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There is no creature more prevalent or iconic in horror than the... Read More
There's lots of tools, here!
You’ve probably read stuff like this before. These types of guides... Read More
This is an awesome base location!
Base locations in The Forest can either make or break a playthrough... Read More
This is a neat, but old pair of armor in the game, called the Deer Armor! It no longer exists.
The Forest is a fun, but challenging game. There are quite a few key... Read More
This is why you need to read this Guide
The Forest is a game I’ve played for many years. It’s challenging,... Read More
There's a gnarly picture of a girl's head, here. Sorry you can't see it!
The Forest is a game where you simply can’t progress... Or survive,... Read More
The Forest and its Horrors
What Makes The Forest So Unique? The Forest is an open world... Read More
The Forest - Bone Armor Rack
The Forest is most assuredly at the peak of survival horror games. We... Read More
The Forest food
Keeping track of your nutrition and stats is vital for your survival... Read More
The Forest Traps
You can’t just survive in The Forest and secure your base without... Read More
The Forest - Giant Pit
Well, how about it? I used to help you survive in The Forest, but now... Read More
The Forest 2 Release Date
The Forest is a survival horror game that was developed and released... Read More
Co-op Horror Games
A lot of things are better with friends, but one of the things that... Read More
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Games Like 7 Days to Die
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Best 'The Forest' Mods
What are the best Mods for 'The Forest'? Have you ever wondered... Read More
The Forest Armor
How can you get the various armor in The Forest? Armor is... Read More
The Forest best Base Locations
Finding the best base locations in The Forest Are you a fan of... Read More
The Forest best Weapons
What are the best weapons in The Forest? Have you ever been... Read More
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