[Top 5] Hollow Knight Best Geo Farm Methods (Early and Late Game)

Iselda and Cornifer Reunited
The best thing you can spend your geo on? Reuniting a husband and wife.

So you wanna get rich quick in Hollow Knight? That’s cute.

See, in Hollow Knight, there are three ways of getting Geo. You can find and brake geo caches, you can sell relics, or you can fight enemies. And since geo caches and relics are both one time deals, that means the only way to “farm” is beating enemies. And in case you haven’t heard, enemies in Hollow Knight are tough.

To make matters worse, Hollow Knight will reward you with the most geo for the toughest enemies. We’re talking block all your attack enemies, overwhelm you with number enemies, two hearts in one hit enemies. And since you will lose all your money when you die in this game, there’s no real other way of farming than just “getting good.”

Now with all that out of the way, here are the top five spots in the game to get some geo, if you’ve got the guts.

5. Moss Knights (Early Game)

Hollow Knight Geo Farming (Easy Early Game)

So you're just starting out and you really want to get that lumafly lantern ASAP. Well, this might be your best shot. Just make sure you're only triggering them one at a time. They are a nightmare in pairs.

  • Find the Moss Knights in the upper corner of Greenpath
  • Kill them
  • Go sit at a bench
  • Repeat

4. Fragile Greed + Gathering Swarm (Whole Game)

Got to spend money to make money. This combo is the best for optimizing your geo collection no matter how late or early you are in the game. Up the output of geo and make sure you're getting every coin dropped. This isn’t necessarily a farming method, but it will help you get more money passively throughout the game. And maybe after using this consistently, you’ll have enough for unbreakable greed (which is probably why you're looking at this list in the first place.)

  • Find Sly in Forgotten Crossroads
  • By Gathering Swarm from Sly
  • By Fragile Greed from leg eater

3. Failed Tramway Daycare (Mid to Late Game)

Remember where you got the tram pass? Remember the giant, flying, shrimp-like monsters that shoot their babies at you like you're some sort of day care center? Well it's time for that daycare center to start paying off.

  • Get the attention of the Carver Hatchers
  • Find an area too narrow for them to enter
  • Kill all five Dirtcarvers they produce
  • Kill the Hatcher
  • Repeat for all Hatchers in the area

2. Great Husk Sentry Run (Late Game)

Husk Run vs Number 1

Remember when we said earlier the biggest bugs give you the biggest geo drops? Well, what’s the biggest enemy that repeatedly spawns in this game? Now, personally this writer tends to avoid the Great Husk Sentries when she is passing through, but if you're desperate for cash…

  • Start in the King’s Station Stag Beetle stop.
  • Do a little loop through upper hollownest
  • Kill all the bugs you see
  • Sit on the bench
  • Repeat

1. Trial of the Conqueror Pay Out (Late Game)

Coliseum of Fools: Trial of the Conqueror Guide

This is probably the most relied on farming area in the Hollow Knight community. Sure, you have to redo the trials over and over, but that just means it will hopefully be easier and easier to beat each time. 

  • Unlock the Trial of the Conqueror
  • Beat the Trial of the Conqueror
  • Repeat the Trial of the Conqueror

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