The Best Hitman Games of All Time

Discover the best Hitman Games of All Time.
We're heading down a dark and dangerous path with the best Hitman Games of All Time

The Best Hitman Games of All Time

The DNA of some of the world’s most notorious criminals was combined to create genetically enhanced assassin Agent 47. The Hitman series allowed players to become said gun for hire, and turn into an elusive ghost, lurking in the dark, stalking its prey. So, without further ado, let us journey through the best Hitman games of all time, but I am warning you: we are heading for a dark and dangerous path!

1. HITMAN™  

Toilet Drowning in Hitman Walkthrough Gameplay - Hitman 6 2016

HITMAN™ Gameplay

Play as international assassin Agent 47 in a game that can be characterized as the epitome of stealth. Watch HITMAN’s story unfold starting in a secret hitman training facility, and turning into a series of hits around the globe. But most importantly, discover hundreds of ways to maneuver in the game’s gigantic levels to deliver death unnoticed.

What Makes Hitman Fun

  • No Wrong Way: No matter what you do you can always get caught, so if any unorthodox way you find to complete your objectives is fine as long as it helps keep you in shadows. This is a game that will reward you for being clever and creative; mistakes are not easily forgiven.
  • Guards And Disguises: The ability to dress up as different staff members or authorities is a prominent part of the game. This useful tool is not one without its perils though, as the group of people you are disguised as can and will realize you aren’t one of them.
  • Blending In: As a bold guy who’s usually in a suit, you would be way too conspicuous for most of your missions. Thankfully, there are a number of mechanisms to help you become a part of your environment. Use them wisely and you might just make it as a silent murderer.
  • Anyway You Want It: Wanna push them from a cliff or a balcony? Wanna drown them in a toilet or simply shoot them in the head? You could spend hours on each level, trying to find all means of assassination imaginable and you still would be able to do it.

This Won’t Hurt A Bit: If you’re good enough at your job as a paid assassin, your targets won’t even know they‘re about to part this mortal world

It’s A Mad World: Your various disguises will give you access to all kinds of places; even catwalks – if you’re up to it

2. Hitman GO

Hitman Go - Android Gameplay

Hitman GO Gameplay

This iteration of the classic Hitman games takes everything good about the series and makes it a turn-based board game of strategy. You move as the iconic silent assassin across the board, to reach each level’s exit without getting eliminated.

What Makes Hitman GO Fun

  • The Trademark Style Of 47: Upon first seeing the game, you will be met with a unique level of presentation; the vibrant colors, along with the characteristically prominent jet blacks, deep reds and bright whites offer that oh so familiar style of the Hitman series.
  • Complicated Puzzles: A difficulty level that keeps rising as you progress, diverse patters of movement amongst different guards and complicated environments with secret passageways and off-limit areas make for a masterpiece of a board game.
  • Tricks Of The Trade: If you think your old pal Agent 47 doesn’t have a few tricks up his sleeve, you are much mistaken, friend. Wearing disguises, using distractions and hiding spots – it’s all there; all the things that make 47 an elusive predator.
  • Choose Your Path: Whether you are a silent murderer who moves like a ghost or an aggressive killer, this game has got you covered. Play on your terms, and play to win.

Avoiding Detection At All Costs: Things can go south quickly if you are ever seen somewhere you shouldn’t be, doing something you shouldn’t be doing

Hide And Kill: Private guards, policemen, and dangerous criminals will all be searching for you in vain; you belong in the shadows

3. HITMAN™ 2

23 Minutes of Hitman 2 Stealth Infiltration Gameplay

HITMAN™ 2 Gameplay

Take on the role of International Contract Agency’s best assassin and journey through a series of complicated, dangerous levels as you are set to eliminate a mysterious Shadow Client. Buckle up as the game’s in-level suspense makes a thrilling combination with a magnificently compelling storyline.

What Makes HITMAN 2 Fun:

  • Just A Casual, Everyday Brutal Murder: The way other games might try to get the player’s attention is with exotic, otherworldly environments. The HITMAN 2 absolutely can but doesn’t have to do so. The more relatable the level, the more exciting it is to find how to commit homicide unseen.
  • A Game With Personality: Bask in the glory of the game’s open-world; this is not a bland large environment, civilians have their behavioral patterns, and so do guards.  Interaction is the name of the game – well, technically it’s Hitman 2 – and you have to depend on your smarts to complete your mission.
  • Tension: No matter where you go and what your route is, there is going to be a sense of danger. There’s a constant sense that you don’t belong – and with good reason.
  • Variety In Gameplay: HITMAN 2’s levels allow for players to define their playstyle; for example, searching for ways to create “accidental deaths”, makes the game more puzzle-based, while sniping your targets from afar, makes for an action – stealth experience.

