Why The Hitman Game Is Popular: 10 Reasons We Love It

Hitman is a franchise that has a million reasons to love it, and I could go on forever about these games

Hitman is a game franchise that has been steadily popular since the first game was released more than 20 years ago. There have been many games since then, but the last three games, which have been titled the “World of Assassination” trilogy, have spiked in popularity since they are arguably the best in the series. With Hitman 3 having been released a few years ago, it’s about time we look back and realize why these games were so popular in the first place.

There are not many game franchises that have stayed so prevalent over the course of two decades, so it’s safe to say there’s a lot of good things to be said about these games. And there’s a lot – from intriguing storylines to endless creativity, there’s a lot of reasons why Hitman is so popular. 


10. The game has an original concept that not many other games tackle

No other game besides Hitman has truly allowed the player feel like a master assassin in total control

Hitman, as we all know it, is a stealth game. It has other aspects that players have come to know and love but its stealth gameplay is the most iconic aspect. Many games have stealth, the ability for the player to hide in the shadows or don a certain disguise, but not many games have leaned so heavily into stealth and has made it a core mechanic like Hitman has. 

Hitman is not only one of the only mainly-stealth games to play today, but it has a masterful way of combining it with its other elements. Most games only give the player the ability to hide in the shadows, but Hitman allows the player to put on different disguises and impersonate other people. And all of these actions feel believable while playing as the iconic Agent 47, who is already a master of blending in. Not to mention the intriguing stories that go into each level also. Hitman is a very original game; there isn’t another like it. 


9. You can complete the task at hand any way you want and truly be creative

Hitman has become so popular because of how truly creative you can be, with the only wall being your own creativity

One of the main reasons Hitman has become so popular is not because of its storyline or combat, but because of how creative you can be. Hitman is also a sandbox game, meaning you can go at it from any way you want. Although there are predetermined paths for players to follow, experienced plays know those are just suggestions. 

There have been some truly crazy ways players have defeated the task at hand. There are speedrunners who try to take out the target(s) in the fastest way possible and other players who have taken more methodical approaches and have tried defeating the game in more wacky ways. Yet all of this to say that you can go at this game from any direction; you don’t have to follow the main story. There are infinite ways to complete the game and you can play it as your heart desires. 


8. The level designs are beautiful and capture the eyes of the player

Hitman has some amazing looking levels and graphics that immerse the player

The Hitman franchise has come a long way since Codename 47 was released back in 2000. The latest addition, Hitman 3, has the best graphics and some of the most beautiful levels in the franchise. I think IOI especially went all out when designing this game. 

Hitman 3 has brought along some of my personal favorite levels, like Dubai and Chongqing, because they are visually stunning. Each of these beautiful levels just ooze curiosity that makes the player want to explore. If not to find a nice disguise or weapon, just to see more of the map. It makes the player want to come back and see more, and I think that’s one of the reasons these games are so popular. 


7. Each level is built like a puzzle the player needs to solve

Each level has their own layers to peel back, and sometimes the player may need to fail before they can succeed

We already talked about how beautiful the levels in Hitman are from a visual standpoint, but it must be said how great these levels are from a gameplay standpoint. Yes, they look great, but without emulating an authentic Hitman experience, that means nothing. And these levels mean so much. 

Each level has many layers to peel back and parts to climb. Most of the time you start in a passive area but must find your way to the target by donning disguises and sneaking through shadows. Though some levels are more linear, most challenge the mind of the player and want them to try different ways to get to the target. Much like a puzzle. 


6. The game has mastered the stealth-style gameplay other games can’t seem to get right

In Hitman, you hide in the shadows, don new disguises, and evade gazes

The mechanics of Hitman heavily rely on stealth, such as hiding in the shadows and blending in plain sight. Much like what a hitman would do, and Hitman is one of the only games that really gets stealth right. 

