[Top 10] Baldur's Gate 3 Best Party

When decision paralysis kicks in

Okay, so we love the companions in Baldur’s Gate 3 for various reasons. Whether you are in the game for the story, aka the romance, or the strategy, the way you build your party can make the playthrough a walk through an illithid park or an absolute nightmare. When building your party it is important to factor in what you, as the player, want to be and then build your party around that. Since there are so many ways to build a party, here are the ten best combinations through the game.


10. Jaheira + Minsc + Karlach


This is a fun party if only for their banter. Jaheira and Minsc go way back offering the PC a chance to get a deeper sense of Dungeons and Dragons lore. Karlach fangirls over Jaheira and it is adorable to witness. Beyond the banter each of these characters have the stats to pave the way for a successful campaign. Jaheira is a druid which is a great class for support, but I would even go as far to say she isbetter than Halsin, at least combat wise. Minsc is strong in combat as well and is just kookie enough that it becomes fun. Karlach, as a barbarian, specializes in combat as well, making this a party that is very combat forward. 

Together they balance each other out covering all of the spaces you need party members to be in combat. Jaheira is built for mid-range combat, where Minsc is mainly ranged and Karlach is the melee fighter. The one thing that is a setback to this party is the fact that two of these companions only become available quite late in the storyline. To balance out the heavy hitters it would be important to play as either a support or skill class, like a bard, to cover the skills that these companions don’t have. 

Here are three reasons why you should try out this party combo:

  • Jaheira is a beast

Jaheira is a character that is encouraging to have in your party, and not only because she calls you “cub”. Her spell list as you level her up becomes quite impressive, such as Wall of Fire and summoning elementals to aid in the fight. Because you gain Jaheira later on, you can level her up with the wisdom of where you went wrong with Halsin. Jaheira also tends to be a better spellcaster and has more prepared spells than Halsin due to her druidic circle, Circle of the Land. Her weapon attacks aren’t very strong so it is often better to use her as an offensive caster or taking advantage of her Wild Shape.

  • He’s got a space hamster

A key component to Minsc’s character is his behavior, which is put simply, unhinged. But this is honestly what makes him so lovable. He also is quite a boon to your party especially if you like having ranged back up. As a ranger, redundant I know, he is a dexterity based character which lends itself to ranged attacks with either spells or bows. This also means that his armor class isn’t very high and he will die first if you put him in the thick of it. 

He does come with a little extra though, mainly Boo. Our resident miniature giant space hamster can be good for many things outside of combat, such as a distraction or fitting into small spaces. He can also fight though his damage isn’t great. 

  • Karlach is on fire.

Karlach really adds to this party because while for the most part Jaheira and Minsc need to be back a bit to be fully efficient, Karlach can be right in the middle. She will most likely outlast the other two with her health and raging buffs. She is also able to consume Soul Coins in combat to give her the passive effect of Infernal Fury which does both extra damage and makes her more resilient. By pairing her with the other two, as they are added to camp later, allows the PC to make full use of all of Karlach’s perks.


9. Astarion + Jaheira + Wyll

Mama bear energy

Jaheira does not put up with silliness. Wyll and Astarion are full of it. This makes for banter that is like watching a haggard babysitter deal with warring siblings. To be technical though this is a relatively well balanced party. All of these characters can do some damage, Astarion is the dexterity based character, Jaheira the support and Wyll is the charmer. Together they make for a thrilling trip through the Sword Coast. 

These are the reasons you should have them join you on your campaign:

  • Can’t touch him

Astarion is a rogue who’s dexterity is quite high. This makes for a great character who doesn’t die right away, because when he reaches level five he gains a reaction called Uncanny Dodge. Uncanny Dodge halves the amount of damage originally dealt. This works great in this group as Jaheira is a companion gained later.

  • Mama Panther

Jaheira is fiercely protective of her party members. Her strengths as an offensive caster cannot be overhyped. Within this party she fills the role of caster but mainly the support as she can heal your party with the spell Goodberry and Healing Word.

  • Blade of Frontiers

Wyll is the softest boy in this group. He can use his high charisma modifier to make up for the lack of charisma in the other two characters. Though his spell slots are limited they are quite powerful such as the Arms of Hadar. This spell deals necrotic damage but also prevents combatants from using reactions, which can be incredibly handy with a caster in the party.


