The Elder Scrolls 6: 10 Things That’ll Make it Awesome

elder scrolls 6
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10 Features That Will Ensure The Elder Scrolls VI is an Amazing RPG

Veteran fans who’ve played The Elder Scrolls since the times of Daggerfall and Morrowind know what makes the series special. And new fans who were awed by dragons and breathtaking graphics can’t wait to see more groundbreaking ideas in the next installment. No matter which ball park you come from, we all want The Elder Scrolls VI to be an incredible role-playing experience.

These 10 features and improvements will ensure we get the best Elder Scrolls game yet.

10. Spell Crafting

"Mmm. Draugr jerky..."

Customization is important in any RPG. And the ability to create your own spells in Morrowind and Oblivion really brought magic to life. You could create unique spells, such as an icy paralysis spell that both hurts and freezes your victim. Or a fiery burst of mass destruction, covering the entire area of a field or city. (Add a frost effect to make a mighty fusion of fire and ice!)

Spell crafting was axed from Skyrim. Now we want it back! The thinking behind the decision was most likely that it allowed people to create broken spells that made the game too easy. But this is easily rectified by limiting what you can create to your skill and the amount of magic you have.

Bethesda, give us spell crafting to make mage files more creative and exciting!

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