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Attack on Titan puts forward incredible characters with jaw-dropping strength and resilience. And, I'm not just talking about the titans or the famous nine shifters over here. 

The soldiers of the Survey Corps, which by the way, are normal humans, are some of the strongest of many characters featured in AoT. 

Let's take a look at my top 10 picks of the strongest soldiers - from strong to the strongest! 


10. Armin Arlet 


For me, Armin has to be the weakest of them all, probably because his true strength lies in his brains. Armin's analytical skills, a practical approach to every situation, and tactical prowess add more strength to his character. 

However, as far as his combative skills are concerned - they aren't incredible. From the beginning of the anime, we find Armin being the quiet guy who avoids getting into fights. This reflects in season 4 as well, when Armin gets beaten up by Eren. 

In another scene of season 4, Armin gets shot instead of putting up a fight. This shows that even after inheriting the Colossal Titan, our soft-hearted Armin hasn't changed much.


9. Historia Reiss 

Historia appeared to be one of the 104th Cadet Corps's weakest members when she was initially presented. She leaned on Ymir and was heartbroken when she lost her. 

She has, however, since taken the throne as the queen of Paradis, slain her father, Rod Reiss, when he transformed into a titan and does what is beneficial for everyone around her. 

Though she gave up on the "fighting-end," she was a vital member of the Survey Corps. Despite her pregnancy and commitment to rule Paradis rightfully, Historia grew even stronger due to the disasters she endured.


8. Eren Yeager 

You must be wondering - Eren Yeager as Number 8, what? Well, yeah. 

In my opinion, Eren is only powerful because of his Titan powers. Without his Titan abilities, Eren doesn't really do well on the field when it comes to fighting. He isn't dumb, nor is he a bad fighter per se, but one-on-one combat (in his human form) isn't Eren's cup of tea. 

However, his determination and conviction to set things right make him one of the ten strongest soldiers of humanity. Towards the end, it's only freedom that matters to him. He doesn't really care about humanity or how many friends he hurt in the process. 


7. Sasha Braus

Hailing from the countryside, Sasha Braus is a fan favorite. She brings variety to the show only through her accent but her strong and admirable personality as well. 

Throughout the anime, she charms everyone with her bubbly persona, thus taking away AoT's gloominess. My favorite Sasha scene is when she saves Kaya from a Titan and manages to put him down. 

It shows that she isn't stupid and has complete control over herself. Initially, though, she can be seen not taking her duties seriously. Still, Sasha's character development with every passing chapter was phenomenal. 


6. Hange Zoe 

Unlike most other characters in the story, Hange cared for the titans. From the beginning, she was a peculiar and odd character who wasn't taken seriously by the fans. 

However, as the anime progressed, Hange became one of the mightiest warriors of the Survey Corps and took over as Commander after Erwin died. I personally loved her when she saved Levi from the Jeagerists and brought him to safety. 

Her death was unfortunate as she sacrificed herself to give her allies more time to flee Eren and his army of Colossal giants. It was uncalled for, and many fans were quite mad over this as well. 


5. Annie Leonhart 

Annie is formidable outside of her human form, as Attack on Titan fans know. Still, the female soldier in her human form is equally powerful. 

With a sense of dominance that matched her combat prowess, the cool, silent figure ruled over her other cadets. Annie could easily take on guys twice her size in hand-to-hand combat, and her unwavering determination to join the Survey Corps made her dangerous to watch. 

And for all these reasons, we fans weren't shocked when Annie's Titan form was tremendously powerful as well.


4. Jean Kristen

Our favorite second-lead, Jean boy, ranks number 4 in my list of the strongest AoT soldiers! 

Jean is a skilled soldier, an adept commander, and a skilled marksman. Although initially snobbish and rigid, his character growth has led to him being one of the most passionately devoted warriors in the world. 

Jean's level-headedness remains a continuous core to whatever unit he is a part of, despite not being as strong in combat as Mikasa or as powerful as a titan.


3. Erwin Smith 

"My Soldiers, Rage! My Soldiers Scream!! My Soldiers, Fight!!!"

This has to be one of the most iconic lines of Attack on Titan. And the adrenaline rush all of the fans experienced was simply wow. 

Erwin Smith is undoubtedly one of the strongest soldiers of the Survey Corps - he was the Commander, after all. 

But he wasn't just a great fighter. Erwin had a very practical approach to everything, and he was an incredibly strong-minded person. One of his iconic scenes is when the Armored Titan is next to him, but he doesn't show any sign of weakness. He doesn't even flinch! 

Erwin's fighting and strategy capabilities against humans and Titans are practically unrivaled, as are his top-notch leadership abilities. Moreover, honestly, his demise signifies the loss of one of the most, if not the most, brilliant brains in the whole Attack on Titan series.


2. Mikasa Ackerman 

Securing the 2nd position is our one and only, Mikasa Ackerman! 

Since the introduction of this fantastic character, it's been known that Mikasa is incredibly strong. Thanks to her Ackerman abilities, fighting and excelling in physical prowess comes easy to her. 

She was the most talented member of the 104th Cadet Corps and rose to become one of the Survey Corps' most valued warriors. 

As the manga nears its conclusion, she remains one of the strongest characters, willing to go to any length to rescue the world, including defeating the person she loves the most.


1. Levi Ackerman 

Lastly, the character whom I love the most, the strongest soldier of humanity - Levi Ackerman. He is easily the most impressive character among all in AoT. 

From the moment he was introduced to the moment he lost his legs (and even after that), there's no match for Levi. And I don't think there ever will be. 

As for his backstory, Levi became a criminal after Kenny abandoned him, and he enlisted in the Survey Corps to assassinate Erwin. 

However, when the titans killed his buddies, he devoted himself to the Commander. Moreover, with the help of his out-of-the-world fighting skills became an inspiration to his soldiers. 

Levi Ackerman mesmerizes everyone with his presence, and is definitely a fan favorite. 

Personally speaking, his fight with the beast titan is a masterpiece! He managed to take down the feared beast titan by himself while living up to the promise he made to Erwin. Simply amazing!

Besides, he is a great-looking character who loves cleanliness - how can you not love this guy!? 



So, this is the end of AoT's strongest soldiers ranked strong to strongest. Do you agree with my rankings? We'd love to hear from you guys, so let us know in the comment section below!


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