Batman Arkham Knight Best DLCs (Ranked Worst To Best)

Arkham Knight DLC
Arkham Knight excelled in not only gameplay but DLCs too!

You have to admit, playing the main story is great and all, but DLCs have a charm of their own. I, as a gamer, always look forward to a good DLC that can provide an alternative or continual perspective of the main story. Batman Arkham series has always gotten numerous DLCs for each game that let you control other characters of the Arkham universe, heroes, or villains.
Batman Arkham Knight is no exception to DLCs, it has received numerous DLCs from when it was released in 2015. Let’s rank them from worst to best.

5. Harley Quinn DLC pack

The Harley Quinn episode in the Harley Quinn DLC pack is not the best Arkham Knight DLC. Although in the past, Harley Quinn’s DLCs were pretty great in other Batman Arkham Series games, it just doesn’t make sense in Arkham Knight. The joker is gone, and Harley Quinn has no use of being in the game.
Other than that, the DLC is pretty short, and the mechanics are sloppy. The combat of Harley Quinn feels like someone copied her character on the Dark Knight’s code.
DLC full details: Here

4. Red Hood Pack

3. A Matter Of Family

This is where things start to get good! A Matter of Family DLC revolves around the story of Batgirl at Arkham Asylum. This DLC received a lot of positive response from Arkham Knight fans for having great combat, storyline, and freedom to roam around Arkham Asylum.
The DLC allowed the players to roam Arkham Asylum freely and included some side missions too!
DLC full details: Here

2. Nightwing: GCPD Lockdown

Nightwing has been a fan favorite since he started getting his own DLCs in the Arkham series. The Nightwing: GCPD lockdown was a very well made DLC for Batman Arkham Knight. Fans rated this DLC as very positive and the whole gameplay is very enjoyable.
Nightwing’s combat was unique from Batman’s so it gave an entirely new experience to Batman Arkham Knight.
DLC full details: Here

1. Season of Infamy

Season of Infamy deserves the number 1 spot on this list. It is no doubt the best Batman Arkham Knight DLC! You get to meet the most notorious Batman villains! Villains like Killer Croc, Ra's Al Ghul, Mad Hatter, and Mr. Freeze make a comeback in this amazing DLC for Batman Arkham Knight.
You can move freely in the large free-roam world and also play side missions.
DLC full details: Here


Batman Arkham Knight was a success and its DLCs had mixed reviews. Most were positively reviewed by fans but some DLCs were straight up trash, and the people weren’t afraid to say it! I hope this list helps you single out the best Arkham Knight DLCs. If you think any other Arkham Knight DLC deserves to be on this list, let me know in the comments below!

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