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Can you survive Wraeclast?


Path of Exile is a regular monster-bashing, click-fest carnival! At first it may seem like there's only some small groups of 2-3 zombies at a time, but this changes immensely once you reach act 2. You get swamped by dozens upon dozens of ape like creatures in the very first area. I hope you got some crowd control handy.

Well that just looks like too much fun!

On the other hand, you do get big bosses with a LOT of health. To emphasize a point, beating Brutus at the end of act 1 can take ten times longer than clearing a monster swarm in act 2. So that's another long round of clicking. Thankfully, Grinding Gear Games incorporated a little control trick, one that many missed even in similar games. If you click and hold a mouse button, your character will continuously perform the attack linked to the button. There, I've saved your mouse.

Though, you still need to click to pick up all that sweet loot. Once the swarms kick in, you'll get roughly 10 items per group. That's a lot. You will find valuable skill gems, magic, rare or unique items (no sets, though) along with a large amount of garbage gear. The developers, clever as they are, gave us a filter in the options menu. You can choose what gear pops up when you press the "highlight items" button. Wait, you didn't know there's a highlight items button?

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James Lightning's picture

James Lightning 6 years 1 month ago

This game looks pretty awesome

Brdjanin's picture

Brdjanin 6 years 1 month ago

However common it is to compare hack-and-slash games to Diablo 2, Path of Exile is in a league of its own. The perspective and the sense of game-play is similar to every game of this genre, true. But, the options for character build are far more vast and versatility is incredible. One can really give in to imagination and make an unique build. Overall, this game deserves to be given a shot.

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