[Top 15] Pes 21 Best Mods That Are Fun

pes 2021 mods
Pes 2021 mods

There are many patches or MODs, since the game has been out for a few weeks. It is therefore up to the user to choose whether to install as many to literally transform PES 21 by turning it inside out like a sock, or simply use some of them, namely those that he considers useful to improve his gaming experience. With a good knowledge base built up and enough YouTube searches, you should be able to be comfortable enough to dive into the world of modding, specifically the best mods for e-football PES 2021. So here are the best mods that are fun to use; 

15. GfX Revolution


There are many Graphic Mods to enhance your graphic performance for your game play Pro Evolution Soccer especially for Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 such as GfX and many more. But the GFX v1 is one of many best mods that you can use for your PES 21 patching, because so many gamers have tried it and from their review, it turns out that they love the buildup of this mod.

  • Updated by Digitalfoxx
  • Compatible with all versions / No update required
  • Updated by digitalfoxxx


Why is GfX Revolution fun?

  • Optimize excessive exposure- the sun is not bright
  • No dark shadows
  • Sharp color
  • Better pitch
  • Smoother player
  • More light

Get link here: http://bit.ly/pes21gfxlod

14. GfX Revolution V2



There were some developments from the previous gfx, so in this new version there are so many features that were changed and lots of improvements. The builder felt he had to do more for expert gamers, that the last version wasn’t enough. So he created an updated version 2 from the first version.

Why is GfX Revolution V2 fun? 

  • Color correction to natural
  • Brightness is not superfluous
  • Exposure is lowered
  • Light in edit mode and match menu changed

Get link here: https://mainlink.gamingwithtr.com/Mods/pes-2021-new-gfx-revolution-mod-v2/

13.   GfX Revolution V3


So as there were changes in the version 2 so there was in the version 3, Added Features and changes from version 1 and version 2 with gfx v3 revolution. Many gamers still prefer using the version 1 mod to this, because they feel they see more beauty in the first version than the rest.

Why is GfX Revolution V3 fun? 

  • Natural color
  • Reduce exposure
  • Contrast balance
  • Different atmosphere in every weather
  • Change all light

Get link here: https://mainlink.gamingwithtr.com/Mods/pes-2021-new-gfx-revolution-mod-v3/

12.  Holland’s Gameplay Mod


Holland makes several mods available, each offering a unique experience, and often picking and choosing gameplay elements from past releases and incorporating them into the 2021 code.

Why is Holland’s Gameplay Mod fun??

  • Reduced scripting by decreasing the AI’s ability in front of goal leading to more shot error.
  • Increasing the physicality and referee logic to better represent real-life fouls.
  • Decreasing the on-rails feeling that often plagues soccer games to allow for more freedom of movement for both the player and the ball, creating more dynamic moments where anything can happen.
  • Increased the pass error by the AI.

Get link here: https://www.king-pes.com/p/redirect.html??&&url=_https://gurl.pw/l7rq

11. Gentleman’s Club Experience


PES 2021 | Gentleman's Club Gameplay Mod - First Look & Initial Impressions!

Gentleman’s Club Experience mod is for those who enjoy the challenge and freedom of playing with full manual controls. And of course, you can play this mod with assisted controls, but to get the full effect you need to turn those assists off, crank the difficulty up to Superstar, and there you go.

Why is Gentleman’s Club Experience fun? 

  • One of my favorite areas of this mod is how improved the AI plays. Instead of hoofing the ball up the pitch when it’s not necessary, the AI is capable of realistically playing the ball on the ground and out of trouble. 

Get Link here: https://sharemods.com/a4iiokg4ka1p/Gentleman__x27 _s_Club_GP.rar.html

10.  Ultimate Atmosphere mod for PES 2021


PES 2021 Ultimate Atmosphere Mod v1.07

With this mod many as a gamer you will change the entire atmosphere of the stadium to your taste. For instance, there are stadiums which don't support snowing but with this patch. You can have the beauty of snowing and other weather conditions you want in different stadiums. 

Why is Ultimate Atmosphere mod fun? 

  • Realistic 3D Grass
  • New Turf/Pitch
  • Enhanced Lighting/Sunlight
  • Improved Rain Drops
  •  Realistic GoalNets
  • Realistic Fog
  • Improved Color Grading
  • Enhanced Land Marking Lines

Get link here: https://mega.nz/file/oX5USIZD#rkpeef5JcAkZNqo3hCCkCL0e3xunm_4bvWdwIMYIYzk

9. Smoke patch


Smoke patch uses Konami stats for all the players, although this year we have to adapt the eFootball stats to conform to the PES, Real faces: Real faces are not included in the patch due to their large size.

Why is Smoke patch fun? 

  • Compatible with all PES 2021 game versions
  • Ready for season 21/22
  • Adds a lot of clubs and national teams to the game (747 teams)
  • All teams, leagues, and players have real names and logos

Get Link here: https://mainlink.gamingwithtr.com/Mods/pes-2021-new-smoke-patch-21-4-5-u...

8. ThirdEyeKidman’s Big Brother Pass Maps

Big Brother Passmaps Tutorial

Kidman collected the analytical data of the positions the players take when in possession to give all teams a diverse approach but most of all their identity in the attacking phase. This allows for unpredictability from the AI in their behavior on the pitch because it applies to their tactics as well.

Why is ThirdEyeKidman’s Big Brother Pass Maps fun? 

  • Each team has three different sets of tactics (Fluid Formations), each containing a different pass map scenario for their kickoff, in possession, and out of possession phase, with the third set being an alternative attack or to put it bluntly, an ultra attacking phase to complement their first set of attack and second set of defense.

