New Star Wars Game May be The Next Uncharted

Han Solo may finally feature in a big Star Wars game

Nolan North Compares “Other” EA Star Wars Game With Uncharted and Star Wars 1313

During Metrocon earlier this month, voice actor Nolan North spoke of writer Amy Hennig’s departure from the Uncharted team, and – get this – the new Star Wars game she has been working on at Visceral Games! That’s right, Star Wars fans. Star Wars may soon be getting a new game in the Uncharted series’ build.

North has gone on as far as to state that the “other” new Star Wars game from EA, developed by Visceral Games, will be in line with the much hyped Star Wars 1313 as well as the Uncharted series. As a matter of fact, Hennig and co-writer Todd Stashwick strongly hinted at developing a Han Solo game a few months ago.

Star Wars 1313, was of course the last Star Wars game LucasArts was working on before it shut down. The E3 2013 trailers suggested it to be a FPS, with players taking the role of fan-favorite Boba Fett

What is most surprising, however, is EA’s complete non-disclosure on the subject. No details, no story synopsis, no playable characters list, not even a name. Although this attitude can be understood, what with Star Wars Battlefront coming out later this year, EA may not want to confuse buyers with two Star Wars games.

If that is indeed the case, 2016 just may be the year of the scoundrel as far as Star Wars and Han Solo fans are concerned.

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