Top 10 Ultimate Best Action Games to Play in 2019

Best Action Games for 2019
Charge, sneak or fly through these thrilling Action-packed games.

What are the best Action games to play in 2019?

2019 is sure to be packed with bullet-gatling, blood-spurting, double-jumping action! With several of these set to release within the first few months, the hardest thing will be to decide what to play first. Fight against corruption, or be the corrupted and make your mark on the digital world.

10. Rage 2

Rage 2 Gameplay

This game is set 30 years after the catastrophic events of Rage; most of the characters from the first game are still making their mark on the world. You are Walker, Vineland Ranger, and you resist The Authority. Due to release May 15th of this year, the buzz around this first-person shooter is palpable.

Upgrade your weapons through the discovery of the Arks, vestiges of the ancient past in which men and women were cryogenically frozen and injected with Nanotrites (the things that made Walker a superhero). Obtain vehicles to speed over the map to your destination; there is a car and a helicopter as two of the confirmed modes of transport. Make your waves, Walker, and make the wastelands a better (if somewhat more soiled) place.

Ah, the welcoming committee! Do you think he dispenses snacks?

The “mad doctor” and his pet mutant, Legs.

9. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Gameplay

You play as the “one-armed wolf,” and he fights through the blood-soaked, tumultuous time of the 1500s in Sengoku, Japan. Earn back his honor by rescuing the young lord that was stolen from him. This game’s defining features are the powerful visuals and a prosthetic limb that functions way ahead of its time. Set for the release date March 22nd of this year, the gameplay so far seems to be masterful and well thought out.

Exploit enemy weaknesses, such as tearing through shields with the axe or fly through the air with the grappling hook. Use stealth or aggression to take down your foes. Discover secrets of the game by slipping through the ninja walls. Once the young lord is rescued, seek and destroy all of those who were responsible. It is the samurai way.

Sneak through patrols, learn secrets and infiltrate the enemy.

Defend with your stance, break through enemy defenses and “dodge into” the attack.

8. Resident Evil 2 (Remake)

Resident Evil 2 Gameplay

Resident Evil 2 follows Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy as they explore the deep dark mysteries hidden within the mansion. Survive hordes of infected, solve the mysteries and puzzles that keep the mansion locked up tight and evade an unstoppable nemesis while managing your resources.

With a new over-the- shoulder camera angle, fighting the undead has never been so fun. In addition to Leon and Claire, you can play two additional stories that were included in the original. This game is single-player, as the original was.

With remastered graphics, a deeper story for each character and improved controls, this release might be one of the most popular yet. If you played the 1998 version, you know it was a gaming masterpiece for its time, threading different timelines and narratives together to make a greater whole. This version is hoping to live up to its predecessor’s name.

It all started with a midnight fling.

All this over a traffic violation?

7. The Division 2

The Division 2 Gameplay

When Washington D.C. falls to enemy faction incursions, complete anarchy reigns and it is up to the Division team to defend civilians. Fight against the corruption seeking the iron throne, only six months after the events of the first game. Prove your mettle against other players in the legendary Dark Zones. Team up with your friends to take out enemy faction leaders in the new 8-person raids. Explore the storyline and witness the urban wasteland that is D.C. in Campaign mode. Your only aim is to win.

Due to release March 15th, 2019 the beta testers already have their opinions locked and loaded.. In anticipation of the release, Ubisoft has released incentives within Division that will carry on into the sequel. There is still time to collect Shields; these give exclusive rewards, both cosmetic and practical.

Take down the anarchists and restore order to the nation. Or, simply earn the bragging rights among friends.

Equip new weaponry and become a master.

The specializations, left to right. Survivalist, Demolitionist and Sharpshooter.

6. Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 Gameplay

We begin with Nero and Nico, the Devil Hunter and the “Artisan of Arms,” discussing their first mission. And from there, all Hell breaks loose, pun definitely intended. A mystical tree grows out of the center of Red Grave and it is Nero and friends’ job to eliminate the threat.

