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Mining the Crystal Peaks for Geo
Aid for our fellow poverty stricken Knights

Husks leave geo behind as the Knight makes quick work of them.

Finding Wealth in a Barren Land

Upon first look, it doesn't appear that currency will be much of a problem in Hollow Knight. It isn't until Sly and Conifer’s shop opens up that you finally realize that you need money. The currency of Hollow Knight is called geo, and apparently, you’re going to be needing a lot of it.

What may come as a first surprise  is how expensive some items are despite the town seemingly abandoned. As you find more shops throughout Hallownest, the prices also soar. In order to get special charms, notches, and maps, you need plenty of geo in a short amount of time. Here’s a guide on the places you may want to visit for easy Geo.


5. Selling Things

The Knight pays Lemm a visit to sell their treasures.

Treasure Hunter

When you travel around Hallownest, you may find yourself picking up these strange items. You get the usual Hallownest Seal, Wanderers’ Journal, Arcane Egg and many more items, but don't know the purpose of them. Well, in the City of Tears you can actually sell these items.

In a tower near the Memorial is Lemm’s Antiques, a place where you can sell treasures. He will take the mentioned above items in exchange for geo. Just don't go in his shop with the Defender’s Crest equipped or he won't do business with you.

Technique Name details: “There’s a forgotten history hidden in this kingdom’s antiques, though few seem willing to look. Others come just to claw away at the cracks and ruins.”

How it works: First, you collect as many treasures as you can. The treasures are, but not limited to: Wanderer’s Journal, Hallownest Seal, Arcane Egg, and a King’s Idol. They may be a chore to find, but the payout you get for bringing them in is a bit worth  it. Once you gather all you can find, you take them to Lemm in the city of tears and sell them to him. 

How much you can farm: 

  • Selling Wanderer’s Journals to Lemm gives the player 200 geo each. 
  • Hallownest Seals are 450 geo for each one turned in.
  •  If the players turn in King’s Idols, they would receive 800 geo each.
  •  The most expensive treasure is the Arcane Eggs, which is sold to Lemm for 1,200 geo each.  
  • The combined price of all the relics sold to Lemm total to  21650 geo.

Link to Guide:


4. Grub Hunting

The Knight visits the Grubfather after rescuing all the grubs.

Friend Faces In Hidden Spaces

On your journey, you do a fair of deeds and favors for some bugs. Sometimes you get rewarded with items, and other times, you aren't. What if there was a way to earn money by rescuing NPCs? Time to go grub hunting!

In places hidden within Hallownest, grubs are located. Freeing them from their captivity will make the Grubfather very grateful. When you save a grub, be sure to return to the Forgotten Crossroads to pay him a visit. You can count on him to give you a valuable reward.

Technique Name details:
“Save his helpless grubs and the Grubfather will heap Geo and rewards upon you.”

How it works: You defeat the Collector in the City of Tears and take his map. With his map, you have the location of all the grubs in Hallownest. Find a couple of grubs before returning to the Grub Father who will reward you. Among the rewards, you can get Geo and mask shards until you find all of the grubs. However, once you find all the grubs, there’s not much left to do with this technique.

How much you can farm: The geo you get from rescuing the grubs are based on the total number of grubs saved. When you first save one grub, that’s 10 geo and as you continue to save grubs before going to the Grub Father it stacks up. Saving all the grubs totals to 300 geo.

Link to Guide: 


3. Tram Station Farming

A Deephunter seeks to avenge its comrade from the Knight.

A Penny Saved is Worth It

Sometimes, you just have to face the harder enemies to get geo. It may be in your best interest to visit places where enemies spawn frequently to get geo as well. So why not a more dangerous place like the Deepnest to start farming for geo?

Maps like this spawn danger constantly, and in the Deepnest, you may find some a bit too tough. To avoid the Devout Stalkers, it's best to tackle farming the small fry in the Deepnest. To start farming, you need to head to the Abandoned Tram Station within this map. Be sure to have the dream gate ready or else you’ll find yourself walking back and forth to the bench.