8. Astarion + Minthara + Lae'zel


If you are looking to have a completely unhinged Dark Urge playthrough then this is the party for you. These three companions are the least likely to disapprove of your Durge’s bloodthirsty habits. Astarion loves chaos and already believes the world is prone to violence, Minthara originally works for the Absolute so her goals are already aligned and Lae'zel believes in weeding out the weak. 

But beyond what they approve of these characters are a good balance for any class of PC. These guys are a great fit if you are looking to play a run through without anyone turning up their noses at how you handle problems. A support character such as a cleric or a druid would probably be the best to absolutely round out the party's skills, but any class would be a good fit with these three. 

Here are three reasons to consider being evil with them:

  • In a sticky situation? Astarion is your man!

Astarion has the buffs as a rogue to assist with skill checks outside of dialogue and combat. Hemakes sure your party doesn’t get ambushed or unexpectedly blown up, i.e. disarming traps and lock picking.

  • Minthara will bully everyone into submission

Minthara as a paladin can be used for both combat and dialogue checks with her high charisma, though she leans more towards intimidation than nicely persuading other NPCs. She can also, as you level her up, heal your party.

  • Lae’zel is a powerhouse with a sword

Lae'zel is a good fit because where she lacks the charisma, boy does she make up for it in combat. Depending on how you level her up you can get multiple attacks per round.


7. Wyll + Halsin + Karlach

Papa bear?

Having the three of these companions in your party is beneficial if, like me, you can’t stand to hurt an NPC’s feelings. All of these companions are aligned with good so if you want a little extra violence I wouldn’t recommend them as a party. This party is incredibly wholesome and will make your playthrough feel like an adventure with your best friends. Halsin is like a father figure who just wants to make sure you are ok. Wyll is a charmer at best and is just a sweetheart at worst. Karlach follows her heart and makes you want to do the same. 

Together they are a party that makes you feel like the MC but not in a toxic way. These traits allow for a well balanced party skill wise but one that definitely leans towards good so if you aren’t trying to save everyone, they might disapprove of your tav’s actions. To fully round out the party another character with good combat skills would probably be best. 

Why you should consider being their friend:

  • Eldritch Blast is not overrated

Though it may seem like a warlock only has one useful cantrip, Wyll offers much more than Eldritch Blast. He has the charisma to convince even the grumpiest of NPCs to listen. As you level him up you are able to get some pretty powerful and useful spells that make great use of his limited spell slots. Eldritch Blast itself becomes pretty powerful as he levels up, offering a great weapon without the cost of a spell slot.

  • Halsin is more than a bear

As a druid Halsin makes a great support character, offering healing to your party as well as buffs in any wisdom based skill checks. Druids with their connection to the natural world also have great area of effect spells, such as Sleet Storm, which is especially useful later on in the game when you are fighting a lot of enemies. Druids are also able to summon extra hands to the battlefield like elementals. Halsin can also turn into a bear.

  • Karlach has got the moves

Beyond Karlach’s great dance moves in camp, she is especially useful in this party as though both Halsin and Wyll are strong characters, they are not combat based. Sometimes you just need a strong woman to hit your problems with an ax. As a strength based character and Barbarian, she specifically comes in handy when she rages because damage is halved, meaning she is often the last one standing. 


6. Wyll + Halsin + Lae'zel

Our favorite gith 

When these three get together, who knows what will happen. Most of your bases as a party are covered, using Wyll as your skill character, Halsin as your support and Lae'zel as your offense. The personality differences between these three characters make for an interesting adventure. Lae'zel is a utilitarian at heart while Halsin and Wyll are sentimental heroes. It is also curious to see the difference in age between Wyll and Halsin. The best tav build would be a character focused on defense to balance out the party. 

Here are the reasons that this party works:

  • Folk Hero

Wyll is a character who strives to save people at any cost. His pact allows him some extra perks that will allow you to do that. Dark One’s Blessing is a perk that will give four temporary hit points when Wyll has defeated an enemy. This allows him to keep fighting as long as he can.

  • Wisdom of Nature

Halsin is a great character to adventure with because due to his age he was present for many of the events still affecting your campaign. His dialogue gives insight to the environment in a way that characters who are young or unfamiliar to the area cannot. Beyond that Halsin’s versatility allows him to make up for any shortcomings in the party.

