[Top 5] Arkham Knight Best Upgrades (And How To Get Them)

Arkham Knight Best Upgrades
Earning Waynepoints for amazing upgrades!

The Batman Arkham series always provided the player with a set of upgrades for Batman. You can use WayneTech points that you earn by completing different tasks in the game to upgrade combat, stealth, and maneuverability. These upgrades will help Batman takedown enemies quicker and enhance owned gadgets. There are numerous upgrades to consider in Batman Arkham Knight, and in this post, I’ll guide you to some of the best upgrades you can get.


5. Ballistic Armor

It wouldn’t be a Batman game if things weren’t supposed to get messy. You are going to run into a lot of enemies in the game… A LOT! So, you need to make sure you are properly armored up to take down the baddies. Upgrade the ballistic armor early on in the game when the thugs with guns are less in number because later on, they will increase in number, and then you’ll regret wasting WayneTech points on gadgets only.

What Makes The Ballistic Armor Upgrade Good?

  • Stronger armor means you can endure more.
  • It will come in handy in New Game + mode too.
  • The number of thugs with guns increases as the game progresses, so getting the ballistic armor upgrade early on will be beneficial.


How To Get Ballistic Armor Upgrade?


4. 60mm Cannon Reload Speed

When you first get acquainted with the Batmobile, you will be blown away by the amazing tank-like features of the car. No doubt WB games really took it to the next level with the Batmobile. Although the 60mm Cannon of the Batmobile is ruthless, the reload time is pretty slow. You won’t feel the need to upgrade the cannon early on in the game because there’s not much use of it in the beginning, just like the ballistic armor. But as you progress, you’ll see that many enemy tanks can only be blown by the 60mm cannon.

What makes the 60mm Cannon Reload Speed upgrade so good?

  • Quickly reload the cannon for quicker 60mm shots.
  • No more being surrounded by enemies as you’ll quickly blow them up.
  • Quicker reloads will give you an upper hand in all Batmobile encounters.

How To Get The 60mm Cannon Reload Speed Upgrade?

3. Glide Boost Attack

If you are a Batman Arkham fan from the start, you’ll know how cool the glide boost attack looks! It’s about time we get the glide boost attack directly in the game without the need to upgrade it. It is an amazing attack that will help you catch your enemies by surprise.

What makes the glide boost attack upgrade so good?

  • Catch your enemies by surprise.
  • Directly take down an enemy before the fight even begins.
  • It looks really cool!


How To Get Glide Boost Attack Upgrade?

2. Grapnel Boost

The grapnel boost arrived in the initial Batman Arkham games, but the grapnel boost in Arkham Knight is next level! You will have the choice of max three upgrades in the grapnel boost section. It is best to maximize the grapnel boost at the start of the game to quickly maneuver around Gotham! It especially comes in handy when scarecrow releases his gas over the city, and you need to move quickly in the skies without touching the ground (Oops… Spoiler alert)

What makes the Grapnel Boost Upgrade so great?

  • Quickly move around the city.
  • Gain a tactical advantage over your enemies by having a bird’s eye view of the whole city.
  • Quickly grapple away from a fight if you are low on health.

How To Get Grapnel Boost Upgrade?

1.   Fear Multi-Takedown x 5

Batman Arkham Knight introduced the fear takedown skill, which was immensely appreciated by gamers around the world. If you catch your enemies by surprise, you have the skill to take down multiple enemies before the fight even begins with the fear takedown. Quickly upgrade this skill at the beginning of the game to take down the maximum number of enemies before they even know you’re there!

What Makes The Fear Multi-Takedown x 5 Upgrade so great?

  • Take out over five enemies before the fight even begins.
  • Lesser enemies to deal with once you initiate the Fear Multi-Takedown.
  • Gain additional XP from a fight when you take down the max number of enemies in Fear Multi-Takedown.



How to get the Fear Multi-Takedown Upgrade?



There are lots of upgrades up for grabs either by spending WayneTech points or completing easy challenges and acquiring them. Make sure you get upgrades early on in the game because if you think the game will be the same level of difficulty as you progress, then you’re going to find yourself in hot waters. I hope you found this post helpful; let me know in the comments if I missed out on any crucial upgrades from Batman Arkham Knight!



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