Technique Name details:“An unfinished Tram Station in the northeast part of the Deepnest whose workers were attacked by the Deepnest’s beasts. Trams can still be seen in the background of the tunnels.”

How it works: Head to the Deepnest and go to the Tram Station with Fragile Greed and Grubberfly Elegy equipped. Go to the bench and place a gate before heading off into the direction to the left of the station. While there, slay as many enemies as you can, preferably the Hatcher and the Cavers as they drop more geo. When there are no more enemies, return to the bench via the Dream Gate to refresh the area and repeat the process. 

How much you can farm: If you kill all the enemies in the area, you can get approximately 550-600 geo each one to five minutes. With the Fragile Greed equipped, you can get up to 500-700 geo.

Link to Guide:


2. Moss Knight Farming

The Knight collects geo from a Carnivorous Plant

Tribe Hidden Within the Moss

Eventually it will come to a point where you willencounter the various enemies of Greenpath. Unlike the Forgotten Cross roads, you deal with enemies that drop more geo early game. The Greenpath is one of the best t places to visit once you have the Fragile Greed in your possession. Time to grind the Greenpath and it’s moss covered enemies.

Technique Name details:The Greenpath is home to the Mosskin Tribe, a tribe once proud now infected with a deadly disease. Now, the Moss Knights attack you for trespassing, so what better than to return their hospitality and get geo in return.

How it works: With the Fragile Greed equipped, you go to the Greenpath and kill the Moss Knights you find there to get geo. Once all the Moss Knights are dead and the geo collected, return to the bench by the Stag Station and sit to refresh the enemies .

How much you can farm: Killing the Moss Knight grants 40 geo per kill but it becomes 55 geo with Fragile Greed equipped.

Link to Guide:

1. Colosseum of Fools

The knight is rewarded with geo as they stand victorious in the Trial of the Conqueror!

Champion of the Colosseum

There will come a point in time where the methods above may take forever to get the desired geo. You’re tired of swatting down enemies that give little to nothing. When you’ve reached this point, you find yourself running out of bosses to defeat as well. The desperation may give you no choice but to go to a place where fools make money. The Colosseum of Fools is your ticket to easy wealth. 

If you don’t mind taking on waves of enemies for  geo, this is the place to farm. Battle through enemies in waves before taking on the final bosses of each respected trial. The colosseum is repeatable and has a huge payoff in the end for all your hard work.

Technique Name details:
“Trial of the Warrior, the first and easiest of the three trials, the waves are slow and the enemies easy to manage.”
“Trial of the Conqueror, the second trial, harder than the first, introduces the no ground mechanic of wall-jumping and mid-air combat without healing.”
“Trial of the Fool, last of the three trials, the waves come in at a brutally fast pace at times and the enemies spawned are far tougher, it will combine just about every mechanic from the first two trials.”

How it works: You enter the colosseum and mow down enemies before you win a large sum of geo. It is recommended that you take part in the Trial of the Conqueror for more rewards. It's doable in a short amount of time and yields more geo than the Trial of the Warrior. There is the option of the final trial, the Trial of the Fool. It gives the victor more geo than both  of its predecessors , however; this trial is more difficult. If you prefer an easy grind with no room for defeat, just farm both of the lesser trials in the Colosseum of  Fools for geo.

How much you can farm: 

  • From the Trial of the Warrior when first challenged, the player gets 900 geo. But completion after that yields 1,000 geo. 
  • If you choose the Trial of the Conqueror, you get 1,800 geo upon first completion. Completion after the first victory yields 2,000 geo. 
  • In the Trial of the Fool, first victory yields 2,000 geo. If challenged again, it gives 3,000 geo.

Link to Guide:

Hopefully by the time you’re finished with this list, your pockets are filled with geo. It’s also best to save up the geo you earn for more powerful items in the future. Unfortunately, when you buy everything from the stores, the use for geo is unneeded. If you want you can buy rancid eggs from Tut or give your geo to the King’s Fountain to get rid of the geo post game. Until you reach that point in the game, just enjoy the grind while you can!

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