Top 11 Games Like Hitman

Top 11 Games Like Hitman

Imagine this: you’re Agent 47 and you’re wearing civilian attire in a foreign country. There’s a celebration in the streets and the crowd is rustling. Ahead, your target is moving through the people and it’s your job to take him down before he gets away or you lose sight of him. That make you want to play Hitman again? Well, good news is that we’ve got a list of other games in the same genre that will excite you just as much and if you haven’t played these, we highly recommend you go out and do so. 

11. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

“Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory” Gameplay 

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is the third installment of the stealth/action franchise where the player takes control of operative Sam Fisher to stop the evil superpowers of the world from gaining access to powerful weapons. Tensions are high in this politically dark thriller that was the first in the franchise to receive the M-razting due to its heightened violent content. 

The game takes you from the reaches of Peru to North Korea as the world diplomatic thread falls apart and you try and stop a third World War from starting. Although the title is older generation, Chaos Theory is still playable due to its fluid and addictive gameplay. The game was so successful that they re-released it on PS3 and even on the Nintendo 3DS in 2011.

Once beaten, enemies can be used to your advantage. 

If the guard turns around, it's mission end for Fisher. 

10. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Splinter Cell: Blacklist Gameplay 

Splinter Cell: Blacklist puts you in the boots of Sam Fisher once again, but this time the stakes are much higher. A terrorist group called the Engineers has made a blacklist of targets in response to U.S. involvement in other parts of the world. It’s up to Fisher to find out more about these Engineers and do what he can to stop them from destroying the U.S. from within. A later title in the franchise, Blacklist improves upon graphics and gameplay in some major ways, modernizing the Splinter Cell experience. The story will take you from the Middle-East to London as the mystery of the Engineers unfolds. 

If stealth fails, there's always full blown firefights. 

Like previous games, using human shields works to your advantage. 

9. Assassin’s Creed: Origins 

Assassin’s Creed: Origins gameplay 

Assassin’s Creed: Origins takes the franchise to new a setting in Ancient Egypt, where you take control of Bayek, whose goal is to track down five men who were the cause of his son’s death. In contrast, you also play as Layla Hassan, a researcher at (you guessed it) Abstergo in the present time period. 

The use of historical fact and fiction in Origins is second to none, bringing in truth and well-developed plot lines to throw you into the world of Ancient Egypt. You’ll meet famous historical figures and see the breathtaking sights in this fresh new entry to a long-running franchise. You’ll also experience a reworking of the gaming and fighting mechanics that have led to the rebirth of Assassin’s Creed. 

The setting of Origins is gorgeously rendered. 

The wildlife of Origins is equally as hostile as the enemies of Bayek. 

8. Deus Ex Franchise 

Deus Ex: Mankind Divide gameplay

The Deus Ex franchise takes place in a bleak, dystopian future where you play as Adam Jensen, a security chief for a company called Sarif, but after a violent attack on the corporation, Jensen’s near death experience leads to augmentation surgery, replacing most of his body with mechanics. Now, it’s his job to find his attackers and along the way, learn more about the consequences of augmentation technology. 

Taking inspiration from various Sci-Fi films and games, Deus Ex throws the players in a dark, but realistic future where technology and biology are morphed and society unthreads due to political strife. This action RPG is intricate in the leveling, weapon customization, and dialogue/choice options, giving the player great control in the direction of Jensen’s decisions. Fair warning though, these choices, even small ones, have great repercussions. 

Though stealth isn't the only combat option, it's the most advantageous against a high-tech foe. 

The weapon customizations can happen in real time, rather than in an inventory menu. 

7. MGS5: The Phantom Pain

MGS5: The Phantom Pain gameplay

Nine years after the events of Ground Zeroes, Big Boss (a.k.a. “Venom Snake") has just awakened from a coma after the destruction of MSF. Now, he starts a new group called the Diamond Dogs and heads into Afghanistan to track down those responsible. During his quest, he finds that a new Metal Gear protocol is in the works, which is extremely bad news for our hero and the world he’s trying to protect. 

In this entry, the franchise has changed its formula to more of a sandbox experience, allowing Snake to explore and even drive vehicles to his destinations, making Phantom Pain a more fluid and creative experience than previous entries. 

Allies like Quiet will provide proper coverage needed from a distance. 

Unlike previous titles, MGS5: Phantom Pain lets you explore the open world. 

