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25. Weird West (PC / PS4 / PS5 / XBOX / Nintendo Switch... Read More
Metroidvania, metroid, 2D platformer, action games, adventure games, abilities, RPG, Casltevnia, Hollow Knight, axiom verge, Blasphemous, Salt and Sanctuary
There has been a serious resurgence of old-school type Metroidvanias... Read More
Best Metroidvania Games
15. The Mummy Demastered The Mummy Demastered gameplay... Read More
Light shines down upon the Knight
Essence flies as the Knight defeats two enemies! Its Dangerous to... Read More
Mining the Crystal Peaks for Geo
Husks leave geo behind as the Knight makes quick work of them.... Read More
Charms like this one grant buffs to the player
The Knight recovers as they are being chased by a Mantis Petra... Read More
The Knight manages to dispatch a miner in the Crystal Peaks The... Read More
The Knight kills an enemy in Greenpath accompanied by Grimmchild.... Read More
Hollow Knight Promotional Art
10. World Sense You collect this ability before you enter... Read More
One of the endings
1. The Hollow Knight Take their place. Become the Vessel... Read More
Iselda and Cornifer Reunited
So you wanna get rich quick in Hollow Knight? That’s cute. See, in... Read More
Charms List
Hollow Knight is a labyrinthian maze of a game where everything is... Read More
Photo of early beta charms
5. Mushroom Shell Slug Baldur Shell + Shape of Uun + Spore Shroom... Read More
Games Like Hollow Knight
It can be hard to top Hollow Knight, but there are games that do... Read More
Hollow Knight Review
In recent years, the gaming world has been experiencing a rise in the... Read More
hollow knight, charms
Find out which top Charms fit your playstyle! If you’re looking to... Read More
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