oh my, we’ll definitely need a Superman. And not only do we get Superman but Hawkman, Flash, and the Green Lantern have to team up to defeat this vampiric monster in his blood curdling debut.


10. Vampire the masquerade #1

From the underworld Vampire's rise

A comic on the board series, and criminally underrated RPG. Vampire the masquerade is another way for fan’s to get into this beloved series. Following Cecily Bain as she is brought into the “masquerade” we get into a fun horror comic that fans wanting to get into the series in a digestible way now have a great opportunity.


9. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1998) #1

Buffy doing what She does best in Her first comic

A comic on the hectic life of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, from high school to roaming the nights to stop the vampire plague. If you were a fan of the series and want more this is the book for you.


8. Blade (2006) #1

The nights just got a little more dangerous

After the success of the movies, the comics had to come out with a bang and Blade 3rd might be his best. Coming out with a bang Blade is battling Spiderman, Dracula, and fourth graders, all while delivering an origin tale for readers interested in jumping into blades lore.


7. Morbius the Living Vampire (1992) #1

Ghost Rider and Morbius make for a hell of a combo

Being helped by Ghost Rider Morbius is loose with all hope lost. As he leaps from building to building we learn about Mobius’s powers and how he sustains them and more about his character. And who doesn’t love a good reformed villian.


6. Tales of the Multiverse: Batman Vampire

Who is the true knight of the dark

An exciting elseworld tale, where Batman battles Dracula. Batman and Dracula cool enough but add Batman doing what he does tracking down Dracula we get a suspenseful tale that has an ending you need to read to believe.


5. 30 Days of Night #1

The best Horror concept in it's truest form

One of the best settings in not only comics but media history, bringing the 30 day night cycle of Alaska and Vampires combine perfectly and give us this haunting tale. Normally we can breathe easy when daytimes arrive knowing nosferatu and friends are at bay. But what if night lasted for 30 days could you survive? Luckily you don’t have to but for the poor souls in this amazing comic that’s a different story.


4. Justice League Vol 2 #29

 A danger from the stars in his most explosive representation

As Starbreaker seethes over his past failure’s or his duplicate’s failures we come to understand how daunting of a being he is, tiring the Justice League out waiting to pounce and consume the sun. But a powerhouse team of DC heroes have something to say about that.


3. Wolverine Vs Blade Special

Two Ruthless Heros one despicable enemy equals one good time

An action packed special, filled with vampire killing from both Blade and Wolverine. Wolverine is out for vengeance and Blade is just the man to help him. With special help from Doctor Strange will the combo of Wolverine and Blade be enough?


2.  Tomb of Dracula #10

Two OGs of the vampire universe duke it out!

Dracula is back from the dead and back on our list. But he might have wanted to stay dead since this is the first appearance of beloved vampire hunter Blade. Will Dracula be able defeat the legendary Hero or is stake dinner on the menu.


1. American Vampire #1

The Greatest Vampire Tale

Scott Snyder delivers one of the most intriguing stories of the century with American Vampire. Following Skinner Sweet as he is infected by an old friend, he’s now stronger, powered by the sun, and on the hunt. With more and more undead springing from the night Skinner becomes the American Vampire and begins his hunt.

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