Enjoy the classic DMC fighting style with some new mechanics thrown in. Each character has his different fighting style. Nero’s newest tool is the Devil Breaker which comes with an assortment of abilities. Dante will grind his enemies into mulch with his motorcycle. V is a summoner, calling forth his familiars and a nightmarish fiend to do the legwork.

Fight through foot soldiers, generals and lords and ladies of Hell to get to the Demon Tree; save the world from the encroaching doom.

He serves the Flaming Fist!

Repeat after me, “Polly want a cracker.”

5. Gears 5

Gears 5 Gameplay

The fifth installation of the Gears of War franchise, the protagonist is Kait Diaz and she is seeking answers. Plagued by nightmares and haunted by the mystery of the Swarm, she takes a small batallion up north. What is known is little, but here is what could be dug up.

The game is set to release sometime in 2019 on XBox One and PC. This addition is solely focused on Kait and her connection to the Locusts. As of now, single-player mode is confirmed with possibilities for cooperative gameplay both online and split-screen. The developers are also promising revisions to the game as a whole, while still maintaining the Gears of War vibe. Delve into the nightmare-addled mind to discover what lies behind Kait’s madness.

Beat him up and take his stuff.

Slinky’s got nothing on this thing.



We’ve all had this argument: Batman or Superman, Wonder Woman or Poison Ivy, Goku or Ichigo. This game allows you to put your money where your mouth is. Fight in arenas in Story Mode with your own customized avatar. PvP is also a valid option with an online lobby to match up with other players.

Due to release February 14, there are still pre-buying incentives such as character costumes, a lobby vehicle and four days of early access, which begins today! Fall back into nostalgia with attack combos, special abilities and your best friend crying because he lost. Again.

Fight as your favorite character from anime…

… or customize your character in Story Mode.

3. Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal Gameplay

Set to release sometime this year, the details on Eternal are slim. Like the other four games in the franchise, the DOOM Slayer seeks to defend Earth from the hordes of Hell. Also like the other installations, this will also be a first-person shooter. As usual, the primary playstyle will be single player with multiplayer options available.

One feature that is different from the others is the ability to invade another player’s game and play as different sorts of demons; fittingly, this mode is called “Invasion.” You can also disable this feature if you’d rather face the AI. Discover new demons, new weapons and new ways to interact with the features to make this a dynamic game. Get to the final level and send those demons back to Hell.

Crawl into the belly of the beast.

It looks like someone lost his retainer…

2. Metro Exodus

Metro: Exodus Gameplay

Exodus crosses over a few different genres, including horror, action and survival. Manage resources, choose weapons and equipment tactically and traverse through the post-apocalyptic wasteland that was Russia. This game will have no multiplayer nor cooperative game modes; it is strictly single-player; and Exodus is set to release February 15th, 2019.

Fight how you want, whether it be through stealth, range or up close and personal. Complete objectives to progress through the story and customize your gear, though it is all in real time, so don’t take too long if you’re in the field. Maintain the super-train and cross the Trans-Siberian Railways to find somewhere the characters can call “home.”

Advanced weapons with innovative gear that goes on and comes off.

Customize and repair gear, both in the heat of the moment and while at the workbench.

1. World War Z

World War Z Gameplay

Survive massive waves of “zeeks” in three different zones around the world. Moscow, Jerusalem and New York City are three confirmed zones for the base game. Team up with three other players. Utilize six different classes to support one another: gunslinger, hellraiser, slasher, medic, fixer and exterminator. WWZ is another game with a release date set vaguely in 2019; despite this, the gameplay footage looks incredible.

Play cooperatively with three other players to survive the overwhelming mass of zombies, this is the only gameplay mode confirmed. You must be more fearless than your opponents; you must stare death in the eye as you mercilessly pull the trigger. Higher ground will not save you, so you must constantly keep moving and attacking. The goal of World War Z is simply to survive.

Shopping malls really haven’t changed…

This must have been the vision of the Pharaoh from the beginning.

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