Top 10 Games Like Braid (Games Better Than Braid In Their Own Way)

Games Like Braid
Braid continues to be the gold standard for indie video games.

Braid is considered by many to be an indie masterpiece. It’s painterly-art style, tasteful music, and intricate puzzle design helped launch it into gaming greatness. Fast forward a decade and the impact of Jonathan Blow’s magnum opus can still be felt throughout the gaming community.

While many have played Braid and sang its praises, it’s relatively short story can leave you wanting more. Here’s a list of ten games that are just as good as Braid, if not better in their own way. Whether you love Braid for its puzzles, artwork, old-school 2D-platforming, or you just have a deep passion for indie games, this list is sure to have something you’ll enjoy. 

10. The Swapper

The Swapper: Gameplay

The Swapper is a puzzle platformer set in an atmospheric sci-fi setting. When you first arrive at an abandoned space station, you’re given a device that allows you to make clones of yourself. You use these clones to solve challenging but rewarding puzzles that further progress the story. As you delve deeper into the haunting ambiance of The Swapper, you begin to unravel the mystery behind the station and its inhabitants.

The swapper uses a Claymation art style that adds a sense of texture and depth.

Use clones to solve logic puzzles that increase in difficulty as the game progresses.


9. Timespinner

Timespinner: Gameplay

Timespinner is a masterfully crafted Metroidvania style action-platformer. Immediately noticeable is the inspiration taken from the 90s classic, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The mechanic that sets it apart from Symphony of the Night is what it has in common with Braid. Much of the game is centered around the use of time manipulation, namely the ability to stop time. There are also many exciting upgrades and abilities to discover that add depth and variety when used in combination with your ability to control time. As you progress through the game’s hazardous and challenging levels, you’ll uncover a cast of dynamic characters that add a sense of weight and believability to the story.

Use a combination of orbs, familiars, and necklaces to take down powerful enemies.

Lush pixel art, a beautiful soundtrack, and excellent storytelling make Timespinner come alive.


8. Vagante

Vagante: Gameplay

Vagante is what happens if you take a game like Spelunky and add RPG elements. You start off your treacherous dungeon crawl by selecting from several unique classes that have their own set of strengths and weaknesses. From there, it’s up to you to navigate the difficult dungeons that await. There is an inventory system that allows you to change your gear on the fly, which allows you to make meaningful choices when planning ahead. As you play, you gain experience and level up your character, which further increases their power and adds options. These systems that allow you to evolve and grow your character all combine to make permadeath feel more soul-shattering than usual.

As a mage, you can use powerful magic to take down foes from afar.

Use gold to buy items from the Shopkeeper.

7. Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy: Gameplay

Rogue Legacy is a rogue-lite Metroidvania style action-platformer. When you start a new run, you’re given the choice between several heirs of your last character. These offspring have their own strengths and weaknesses that make each playthrough unique.  While there is permadeath, there is a sense of constant progression as each run yields new upgrades and unlockables that benefit future generations. This greatly lessens the sting of losing a character as you know that at least the last run wasn’t totally meaningless.

Every character has weaknesses that drastically alter each playthrough.

Face many powerful enemies as you explore an old medieval castle.

6. Pinstripe

Pinstripe: Gameplay

Pinstripe is a game that focuses less on challenging gameplay and more on an emotional and engaging story. There are elements of puzzle-solving and action platforming, but they take on a more secondary role. Playing as an ex-minister, you’re tasked with traversing the frozen depths of Hell to find your kidnapped daughter. Though that may sound bad, this game isn’t a trudge through doom and gloom by any means. The haunting atmosphere is set by gorgeous art and lush ambient sounds that turn the game into a dark winter wonderland. 

Use slingshots and guns to solve puzzles and take down enemies.

Confront your nemesis, the demonic Mr. Pinstripe.

5. Wings of Vi

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