[Top 5] Hollow Knight Best Beginner Charms And How To Get Them

Charms like this one grant buffs to the player
The best charms for a beginner knight

The Knight recovers as they are being chased by a Mantis Petra



Throughout Hollow Knight, there are a variety of charms to help you on your journey. Some charms amplify the players spells, and some even increase vitality. Charms can be found throughout Hallownest in a variety of locations. There are a total of forty-five charms in Hollow Knight, but this list will only cover the best charms you obtain early on. 


5. Gathering Swarm

The Gathering Swarm begins to pick up geo

Nothing Left Behind

In Dirtmouth, there are shops that have a couple items that makes traversing Hallownest easier. Only problem is the high prices for items in a town forgotten through the passage of time. Your first trip down into the Forgotten Crossroads yields little results. To make matters difficult, you find yourself losing geo over ledges, pits, and acid.. That’s where the Gathering Swarm is a penny pincher’s best friend.

Why it’s the best:

  • Geo Grind: Makes grinding geo more easily.
  • Safe gathering: Gathers geo that has fallen into water, spikes, and thorns.
  • No geo left behind: If you go into the next area while the swarm is carrying geo, it still counts as being collected.

Charm Name Details:

“A swarm will follow the bearer and gather up any loose geo.”
“Useful for those who can’t bear to leave anything behind, no matter how insignificant.”

Where to acquire: Bought from Sly’s shop

4. Shaman Stone

The knight threatens Millibelle for their geo back

Dance Magic, Dance

The first spell you obtain in Hallownest is the projectile spell called Vengeful Spirit. As you collect more spells, you wonder if there was a  way to upgrade them. Unfortunately, at this point in the game, you don't have easy access to the upgraded spells, so you must take what you can. Introducing the Shaman Charm!
Why it's the best :

  • Spell damage increase: Increases spell damage by thirty-one to fifty-one percent.
  • Speedrunning friendly: Useful for speedrunning as it can one shot enemies and help deal a ton of damage to bosses.
  • Easy to start with: Easy to aquire early game.
  • Distant Spell Boost: Can be used to deal damage with spells from afar. 

Charm Name Details:

“Said to contain the knowledge of past generations of Shaman.”
“Increase the power of spells dealing more damage to foes.”

Where to Find: Bought from Solubra:

3. Grubsong

A devastating blow is given to the knight by a Cowardly Husk. 

No Pain, No Gain

During your journey through Hollow Knight , taking damage is just a part of the adventure. If you retrieve too many hits,you get a game over and have to retrieve your Shade. In any game,a game over is  punishment for taking too much damage in any game. But what if there was a way to be rewarded for taking damage? Grubsong, is the charm that does exactly just that.

Why it's the best:

  • Soul Replenish:Gain fifth-teen Soul when taking damage.
  • Spell Builder: Useful for a Spell Focused Build.
  • Supplies Soul for healing: Gives enough Soul for healing if used correctly.
  • Friendly for damage takers: Compensates for taking damage with Soul.
  • Not much space required: Only requires one charm notch.

Charm Name details:

“Contains the gratitude of freed grubs.”
“Gain Soul when taking damage.”

Where to find: Can be obtained after saving ten grubs

2. Mark of Pride

A long slash is seen as the Knight wields their long nail.

Thats Not a Dagger, This is a Dagger

If it's one thing Dark Souls has taught players is that reach is everything. The Nail you start the game with is broken and short. Meaning that you have to get close to dangerous enemies in order to land a hit. If you want to damage an enemy while still playing it safe, wear the Mark of Pride.

Why it's the best:

  • Better attack range: Increases nail range by twenty-five percent.
  • Safer nail jumps: Allows safe nail bounces especially in places like the Path of Pain.
  • Safe distance: Allows players to attack dangerous enemies from a distance.
  • Peace with Mantis: Prevents the Mantis Tribe from attacking the player when they enter the village. Only works for the Fungal Wastes Mantis Tribe.

Charm Ability Details:

“Freely given by the Mantis Tribe to those they respect.”
“Greatly increases the range of the bearers nail, allowing them to strike foes from further away.”

Where to acquire: In the Mantis Village

1. Fragile Strength

The Knight takes out a Shrumal in only three hits

A Little Strength is just Enough

As you continue your journey, the bosses will keep getting harder. Some take deliver two shells of damage, while for others you just can’t get a hit in. Although it would be wise to evade the enemy attacks, the battle won’t end unless your enemy lies defeated. To beat enemies into submission, you need Fragile Strength.

Why it's the best:

  • Can be stacked with Fury of the Fallen: If equipped with fury of the fallen, it does one-hundred-sixty-two percent more damage.
  • Increase nail damage: Increased the damage done with your nail by fifty percent rounded.
  • More potent: Permanently provides damage increase better than Fury of the Fallen.
  • Useful for Steel Soul Mode: Drawback is negated in Steel Soul Mode as death equates to a game over.

Charm Name Details:

“Strengthens the bearer,increasing the damage they deal to enemies with their nail.”
“This charm is fragile, and will break if its bearer is killed.”

Where to find: Purchased from the Leg Eater 

Hopefully this article will make the journey less rough now that you know what charms to start with. Charms are detrimental in your journey through Hallownest, so be sure to look for them when you can. You’ll never know when you may need to deal with a boss focusing on spells or brute strength alone. Keep in mind when you find charms to experiment with them to create a build that suits you. If these charms aren't enough, I assure you that you will come across more powerful charms down the line. 

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