  • Survival is all that matters

Lae'zel is again going to be the main melee fighter in this party. While both Wyll and Halsin can be great combat companions, Lae'zel will have the most power in close range. One of Lae'zel’s abilities that makes her so good is the fact that she can regain quite a few hit points with Second Wind. This is a bonus action specific to fighters that helps them regain 1d10 plus their level back in hit points. This helps you when an encounter isn’t going how it was supposed to and Lae'zel can last longer.


5.Shadowheart + Wyll + Lae'zel

Wait... is that smudgy eyeliner?

Honestly this is one of my favorite combos if only to see Wyll swing and miss with both Shadowheart and Lae'zel. Their dynamic is fun to witness and highlights the romantic side of Wyll and the jaded sides of Shadowheart and Lae'zel. Shadowheart and Lae'zel fall into their usual roles as support and melee in this party while Wyll becomes not just the skill character but also the ranged caster. Any of these characters can be versatile and fill the gaps of the party so the class of the PC is not quite as important. 

Here is why you should choose them:

  • I think calling Shadowheart shart is unfair

She misses. A lot. I totally get that but I think it is important to use Shadowheart to her best strengths which is more defense and healing than offense. Shadowheart’s other strength has to do with her being a Trickery cleric. This allows her to make up for the lack of stealth in the party as she has access to spells such as Invoke Duplicity and Pass without a Trace.

  • An angel on a Devil’s leash

Despite Wyll’s limited spell slots as a warlock he can still be an efficient caster. This lies mainly in the fact that his cantrips are usually quite powerful and that as a warlock his spell slots can be restored with a short rest.

  • Utility above all else

Lae'zel is the swing behind this sword. She can make up for the lack of offensive capacity of this crew. One of her main bonuses as a fighter is Action Surge, which is a bonus action that refills her action. This means you can get a second or third hit in to make up for a miss.


4. Astarion + Gale  + Shadowheart


The sass. The humble brags. They are what make this party just so delightful to be a part of. Though Gale is the ray of sunshine in this group, it doesn’t mean he can’t dish it out. Adventuring with this party is like being in a group of introverts, no one trusts each other at first but when they do? The reward is so sweet. 

These characters together also allow the tav to be the hero without lacking the complexity that we have grown to crave with this game. We’ve got tortured souls one, two and three with each a different flavor of trauma. On the tactical side of things these characters are best in a party with a tav who can hold their own in combat, such as a barbarian or fighter. 

The reasons why they work so well together are as follows:

  • Don’t underestimate the fruity vampire

Astarion can be pretty powerful in combat, especially as an assassin. His sneak attack does enough damage to hold his own in any encounter. Even if you choose the arcane trickster route, the cantrips that he acquires can do untold amounts of damage. He balances these other two out by having an advantage on skill checks that are dexterity based.

  • Fireball isn’t his only spell

Gale is a versatile character despite his car salesman persona. But there is more to him than just that. One path that can be chosen with him is the path of the Apothecary, so that you never run out of health potions ever again. 

  • A woman of mystery

Shadowheart has many secrets that take a while to get out of her. This lends to her a sense of darkness. This extends to her magic which has a necromantic flavor as well as divine. This comes in handy when trying to inflict extra damage on enemies that are not undead.


3. Karlach + Gale + Shadowheart

Well, hello there

What happens when a barbarian, a wizard and a cleric walk into a bar? Problems get solved. This is a fairly standard party set up with each member fulfilling a specific role. Karlach is the muscle, Gale is the one who relentlessly casts Fireball and Shadowheart can heal your part after it happens. These three together allow for a lot of versatility in your playthrough. 

You can follow your dreams of having a tav bard who is most likely a personality hire. The only thing to watch out for is the skills outside the party. Gale can do a lot in the intelligence and charisma department but dexterity is not any of these characters’ strong suit. 

Here is what I love about these three together.

Karlach is more than muscle

While I know that one of the main reasons that we love Karlach is because she smacks enemies around, she can be so much more than that. If the path of Wildheart is chosen, Karlach gains skills outside her main use as a barbarian. One of my favorites is the fact that she can use a ritual to Speak with Animals, which in Baldur’s Gate 3 the dialogue for animals is incredibly unique. Having Karlach use that spell allows the tav to not need to worry about it.

Gale is a simp but so am I

Gale is an asset in this party because he is probably the most versatile. Leveling up Gale can push him in any direction you want. This makes Gale the glue that holds the party together. He does best in the Evocation school of magic, because it prioritizes area of effect attacks that are mostly unavailable to the other party members. As both Shadowheart and Karlach are more effective in melee this is a good balance.