Get Link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxHF6pcHEDw

7.  Nesa24’s Cameras


Even after the “yaku” (Yet Another Konami Update) The reverse engineering work that nesa24 did to find the Height, Zoom, Pitch, Angle, etc. for various cameras is extremely valuable and should be recognized as modding kung-fu of the highest order. 

Why is Nesa24’s Cameras fun?

  • Nesa24 has configured a way for you to edit every default camera eFootball PES 2021 Season Update has. Once you get the hang of it, it’s fairly easy.

Get link here: https://bit.ly/3oQJlP0

6. Jeremiah Cameras, Stadiums, and Turfs

pes 2021 realistic turf mods by jeremiah

Jeremiah Osoba’s camera mods are a thing of beauty. Some stadiums offer zoomed out experiences where you can see more of the pitch, whereas others are more zoomed in. Take A.F.C. Bournemouth as an example. Their camera angle is very low and close to the action, making for less of the total pitch in your frame.

Why is Jeremiah Cameras, Stadiums, and Turfs fun? 

  • Because of the low angle, the players seem bigger and you’re not able to see all 20 outfield players on the pitch at one time. Seeing this in action and playing a video game representation is a unique experience, one that can be replicated due to certain camera mods for PES 2021.

Get link here: https://www.patreon.com/JeremiahOsoba

5. VirtuaRed Patch

PES 2021 - VirtuaRED V4 Install Tutorial - Easy Step by Step Setup Guide!

This patch is a big one (over 200 GBs), which means it not only takes a while for them to make, but also to download and install. At the very least, it comes with a fairly forward installation executable (.exe) file. Like the other Patch, it comes with all of the traditional Option File goodness, but where it differs is in all of the additional enhancements that are included.

Why is VirtuaRed Patch fun? 

  • Higher quality logos (competition, club, etc)
  • Dirt stains on kits
  • Authentic Scoreboards – NBCSN, Sky Sports, BBC, etc
  • Water bottles during press conferences
  • 891 Authentic Stadiums
  • Stadium Specific Ad boards
  • Pre-Match stadium aerial views
  • Authentic turfs for things like grass patterns, lighting, etc
  • Authentic pre-match tunnels

Get link here: https://evoweb.uk/threads/virtuared-com-patch-2021-pes2021-pc-v4-1-relea...

4. CLASSIC PATCH by Averdom


With the clay patch from Averdom it is possible for example to find in PES 21 the beauty of forty club teams with their best champions ever, and of twenty classic national teams always from the past. Arsenal of Pires and Bergkamp, Bayern Munich of Rummenigge, Beckembauer and Lahm, Italy of Roberto Baggio, Totti, Del Piero and Di Natale, are just some of the available teams.

Why is CLASSIC PATCH by Averdom fun? 

  • Latest live updates applied
  • Pes Unites OF V4 applied with 16 out 18 Bundesliga Teams over PEU league
  • More teams, players and faces for a total of 62 Classic teams, 40 Classic national selections and 2 All Star teams.

Get link here: https://pastebin.com/raw/QtnHJxFc

3.  CUTSCENES Mod - Beta V1.0 by DurandilPES


With the CUTSCENES Mod - Beta V1.0 by DurandilPES, is among other things still in beta phase, thirty new sequences are added in eFootball PES 21, some already existing and simply reworked with a change of framing or positioning of the camera.

Why is CUTSCENES Mod fun? 

  • To make the gamers experience more televised, the developers of sports games often insert some interlude skits between one sequence and another or at the end of the race, perhaps to emphasize the reaction of an athlete to a wrong shot, to a result positive or negative or show the celebration of a long-awaited victory. In football games, of course, the "direction" often dwells on the close-ups of the players when they enter the field, before kick-off, during a substitution or at the end of some decidedly dangerous action. 

Get Link here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/793g5pp5w0zpqbf/cutscenes_mod_beta01_byDur...

2. National Anthems Pack PES 2021 by Predator 002 & Kana296


This patch package contains the choirs of all or almost all the teams in the game, and perhaps the one that adds the call names for those default players not spoken during the Caressa commentary, at the moment you have to be satisfied with the national anthems. In fact, a first audio package is available for eFootball PES 21 PC which contains 219 anthems precisely as many national representatives, from Italy to Brazil, from Peru to Japan.

Why is National Anthems Pack PES 2021 by Predator 002 & Kana296 fun? 

  • The audio quality is in fact excellent and the music and songs of the various anthems blend well with the effects of the stadium and the choirs of the audience. 

Get link here - https://pastebin.com/raw/CsNPR7A7

1. EvoWeb Patch

PES 2021 | NEW EVOWEB PATCH 2022 - 1.0 - 4K

With the EvoWeb Patch, you get a great starting base that you can add to depending on other mod compatibility; certain mods only work with other mods unless you want to manually update some details.

Why is the EvoWeb patch fun? 

  • Leagues & Cups updated with real logos and names
  • Updated Team Data & licensed coaches for the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Sky Bet Championship, etc.
  • Authentic Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Sky Bet Championship.
  • Licenses, Kits & Fonts with special characters
  • National Team Kit Updates
  • Minifaces (the faces that show on Game plan or before the match in your Starting XI)
  • Newest version of the Boots & Goalkeeper Gloves
  • New Player Faces

Get link here: https://mainlink.gamingwithtr.com/Mods/pes-2021-new-evoweb-patch-2021-20...

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