15 Best Platformer Games for PC in 2017

best platformer games

Get Ready for Some Action In These Awesome Platformer Games

Whether you’re looking for something fast paced with guts and gore, or something challenging with ever changing maps and frustrating traps, platform games have a little something for everyone to enjoy.

15. Rogue Legacy

On a mission to find a cure to save his father (your ancestor) the King, Johannes enters the dangerous shapeshifting Castle Hamson. Unfortunately, Johannes never returns from his quest. Now, year after year, ancestors travel to Castle Hamson, to try to restore the family honor and wealth.

The cycle is never-ending; will it ever be broken? Choose your heir and begin your quest.

Traits: Choosing the lesser of two evils.

Enter the castle. Hack through enemies to gain levels. Jump, run, and dodge.

Find gold and loot to pay for upgrades to help your next adventure be (hopefully) more successful.

Rogue Legacy isn’t about completing in one life. The fact that you WILL die, MANY times, is part of the game.

Leap! Strike! Dodge!

With each death, you are given the choice of three new heirs to choose from. Each heir will have his or her own special ability, plus traits. This is what makes the game fun and unique.

Some traits can be helpful, such as ADHD which allows you to move faster or dwarfism, which can allow you access to other (and sometimes secret) areas not accessible to typical sized heirs.

Other traits will leave you begging for the end, such as vertigo, which creates a vertically mirrored screen that’s quite painful to look at and quite nauseating. You could also suffer from Alzheimer’s, where your mini-map functions normally, but when using the large map, you can’t remember where anything is.

There are currently 37 traits that will be randomized to your heir.

Nausea inducing vertigo trait.

True to a rogue-like game, each time you enter the castle, you will find that it is different from the last time you entered with your previous heir, though upon unlocking the architect, you can pay the price of receiving less gold in return for keeping the castle the same way it was when your last heir ventured through.

Sometimes, your adventure will give you amazing rewards. Other times, you’ll come up empty handed. The game is fun and frustrating all at the same time.

Just when you think you’re getting somewhere, you die. Then your journey begins again.

14. Mark of the Ninja

A peek into the world of Mark of the Ninja

After receiving an irezumi tattoo, an unnamed ninja in the Hisomu clan is awakened to find that his dojo is under attack. He is able to defeat several of the attackers and rescue many of his clan members.

Soon he learns that his tattoo is more than a tattoo. It was created with the ink of a special flower that gives the ninja sharpened senses and reflexes. These new abilities also come at a great cost.

Now the ninja with the help of another ninja named Ora must take revenge on those who attacked the dojo and unravel the motive behind the attacks.

The unnamed ninja and Ora seek justice for their dojo.

Take control of the unnamed protagonist and enter a true stealth experience like no other. Choose the path of a ghost and only kill those who deserve it. Or choose to be a ruthless assassin and kill them all, leaving no one to tell the tale.

Make it quick and silent.

There are five levels in this game. Each level has its own challenges. Dodge traps, evade enemies, and reach objectives.

Each step you take gets you closer to your goal of avenging your clan and uncovering the truth. You’ll feel like a real ninja when playing Mark of the Ninja.


Gameplay of Metal Slug 3

Years ago, evil General Morden made an alliance with aliens that ended with him being captured and presumed dead. Those who defeated Morden were part of an Intelligence Agency Squad S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S..  Need a better “overview”.

As they tried to wipe out the rest of Morden’s followers, they realized that the enemy is too strong and very well organized. Now, they must regroup and defeat this new threat.

This is not from our world.

Metal Slug 3 is much like its predecessors; a fast paced run and gun side scroller in which you must constantly shoot as enemies swarm you. Keep moving and shooting as you push through each level, confront a boss at the end of each level.

The game is more than just running, gunning, and blowing up things. Within each level you can find weapon upgrades that will considerable raise your ability to fight your enemies. Each level also contains Metal Slug tanks that increase your offense and defense.

As with previous games there are several new vehicles that are added into the game. Some of these include the Slug Driller, Elephant Slug, and Ostrich Slug.

The Elephant Slug is a strong addition to your arsenal.

A new feature that was introduced in to Metal Slug 3 was a branching path system that allows the player to choose between different paths. All lead to the same boss but each path has its own obstacles, length, and difficulty.

12. Ori and the Blind Forest

Forlorn Ruins Gravity Gameplay

A cataclysmic event causes the forest of Nibel to begin to wither. With the help of Sein, Ori must adventure to recover the light of three main elements of Waters, Winds, and Warmth and bring balance to Nibel.

Ori and Sein must acquire the three elements.

Don’t be fooled by the beauty of this game. It is challenging and will keep you on your toes. Together Sein and Ori must navigate through each beautifully created level, solving difficult puzzles and defeating enemies.

Otherwise, the game has very few limitations. When you encounter an area you cannot reach, it simply means you haven’t found the skill required to continue.

As you gain these new abilities, the game also doesn’t let you forget them. Instead it ensures that you use them on a regular basis along with the other skills you have learned, adding another challenging element to the game.

Between it’s beautiful craft, incredible gameplay, and mesmerizing soundtrack, Ori and the Blind Forest is a platformer worth checking out.

11. Apotheon

A platforming action-rpg that takes place in a time during Greek Mythology.

Humans have always been arrogant and defiant. The Gods are sick of it and have begun to punish them by taking away the things they need to survive, driving the world into chaos. In another part of the world a warrior is becoming a hero.

Can he fight against and defeat the angry Gods and save humanity?

Fight for humanity!


In Apotheon, you play as Nikandreos, a warrior from the Village of Dion. In the beginning he fights to help his village from invaders. Hera, Zeus’s wife, see this and realizes she may have a hero in him.

She asks him to slay Zeus and his children, otherwise, humanity faces a devastating blow.

As Nikandreos, you must battle your way to Olympus and defeat the Gods in a world that resembles ancient Greek art.  At your disposal will be weapons from the ancient world such as swords, spears, knives, and bows. You can jump, run, and climb your way through the worlds.

Will you defeat the Gods and save humanity?

Defeating Zeus is the only way to save humanity.

10. Guns, Gore & Cannoli

Guns, Gore, & Cannoli Gameplay and Launch Trailer

Vinnie Cannoli has come to Thugtown to find his missing goodfella. Equipped with his Tommy gun and double barreled shotgun, he plans to persuade the gangsters to tell him where his friend has gone. There’s just one problem… they’re all zombies.

Behind you!

If the Godfather, Metal Slug and Night of the Living Dead had a baby, it would be Guns, Gore, & Cannoli. It’s fast-paced, outrageous, hilarious, and even have hand drawn graphics which makes it a unique work of art.

Just as with many platforming games, you must be prepared to run, jump, kick, shoot, and fight your way through enemies. It’s also best to keep moving, because the enemies keep coming and if you wait too long, one or two will soon become a horde.

No tip for you.

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