Everyone loves a goth girl

Shadowheart is suppressed emotions incarnate and we love her for that. Personality wise both Karlach and Gale are both relatively optimistic characters so Shadowheart adds a little spice to the mix. As for her skills, Shadowheart is the defense to Karlach’s offense. Once leveled up, Shadowheart has a spell called Spirit Guardians and if you are fighting in close combat it not only protects your other party members but destroys the enemies.


2. Astarion + Gale + Wyll

Feel the sting of the Blade

Saturday nights are for the boys, and your tav. These three together are very interesting. The banter is fun to witness if only because Astarion thinks the other two are a bore. The differences in personality in this party leaves the dialogue to be rather catty. Strategically as a party they are very skill heavy with a lot of charisma and intelligence. 

Astarion brings the skills to break into everything, Gale can offer up any knowledge that you might need and Wyll can persuade the pants off of anyone that gets in your way. As far as combat, all three can be quite good if you set them up correctly but it would be better to be a combat based class, such as barbarian or fighter. 

There are three reasons you would want this party combo:

  • Sneaky, Sneaky

Astarion as the resident rogue is the King of Sneak. Especially with such a skill heavy party it may be the best choice to lean on stealth and Astarion is key to that. As a rogue he is also allowed to Dash as a bonus action, which makes him a great choice when you are trying to get the party somewhere quick. With this party going the route of thief or assassin is a better choice at level three rather than arcane trickster because the magic is fairly covered by Gale and Wyll.

  • Magic Man

Gale is a squishy wizard, I just want to be up front with that. So while he can’t take much damage, boy can he do some. He is a very versatile character given how many schools of magic there are. But each school has its advantages and disadvantages. It isn’t something to get into right now but can honestly just be up to player tastes. A nice thing about Gale is that as a wizard, you can change his spells anytime not in combat. So if you are finding that one spell is not working, you don’t have to wait until he is leveling up to change them.

  • The Hero of Baldur’s Gate

We love a man who low key sold his soul to save people. Some of Wyll’s best perks are the reactions that he as a warlock can get, such as Hellish Rebuke and Counterspell. Counterspell would be especially effective with this party because neither other party member can take too many hits. Wyll in combat for this party would be leveling up Eldritch Blast but also don’t forget his magic weapon that he can conjure. This would be important because as a warlock his spells are based off charisma. Combine that with a conjured weapon that uses his spell modifier instead of strength or dexterity, gives some oomph to our man.


1. Shadowheart + Lae'zel + Karlach

She's glowing

This party is for the girls. These three together make for a very powerful party. The banter is sassy, flirty and can be quite deep at times. Together they are a party that usually aligns with good but they are ok if you make a mistake or the means become a little violent. The tension between Shadowheart and Lae'zel plays up in the banter especially as certain secrets are revealed to the party. On the other hand Karlach, brings out the lighter sides in both of these relatively serious characters. As a party these three are extremely well balanced in combat, with both Karlach and Lae'zel being heavy hitters and Shadowheart as a cleric being equipped with many healing spells. The one thing they lack in are skills outside of combat so the best class to be as a PC would be one to fill that need, such as a sorcerer. 

These are three reasons why this party works so well together:

  • Shadowheart is God’s favorite princess, and maybe mine too

Shadowheart as a cleric can be very powerful if you use her right. Clerics, much like druids, use their wisdom gifted to them by their deity to cast spells. Shadowheart herself is proficient in skills that are wisdom based such as insight and medicine. Her healing spells are important to keeping your party going, especially in drawn out combat. 

  • Sometimes being mean is better

Lae'zel has already been touted as an excellent fighter and heavy hitter worthy of being in any party. The reason she fits so well into this party specifically are her special racial feats, such as Psionic Jump and eventually Misty Step. With her martial prowess she is important because then you are not only relying on Karlach to do all of the melee.

  • One more time for the people in the back

I feel like at this point having Karlach in the party is a bit of a given. She is strength based and when she rages only takes half damage. Depending how you level her up you can imbue other strengths into her character as well, depending which Primal Path you choose at level 3. One quality that is great about Karlach is her ability to take a Reckless Attack, which gives her the advantage against the enemy. The bad part about this is that the enemy then gets an advantage as well. This can be evened out though if Karlach is raging making the cost worth it.

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