6. Payday 2

Payday 2 gameplay

In this sequel to the popular Payday: The Heist, you’ll take control of a bank robber just trying to make a hefty paycheck. You’ll take on robbery contracts all across Washington D.C. that range from bank robberies to smuggling goods. You can do this as a lone wolf or with two other players online, which we suggest the latter because as a robber, you’ll also have to fend off waves of cops, SWAT, and other law enforcement entities as the difficulty heightens. 

The gameplay is greatly improved upon in the sequel, allowing for greater customization and contract options, giving the player a wider range of playability and hours of entertainment. This includes customization of weapons and masks, increase of reputation, and an earnings system that puts your cash in an offshore account for future investments or in your pocket for customization purchases. 

Without an escape plan, situations can end up like this. 

Varying enemies mean higher difficulty. 

5. Dishonored

Dishonored gameplay

Dishonored is the story of Corvo Attano, a bodyguard of the Empress who is wrongly accused of murdering her. When he meets with her to deliver news of his diplomatic travels, she is killed by a group of assassins led by a man named Daud. Corvo is then arrested and sentenced to execution by his own government. A group called the Loyalists helps free Corvo and lets him join their ranks as they uncover the truth of the Empress’ death. 

The game places you in the fictional world of Dunwall, a city of industry that resembles London in the late 1800s that is succumbed to a deadly plague. There are elements of real world technology mixed with a supernatural edge that really sets Dishonored apart from other first-person action games. 

Dual-wielding is the staple combat system of Dishonored. 

The world of Dishonored is both grim and beautiful at the same time. 

4. Aragami 

Aragami gameplay

Aragami is the tale of a shadow spirit named Aragami who is summoned by an astral projection of a girl named Yamiko who says she and others are prisoners of a group called the Kaiho, who have also imprisoned the Empress. It is up to Aragami to find six talismans that will unlock the prison, but it must be done before sunrise, or Aragami will dissolve in light. 

As Aragami searches for the talismans, he is opposed by guards in each chapter who have the ability to kill the player with attacks using light. It’s up to the player to use stealth to take down Aragami’s foes and find the talismans in time. The game has received high praise for its unique setting, story, and gameplay style. 

The game is a playground for those that love stealth games. 

Stealth and combat go hand in hand. 

3. Manhunt

Manhunt gameplay

In this dark and twisted world of violence and betrayal, a death row prisoner named James Earl Cash is sentenced to lethal injection. After receiving the injection, he later wakes up to find out it was only a sedative. He’s then manipulated by a man named the “Director” to kill off violent gangs in exchange for Cash’s freedom and innocence, a transaction that leads to betrayal and Cash’s vicious hunt for the “Director”. 

Manhunt received much criticism for its extreme violence and brutality and allowing the player to savagely kill the gang members. Despite the game being an older title with aged graphics, it still stands out to this day as one of the most disturbing games in the industry’s history. Beyond that, the game has a fanbase that praises it for its authenticity, dark atmosphere, and a twisting and turning plot line. 

The enemes that you'll face in Manhunt are malicious and in great numbers. 

Many times, you'll find yourself outnumbered and without time for strategy. 

2. Batman: Arkham Series 

Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay

The Arkham series gives you the ability to play as the Dark Knight himself, allowing you to fight your favorite Gotham villains, glide over the skyscrapers, and even drive the batmobile. From the start, Arkham Asylum sets up the series to be about Batman’s antagonistic relationship with the Joker. This through-line takes us through various points in Batman’s career, from his beginnings in Arkham Origins to the final chapter in Arkham Knight. 

The city of Gotham is a hive of crime and corruption, where it’s up to you to dismantle the powerful enemies that attempt to manipulate the city for their gains. The gameplay of the Arkham series is groundbreaking in its combat system, questing, collectibles, and comic references. Even if Batman isn’t your favorite hero, it’s an addictive and entertaining experience from beginning to end. 

Familiar characters will return, but with a gritty and dark twist. 

Though outnumbered, Batman proves to have the combat skills to even the odds. 

1. Alekhine’s Gun

Alekhine’s Gun gameplay

In this gritty Cold War game of stealth and espionage, you play as the Russian agent, Alkehine, who works with the CIA to prevent a nuclear holocaust between hostile nations. You must use whatever means necessary to calm the rising tensions, including disguises, various weapons, and stealth techniques to succeed in each mission. 

The story will take you to various locations including Russia, the U.S., and even Cuba. This third-person stealth shooter greatly resembles that of the Hitman franchise, but stands out on its own with the setting, plot, and intriguing gameplay options. 

Utilizing costumes and outfits will lead you closer to success. 

Much like Hitman, the approach to every situation will lead to either failure or success. 

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