In Their Time Of Dying: Unfortunately for them, your targets will not get a chance for last words when their time comes; you will come when they least suspect it

Whole Lotta Sniping: Watch your targets’ guards frantically panicking when you take them out with your sniper rifle

4. Hitman: Absolution™

Hitman Absolution Gameplay Walkthrough - A Personal Contract

Hitman: Absolution™ Gameplay

Taking on the role of Agent 47 has never been more exciting – or dangerous. In Hitman: Absolution you will find yourself betrayed by your own Agency, with the police constantly hunting you down. The game’s powerful storyline will keep you at the edge of your seat. Use your stealth skills to prove yourself as a relentless killer in this unforgiving world of violence.

What Makes Hitman: Absolution Fun

  • A Rich Environment: Beware of your surroundings to find out what new and creative means of murder your depraved brain can come up with. The opportunities for a hit; they’re everywhere if you just take a moment to look closely enough.
  • Hiding In Plain Sight: Use disguises to turn yourself into a part of your environment, pass by unsuspecting guards wearing the suit of their recently deceased colleague, and utilize special hitman techniques to conceal your identity.      
  • One Hell Of A Story: Agent 47 doesn’t take it easy on those who betray him, and it’s not like he could be eliminated; his set of skills is one that can’t be matched – or can it? Watch this game’s story unfold into a suspense-filled thriller.

Call Me The Working Man: Finding new avenues of murdering dangerous enemies can be a challenge; but hey, it’s a living

Bye, Bye Birdy: Give your enemies no quarter, and don’t waste a second; when you have a chance to take them out, take it

5. Hitman: Sniper

Hitman: Sniper Android iOS Walkthough - Gameplay

Hitman: Sniper

The world gazed at all the times legendary Agent 47 sat at a vantage point and stealthily murder his targets with a sniper rifle and said: Yes. More. And that’s exactly what we got. This installation of the Hitman series will allow you to wield a long-range weapon and take your targets out from afar, realizing your full potential as a master marksman and stealthy assassin.

What Makes Hitman: Sniper Fun

  • Brilliance In Simplicity: The premise of the game does a great job of showcasing what kind of design and dynamism can be facilitated within a seemingly plain format. After casting a first glance at the world before you, you will shortly realize there’s a lot more going on than what one might think. 
  • Room For Creativity: Sometimes a sniper rifle is all you need to become a sneaky grim reaper, a bringer of death, an unseen master of chaos. Take the time to understand the layout of each level, and take advantage of opportunities to complete your objectives in the best ways possible.
  • Secondary Objectives: Even though the sheer number of 150 missions is mind-boggling, there is notable diversity amongst the secondary objectives you are tasked to complete.
  • Upgrade Your Weapons: Your in-game progress will allow you to make customizations and upgrades to your arsenal. Turn your favorite sniper rifles into the ultimate weapons, with upgrades like explosive rounds and unlimited ammo.
  • Crush The Competition: Prove yourself as a marksman by rising through the games international leaderboards, and crush all competition with your skills. Time to see who’s the deadliest assassin around.  

Angel Of Death: Looking at the world through the scope of your sniper will give you a sense of control unlike any other; not to mention the simple joy of spreading death from a distance 

The World Is Your Oyster: Hitman: Sniper places you in a unique vantage point, giving you just the most wonderful opportunities to blow some brains off

6. Hitman: Blood Money

Hitman Blood Money Full Game 100% Stealth

Hitman: Blood Money Gameplay

It’s time for you to relive the series of Agent 47’s hits that led to his demise. Yes. The man whose very existence is shrouded in mystery, the world’s best assassin is dead. Or is he? Strangle, stab, shoot, and straight-up blow up your way to the finish line of this capturing tale of murder and betrayal.

What Makes Hitman: Blood Money Fun

  • Legendary Levels: Hitman: Blood Money gave the gaming world some of its most iconic, enjoyable moments. The game features settings of great diversity, from huge parties and weddings, to famous plays and holidays. Travel around the world, meet new and interesting people, and mercilessly murder them for money.
  • Agent 47’s Collection Of Weaponry: Use the blood money you get from your various missions to buy new weapons, attachments, various types of ammunition and miscellaneous equipment and gadgets. 
  • A Unique Storyline: It would be rude of me to give too much away and spoil this wonderful tale of murder, betrayal, and revenge, but it does get pretty wild. Hitman: Blood Money’s gameplay works perfectly with the thrilling story behind it to take you in a dark, relentless, bloody world of murder.  

It Was An Accident, I Swear: One of the most characteristic aspects of the Hitman games is the ability to create accidents by using the levels environment and your creativity

A Festive Occasion: Perhaps the most enjoyable missions in all the Hitman games are the ones taking place in some kind of chaotic setting; Mardi Gras is the perfect example

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