The 10 Best Undertale Songs

The best songs from the game with some of the most amazing music.

Ready For The Best Undertale Music?

Undertale is by far one of the most popular indie games out there. What’s just as popular as the game itself is the music that’s featured with in the game. With over 101 different sound tracks, some that aren’t even in normal gameplay, there’s something for everyone.

All of the music was created by Toby Fox and FL Studio and most of the soundtrack was made by using SoundFonts and synths. What’s more is that the songs were created with leitmotifs, or a melody that was reused in multiple songs to associate the tune with a person, place, or thing. People have tried to document the leitmotifs used in the game and you can read about them here.

Since the soundtrack is made to be similar but very distinct it brings the characters and story together. Instead of having the background music simply signify a change in environment or situation, the music in Undertale is part of the identity of each location and each character.

Keeping this in mind it’s no surprise that the soundtrack is pretty unique. Every song here had over three million views on youtube. If you want to listen to them you can check out Toby Fox’s Spotify.

10. Dummy!

Dummy! Is the song that plays during the Mad Dummy’s boss fight. It’s pretty up beat and almost sounds like flapper music.

9. Heartache

Heartache is the song that plays during Toriel’s boss fight while you try to leave the ruins.

It’s pretty fast paced and a little upbeat but it actually matches the scene and the character really well. It sounds like something you’d here behind someone who believed they were the hero to keep other safe; which is exactly what Toriel is doing.

8. His Theme

This song plays while Asriel is having a flash back to when he found the first human. It’s a very slow and emotional song, as he’s feeling nostalgic but also is very sad about his memories.

His Theme is actually an orchestration of the 34th track, Memory.

7. Spear of Justice

Spear of Justice is played while you battle Undyne.

This song captures Undyne’s personality to a T. It’s upbeat, direct, and very in your face. As Toby Fox has said, it feels like you’re “being heroically punched in the face.”

6. Spider Dance

Spider Dance is played during Muffet’s battle an occasionally she’ll dance to it with her spiders.

It’s very upbeat and can be described as groovy. This song is definitely a dance song and it’s hard to keep battling her because all you want to do is dance to it.

5. Undertale

Undertale is played while you go through New Home and here the story of Asriel and the first human. It’s a very slow song and brings a sense of nostalgia.

The Guitar in the song was done by Stephanie MacIntite.

4. Death by Glamour

This song plays while you battle Mettaton EX. It’s very upbeat and glamorous, much like how Mettaton is due to being a ‘celebrity’ in the underfell.

3. Megalovania

Megalovania is a fast-paced song that plays in your final battle with Sans during the genocide route. It’s got a rock feel too it which matches Sans pretty well and is also really intense, which isn’t surprising since it is the final battle with him.

2. Hopes and Dream

Hopes and Dreams is played in the first segment of Asriel Dreemurs Boss fight.

It’s oddly fast paced and upbeat for the boss battle but it’s still a great song and actually says a lot about the character. Hopes and Dreams is also a fast paced remix of Once Upon A Time.

1. Once Upon A Time

The most popular track is of course the opening song. Once Upon a time plays during the introduction of the story while you get the history of the Underfell, monsters, and the human world. Since this track is the first one we all hear, it’s no surprise that it’s number one.

These songs may be the most popular but that doesn’t mean the rest of the soundtrack isn’t amazing. Go listen to it and figure out which song is your favourite.

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