Most action games have stealth, but it’s mainly just hiding in the shadows. Assassin’s Creed has a nice job of being able to whistle from bushes to alert guards, but Hitman goes a leap forward from that. You can toss coins to make guards walk towards a blind spot, either to take them out or run behind them. There are so many ways to complete the level while being sneaky, and many games don’t allow you to do that as masterfully. 


5. You can put yourself in the shoes of a hitman and actually feel like one

You are truly in control of the player character, Agent 47, which makes the player feel like an actual hitman

The Hitman franchise has followed the journey of a Hitman by the codename Agent 47, and the greatest part of having followed his journey is how much we can feel a part of it. We’ve seen countless missions, countless assassinations, and having a hand on the wheel is the best part of it all. 

In Hitman, you don’t have to take a back seat but to actually put on the suit, equip the pistol, and go out into the field. You can take any approach a hitman would take and even feel like one while doing so. You control Agent 47, and you get to act like the hitman, going down wild paths you would have never taken. 


4. The game is so vast that there is something for everyone to enjoy

Wether it be the puzzles, the action, or stealth, there's a lot anyone could love about Hitman

The Hitman games, though centered around stealth and assassinations, are pretty broad in concept. That comes from giving the player so much freedom, but in doing so, it refrains from keeping them in a box. The player can branch out and find what they enjoy doing. 

Players that aren’t fans of the slow, methodical, stealthy approach can complete a mission by going in guns blazing. Some players may enjoy exploring the maps and uncovering its secrets, or finding the wackiest ways of taking out the target. There’s even a mission in Hitman 3 that’s centered around a murder mystery you must solve, so there is truly something for everyone to enjoy in Hitman. 


3. The game has many small, individual stories to tell 

There are so many small stories told in Hitman. Every mission has its briefing and motives, but even NPCs have their own little conversations

Specifically speaking of the WOA trilogy, Hitman has an overarching story the player can follow along with. It’s interesting and encourages the player to move forward, but that’s not the only story that’s told. 

When starting a mission, the player is given a briefing of the target, explaining who they are and what they’ve done to deserve the chopping block. Those stories make the levels infinitely more interesting, because it gives you a purpose and even background for the place you’re in. But one of my favorite things is accidentally stumbling upon a story. Many NPCs around the game will hold conversations or do certain actions which tell their own individual stories, which are infinitely interesting. 


2. Each character is believable and fleshed out, making the game feel alive

I found myself really caring for Agent 47, Diana, and Lucas towards the end of Hitman, which shows how well-written the characters are

For a game that focuses on taking out targets, Hitman has a nice cast of characters the player can recognize. The Hitman himself, Agent 47, though distant and emotionless, has a fleshed-out character which makes him fun to play as. 

Hitman also has a great cast of supporting characters. 47s right-hand gal, Diana Burnwood, has an interesting character as an agent trying to rise the ranks of Providence to take it out from the inside. There’s Lucas Grey and his connection to 47, but even the targets have their own stories that are told through briefings and hidden details. All of this makes the game feel alive. 


1. You can escape from real life and be immersed in the mission at hand

With true creativity and amazing levels designs, you can really lose yourself in a good Hitman level

Probably one of the best aspects of Hitman is the ability to leave the shackles of real life and immerse yourself in a beautiful and puzzle-like level. You can become someone else, a Hitman, or whoever you want, and focus on the mission at hand. 

I certainly have found myself losing track of time and all responsibility while playing Hitman. With its believable characters, exciting maps, and everything else, it’s so easy to lose yourself. You can take your time figuring out a certain way to take out the target, or exploring the map, and only focus on the plot of Agent 47. Hitman is such an easy game to lose yourself in, since it’s such a vast sandbox experience, which I know many love. 

Hitman is a franchise that has a lot of loveable qualities. There are definitely more than 10 reasons why these games are so popular, but I believe these are some of the main ones. I could go on forever talking about why I love these games, but I hope you like these few aspects as much as I do. 

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