[Top 10] Attack on Titan Best Episodes

Attack on Titan Best Episodes
Sometimes you just got to let your inner Titan out!

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and most importantly, prayed to the Gods that Eren and his band of elite soldiers finally kill the murderous monsters known as the Titans. With the show airing its fourth and final season, we’re going to look back at the ten best episodes that Attack on Titan has produced thus far. Grab your box of tissues again and prepare to revisit the pivotal moments of the popular anime.

(Warning: There will be spoilers ahead from seasons one through four, so please don’t read if you haven’t caught up to the series at this point.)

10) Season One Episode 1: To You, in 2000 Years: The Fall of Shiganshina

The show starts very simple, with a gigantic red naked man watching over the small city known as Shiganshia. Of course, we would soon learn that these behemoths are Titans and the pilot episode does an excellent job of kicking off the series with some action involving The Levi Squad. From there, this episode introduces us to the main characters of Armin (the wimp), Mikasa (the badass), and a stubborn, but a tough young boy who happens to like crying under trees, Eren.

This episode is a success in not only introducing us into the world in Attack on Titan, but several easter eggs are planted (such as The Levi Squad and Grisha and the key) that eventually pays off later in the series. Also:

  • The scene with the mother being given her son’s arm by the beaten soldiers perfectly exemplifies how dire their situation currently is
  • There’s a nice mix of seriousness and comedy until disaster strikes when the Titans burst into the wall. (Well, unless you think the invasion of those creepy bastards is funny)
  • Hannes cowering when he faces the smiling Titan
  • The last moments between Eren and his mother before she’s devoured like a snickers bar

9) Season One Episode 5: First Battle/ Attack on Trost, Part 1

S**t got real again in this episode. Thus far, we’ve seen Eren, Mikasa, and Armin play soldiers during training, but when the master Titan invades beyond the walls, it was time to be a soldier. What Attack on Titan does so great is the depiction of war from both sides. Granted, you’ll likely end up depressed by the time an episode ends, but the show never holds back on the struggles that these men and women face.

That goes double for this episode as the Cadets are forced into a situation that would likely end in only two ways: Fight or get snacked on by those giant creatures. This episode had several key moments that would set the plot into second gear, including the death of Eren.

  • The battle between Eren and The Colossal Titan was an exciting sequence. This not only showcased how much Eren has improved since we first met him but just how smart and scary these Titans are
  • The preparations of The Scouts getting ready for war. A guy is constantly vomiting. A woman is begging to the Gods. And Jean feels that the end is near. Despite their training, these moments showcased the human side of these elite soldiers. These men and women aren’t superheroes, which makes their upcoming battle more gripping
  • The interaction between Jean and Eren. One man was ready to stare death in his face. The other wasn’t ready to be buried six under. Despite their differences, it was nice to see Eren try to give Jean some words of encouragement
  • The sequence of Eren, Armin, and The Scouts running through rooftops ready to fight a Titan
  • The reality of their dire situation when Thomas is in the mouth of a Titan calling for help
  • The images of Titans killing off all of Eren’s crew
  • Eren saving Armin before being devoured himself

8) Season One Episode 8: I Can Hear His Heartbeat: The Struggle for Trost, Part 4

All hope is lost at this point. A soldier blows his head off. More want to commit suicide just for a way out. Attack on Titan can be hard to watch at times due to the emotional and physical hell that these men and women face, along with the aftermath.

But episode eight was where true hope emerged. Just when it appeared that Mikasa, who was the only shining light during this cruel war, was about to meet her fate with the Gods, a mysterious Titan saves the day. That behemoth turned out to be Eren, who had everyone’s jaw-dropping once the episode ended.

  • Mikasa being a badass and killing off a couple of Titans
  • Jean redeeming himself somewhat and leading most Cadets to safety
  • The Cadets outsmarting The Titans in the tunnel
  • Eren’s rampage against the other Titans
  • The reveal of Eren being the mysterious Titan aiding the Scouts

7) Season One Episode 21: Iron Hammer/The Expedition, Part 5

The most exciting episode of the five-part saga. Packed with non-stop action, the revelation that one of the Squad members was a Titan bumped up the tension following the giant’s escape. Before The Levi Squad captured the big brute, there was an exhilarating chase sequence that’s anchored with Eren’s decision on whether he should go full Titan or not.

Trusting his instincts, we’re given false hope when the Female Titan is captured. However, we continue to learn the strength of this intelligent monster, who was able to call for help from her fellow Titans. From there, the episode only got better that highlighted the show’s strong writing for characters, important moments, and raw depiction of war.

  • The fireworks display when The Levi Squad captured the Female Titan
  • The Female Titan killing off her fellow soldiers in human form
  • The Levi Squad vs. The Female Titan
  • Eren vs. The Female Titan
  • The Female Titan eating Eren with ease
  • Levi witnessing the horrors of his squad brutally mutilated
  • Levi showcasing his skillset and rescuing Eren

6) Season Two Episode 1: Beast Titan

Season premieres are usually episodes that set up what’s going to happen throughout the remainder of the upcoming season. Not surprisingly, “Beast” didn’t have the emotional weight that the season one finale carried, but this was still a strong mark with two “holy s**t” moments.

