HTC Launches an Esports Site

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HTC's logo, more commonly seen on phones than anywhere else.

Tencent isn't the only telephone company that can branch out a bit.

HTC, while better known as a telecommunications company, has run an Esports operation for a little over two years. They’ve sponsored four teams, held tournaments, and seen their teams win championship titles. But now, they’ve opened their own Esports website for the fans.

On the website, HTC will host their tournament’s landing pages, all of the videos they’ve made, and any other media they may have produced. You can also view the four teams they sponsor on a separate tab. There’s also a link to their store, which isn’t exclusively Esports. There are telecom products and the HTC Vive, among other things.

HTC’s website, like many others, will cover Esports news. They will have “analysis, interviews, player stories, and more.” They’ve already released four articles, two of which are player profiles, one of which is related to the future of CS:GO Esports, and another which is related to Venture Capital investments into League of Legends teams. The last article is quite the interesting read.

HTC’s four teams are interesting as well. All four have League of Legends teams, which makes sense based on its size as an Esport. Other notable games that the teams share are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Super Smash Bros., and DotA 2. All of the teams have also seen some sort of success, with JTeam being a rebranded Taipei Assassins, the season 2 LoL world champions. TSM has almost always been on top of North America’s League scene, and Cloud9 has one of the best Smash Bros. players in existence.


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