No Man's Sky new release date has been revealed

no man's sky release date
No Man's Sky is coming soon on August 9th

No Man's Sky is coming soon on August 9th 2016

As some of you may know, No Man's Sky was pushed back from it's original June release date until August 9th. This delay was (as expected) met with some disappointment, but also with positive support. Lead developer Sean Murray said: "Every day, the game is getting better and better, and despite all the late nights (and early mornings) we’re all working to get it finished and in your hands, it’s amazing to see it all coming together." No Man's Sky will surely be worth the wait.

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One of the cover artworks for No Man's Sky

The gameplay trailer reveals a fraction of the universe

Along with a stunningly beautiful gameplay trailer, there are various other updated videos of No Man's Sky gameplay. All of these featuring the expansive space exploration, and the glorious open planet investigation. In No Man's Sky, the player has ultimate freedom and ultimate exploration. Something like this has never been done before, and this is sure to launch the world of gaming into a whole new spectrum. The universe is absolutely massive, and the gameplay trailer shows you only but a fraction of the incredible universe.

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A player facing off with a planet's defences

The gameplay trailer can be viewed here:

It would take 5 billion years to visit each planet for one second

The above statement is no exaggeration. The developers for No Man's Sky at Hello Games claimed that mathematically speaking, if a player were to instantaneously travel to each planet and stay on it for a mere one second, it would take around 5 billion years in real time. This is mindblowing information. They said that in the NMS Universe, you can expect there to be 18 quintillion planets to explore (or 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 to be exact). Sean Murray said that he estimates that 99% of the planets will never be visited. It's so unbelievably large that he said “repetition may occur after playing the game for 4000 to 5000 years” if you were to play the game every second of every day for that amount of time. 
Well, prepare to sign yourself away for No Man's Sky.

Concept artwork for No Man's Sky

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