After their battle against Annie Lionheart, there was no rest for these soldiers as “Beast” introduced several new elements that would continue the evolution of the war against Titans.

  • A freaky discovery of a Titan inside the wall
  • Section Commander Hange threatening Pastor Nick
  • The introduction of a religious element
  • Nine creepy Titans running into the city
  • The flashback moment involving Eren and his mother
  • The sweet conversation between Eren and Mikasa
  • The Beast Titan and his ability to talk
  • Miche’s final moments before being devoured by the other Titans

5) Season Two Episode 12: Scream

As expected, the final episode put the overall arcs from season one and two together. Throughout Season Two,  Reiner and Bertholdt are discovered as the Colossal and Armored Titan, and the development of Eren, Armin, and Mikasa comes into play in the  “Scream” episode. An intense episode highlighted with action, strong character work, and heart-breaking moments.

  • Hannes defending Eren and Mikasa from the Smiling Titan
  • Eren’s newfound power to command the Titans
  • Eren and The Scouts vs. The Titans
  • Historia relieving Ymir the burdening of protecting her
  • The sentimental moment between Reiner, Bertholdt, and Ymir
  • The closing image of the Beast teasing that there’s more to come in season three

4) Season Three Episode 7: Wish

Episode three revolved around Historia’s big decision to restore her sister by eating Eren, but just like any great Titans episode, “Wish” contained flashy and exciting action, drama, and a character-defining moment.  Until this point, the focus has been on Kenny “The Ripper” and Rod Reiss, with both men’s stories tying into Historia’s decision to become a new Titan and save humanity.

  • The fight between Captain Levi and Kenny “The Ripper”
  • The Scouts raiding the cavern and outsmarting the Military police
  •  Mikasa slicing and dicing her way through the Military police
  • The story of Frieda Reiss
  • The confrontation between Kenny “The Ripper” and Rod Reiss
  • Historia not giving into her father’s lies and saving Eren

 3) Season Three Episode 17: Hero

“Hero” is the perfect name for this episode as we’ve watched nearly the entire Levi Squad sacrifice themselves to get one over The Beast Titan, along with Eren and Armin battling The Colossal and Armored Titans.

What made the first half of this episode so impactful was the suicide mission. Since we know that these men are dying, that would usually take out the element of suspense, but the final moments of these soldiers were heart-breaking tear jerkers that made you hope for the best despite their doomed fate.

The battle with The Armored and Colossal Titan showcased just how far Armin has come from his early days as a wimp in season one, along with the thrilling sequences from The Scouts.

  • The soldiers last moments while charging into battle against The Beast Titan
  • Captain Levi getting the better of The Beast Titan and coming close to killing off the behemoth
  • Armin’s plan against The Colossal Titan
  • The flashbacks of Armin and Eren
  • Mikasa and The Scouts fending off The Armored Titan
  • Armin and Eren vs. The Colossal Titan
  • Hange returning to help The Scouts

2) Season Three Episode 18: Midnight Sun

Following the aftermath of the “Hero” episode came “Midnight Sun”. Episode 17 was jam-packed with action, but episode 18 was a calm entry that had one central conflict: Should Captain Levi give the syringe to Armin or Commander Erwin?

Not surprisingly, Eren and Mikasa tried their damn hardest to make sure that Armin lives to see another day, and the cadets do give strong points on why he was a valuable asset to the team. However, it was clear that emotion clouded their judgment from the beginning. Commander Erwin had just as much right to live as Armin as he was the one to weed out the traitor, though Erwin did have some demons before his battle against the Beast Titan.

The decision on whether Armin and Commander Erwin should live was a simple concept, but given the journey of both characters, along with the elements surrounding the situation, was a very compelling episode that highlighted that Attack on Titan didn’t need to rely on exciting action sequences to captivate the audience.

  • Hanges’ decision on whether she should kill Reiner
  • The interaction between Zeke Jaeger and Eren
  • The battle to choose whether Armin or Erwin should live
  •  Armin eating Bertholdt for his power
  • Captain Levi’s reasoning for giving Armin the syringe

1) Season Four Episode 1: The Other Side Of The Sea

This episode revisits the war between the Mid-East Allied Forces and Marley. Here, we see Reiner (The Armored Titan), Zeke Jaeger (Beast Titan), and a stunning visual of humans transforming into Titans from the sky. Back in season two, it was confirmed that Titans weren’t just mindless creatures, but actual humans who turned into violent brutes.

“The Other Side of the Sea” also confirmed that Titans were useful in restoring peace to mankind. At least temporarily. The season four premiere also introduced us to entertaining side characters, namely Gabi, who was a fun ball of energy throughout. 

Despite this episode taking place amid a war, this felt like a mini-marvel movie due to the light-hearted tone, electrifying battle sequences, and the lack of a depressing score. Episode one kicked-off what’s sure to be a gripping final season of Attack on Titan.

  • Fun side characters, namely Falco and Gabi
  • Thrilling battle sequences
  • Cool visual of soldiers transforming into Titans in the sky
  • Armored and Beast Titans fighting
  • Eren’s newfound power to command the Titans
  • Eren and The Scouts vs. The Titans
  • Historia relieving Ymir the burdening of protecting her
  • The sentimental moment between Reiner, Bertholdt, and Ymir
  • The closing image of the Beast teasing that there’s more to come in season three

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