[Top 5] Hollow Knight Best Charm Combos

Photo of early beta charms
Some charms you may or may not see in Hollow Knight. (Probably not, though, because these are beta pics)

5. Mushroom Shell Slug

Baldur Shell + Shape of Uun + Spore Shroom + Quick Charge

Shape of Uun, Baldur Shell, and Spore Shroom combo

The adorable face of death

Though this is only cosmetic, it is a useful combo for anyone who is a “nervous focuser.” You can dodge out of the way of attacks, and if that’s not enough, you have a backup shell. Plus as you charge, you’ll release a spore cloud. That, and it's so freaking cute!

Alright. I admit it. I’m in love with the Shape of Uun.

  • Useful when first encountering a boss
  • Helps to figure out when it is safe to charge
  • 8/11 notches
  • Adorable

4. Horrid Swarm

Fluke Nest + Shaman Stone + Spell Twister + Soul Catcher

This is a powerful combo. Amplifying the damage boost of the Fluke Nest with the Shaman stone makes your soul vengeful spirit/shade soul a strong weapon against stationary foes or in small arenas.

  • Useful for large stationary bosses
  • More than doubles your blast power (if all land)
  • Situational, so low on the list
  • 10/11 notches

3. Ninja Shade

Dash Master + Sprint Master + Sharp Shadow

Hollow Knight has possibly one of the most expansive maps of a metroidvania, and crossing it can take a long time. This combo improves your movement speed more than either on their own. It can help you fly through that massive world and move faster than your enemies. Even do some damage on the way.

  • Greatly improves your movement speed
  • Move faster than your enemy
  • Shade Cloak required to be most efficient
  • 5/11 notches

2. Spell Blaster

Soul Eater + Soul Catcher + Spell Twister + Shaman Stone

One hit and you can send out a spell. Blast anyone out of your way. Will take all your notches, so it is a bit of a commitment. The question you have to ask is if it is worth it?

  • Charge a blast in one hit
  • Spells are much more powerful
  • 11/11 notches

1. The Warrior

Quick Slash + Long Nail + Nail Master’s Glory + Fragile/Unbreakable Strength

Make yourself an unstoppable warrior with this combo. While some of these charms don’t interact, they make you a formidable foe. Plus, it leaves room for customization

  • Makes you strong and fast
  • Leaves room for customization
  • 8/11

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