Turn Based Strategy Game "Hex Gambit" Hits Kickstarter Funding Goal in Less Than a Week

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A fun and fast paced game with minions to kill!

Take Chess and Checkers, add in some creative graphics, funky moves, and abilities, mix in some cute minions with varying powers, skills and roles and then add in online multiplayer in different combinations and you are left with Hex Gambit. This is an intriguing game that seems more focused on fun and speed than anything else and offering it through a campaign on Kickstarter is interesting, to say the least. One Man Left Studios, the developers of the game, posted their project on Kickstarter with a goal of $11,000 and exceeded their funding goal with over 350 backers in less than a week.

Generally speaking, teams are composed of 5 minion classes (there are different types of minions available and they each have different abilities and skills) and a single captain (each of which has unique abilities of their own). During the course of the game, you are able to add additional minions up to specified limits based on the type in your war for domination.

Combat in Hex Gambit is expected to be fast and furious as games typically only last between 10-30 minutes with your captain's special unique ability unlocking in the latter half of the game. This ability can be the difference between life and death but only becomes available after you have unlocked a certain number of victory points.

Playable in single player (AI mode), 1v1 and 2v2 matches, Hex Gambit is also going to be offering competitive online league play where each month, players can choose new factions to fight for. Battles won in a league match go towards helping your faction seize territory in your goal of global domination!

Early rewards of the Kickstarter campaign offered by One Man Left (the creators of the game) are quite interesting, starting with the first one, which is a discount on the game itself! The second tier provides free DLCs for life which depending upon the frequency could pay for this tier in itself.

Subsequent rewards are focused more on the look of the minions and characters with limited edition colored skins available to the lucky backer.

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